Thursday, December 17, 2009

What can you do with twenty-six dollars?

You can hack into vital information feeds on our nice high tech Predator drones.

Somebody in the IT shop has made a big boo boo. That enemy hackers sitting in double super secret bases in isolated sections of China or Russia breaking into live satellite feeds on Predator drones is one thing. But to have low tech terrorists using twenty-six dollar software and off the shelf laptops break in such information feeds is something from a very bad spy thriller or cheap movie. Well, we are not talking about the national priority of greedy bankers and investment types who trashed the economy but yet receive billions. This is just weapons systems that we depend on to properly identify and attack our enemies.

I sure as Hell wish I could laugh about this but with everything else about our screwed up government its just sad.


Laura said...

Wow. Incredible.
Let's hope that they really do have an easy albeit expensive and time consuming fix.

I guess it was only a matter of time before this happened.


Randal Graves said...

Believe me, some of us are laughing enough for two, or perhaps thirty-eight.

Laura said...

Oh and by the way...
I don't think you're scary looking. :)
Then again.. I know you're a pussy cat. :)

Kentucky Rain said...

Isn't this an unbelievable story?? Good grief....

goatman said...

Indeed; life is a bitch, then we die!!

Cirze said...

Trust me, having worked in the DoD, they are fully aware of this.

It's a deeeeeep game, my friends.

Trust no one (and no story).


Commander Zaius said...

Sunshine: This confuses me to no end, why that data wasn't encrypted to begin with is beyond reason.

Randal: I'm to the point we should just call up the Russian, Chinese, the various terrorist bad guys and ask them to take over.

Sunshine: I'm actually writing a story telling something about that. Maybe if I'm lucky and people around here will leave me alone I might have it finished before Christmas.

Madmike: I'm no expert and wasn't in the intelligence field but the thought has crossed my mind that this might be a false flag operation of some kind. Its damn inconceivable to me that such a big hole was left open, but then a gain the high probability is that this was the usual and classic military fuck up.

Goatman: That about sums it up.

Suzan: I was thinking something along those lines. But then again I have "certain" questions about 9/11 which I might write about one day.

SJ said...

It all makes me want to bang my head against a wall. Seriously.

Commander Zaius said...

SJ: Like Suzan said, somethings makes me think there is more to this story.

Laura said...

You never gave an opinion on the dress I want for Xmas!


Looking forward to reading about the Gental Giant story. :)

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Tech savvy and, yet, they (some of them anyway) still believe that murder/mayhem gets rewarded with a celestial orgy. Wow, I guess that Bill Clinton isn't the only human being capable of compartmentalizing.

goatman said...

I'm thinking that this may be a counter move on our part. Could it be only in Science Fiction when the tech-savvy opponent plants a program for enemy to use, to the enemys' disadvantage?
The next drone you hear passing over may be heading for that geek in his basement in Alabama playing with the exposed software.
Geeks and enemy beware!!

Unknown said...

You know Maddow is just about as 'sterling' as news gets... for me. I kinda still count on KO for the sentiment.

My thinking is that the only real way to 'deal' with terrorist threats / is the way it was dealt with officially in the 60s / 70s... our intelligence community. But that's a slam dunk into failure, now. Presumably, it's all about the fear of 'them' taking over some nuke and deploying it. So, we will bankrupt the country on a 'what if' senario? I am against this 'war' in Afghanistan and this latest in military leadership embarrassment speaks to the unreasonable-ness of our being there still. Doesn't it?

Laura said...

I'm with you. The floor is the place for such articles....


Rhiannon said...

I don't know it does seem that the military are desperate to make sure they get more in the military...and so many have "had to" join in order to support their's a job they know they can depend on and "get" I've done a lot of reading about how so many in the military are not being trained "properly" etc...rushing things,etc..the government needs all the "able bodied" they can get so it does seem that some just don't have the proper knowledge or training and not being trained properly...or just don't have the intelligence to learn quickly..

A deep subject with many questions..and I think we never should have got into any of was just like "payback" and we can just "fear" forever and let it control us or enough people are going to be so poor here that there will come a time when we will all make the effort and actually "participate" and "rebel" Picket signs, people in their town on the street...demanding "stop the wars no more it's literally killing all of us"...this crazy madness so tired of it...

this is getting depressing so I must move on or "forward" in some way..

Happy Holidays...things are getting better with me news on my most recent post.


Commander Zaius said...

Sunshine: Corrected that oversight.

Will: I think its a species thing. Seems like most people I know easily compartmentalize ugly aspects of their lives. And I do it was well.

Goatman: Your point could very well be the case. This stuff is all smoke and mirrors. Whats freaky is that the recent spiral thing in the skies over Norway was suppose to be a misfired Russian missile. I have all idea there is far more to that story than we will ever know.

Gwen: Absolutely, but war is always the biggest waste of people and resourses, even in the "good wars." Frankly, I'm about worn out on all this crap. I sure as hell hope the highly educated types pull their heads out their asses cause this simple country boy ain' got no answers other than nuking.

Sunshine: I hope you got my meaning when I said they are best left in a pile on the floor. My wife sure as Hell has forgotten.

Rhiannon: Yeah, I've been out since 2005 but I have heard that corners are being cut to get more bodies into the fight.

"stop the wars no more it's literally killing all of us"

This might sound insane but we need a draft. Get the vast majority of people who have no stake in this war a reason to protest and that will change the rules of the current game.