Sunday, December 26, 2021

A Short Update

 There was a time when it would have been unimaginable for me not to regularly post something to this blog. I can't readily describe how overwhelming it was at times to get something written. But for whatever reason I have lost the “passion” for this endeavor that I once possessed.

Yes, part of the reason is my ongoing heart issues, but I would be lying if I wrote that was my only concern. But first an update from my last post.

On November 3rd I had a cardiac ablation performed to rid me of the atrial fibrillation that had been troubling me on an off since February of last year. The results were quite positive at first, especially since I had the procedure performed here in Columbia, and not down in Charleston. Not going to say anything bad about the medical staff here in Columbia, but you can read between the lines.

Unfortunately, my troubles returned on November 22nd with my heart going into atrial flutter. The cardiac rhythm is still good, except that my atrium is throwing in extra beats ahead of the ventricles. I am more than slightly irritated over this but I can only really blame my underlying genetic defect.

I have an appointment to talk about this development down in Charleston scheduled for January 6th.

The second, and probably greater reason for me more or less ending my blog deals with my lack of faith in American society.

It was my hope that with the defeat of Trump his spell over a large share of the country would be broken. His inaction and incompetence on the handling of the pandemic alone should have been enough to consign him, his family, and underlings to the trashcan of history. Hell, I was somehow convinced that the Orange Buffoon would soon be indited on various criminal charges after leaving office.

As it stands now Trump is on the verge of running for president again in 2024 with a better than average chance of winning the election. I feel President Biden is doing an overall good job but optically he appears to be barely controlling anything. The various new strains of Covid still running wild and the disruption of the global supply chain makes him look bad.

Making matters worse, Vice President Harris has under performed in her role in both being a messenger for the administration and, if reports are correct, carrying out the daily duties of her job. A recent news item, NOT from Fox News, says she is not reading the daily intelligence reports both her and POTUS need to keep up with the international situation.

The failure of our political system is only the tip of the dirty iceberg.

While it may not be nationwide since South Carolina continues to be its own bizarre little kingdom, there is an underlying rage in certain people that is both disgusting and severely dangerous. The possibility of a Second American Civil War and all the death and destruction it would cause is something certain individuals are looking forward to with outright glee. Yes, I have directly heard certain individuals talking about how they know people who belong to militia groups and how they are “chomping at the bit” to settle some scores. These same individuals, while not directly connected to any militia groups, do harbor sentiment that says they wouldn't bothered with society being reset to the norms they enjoyed in previous decades.

I have also seen black flags flying from the back of a few He-man, redneck pickups sporting Trump bumper stickers. The purpose of these black flags is supposedly a sign that when the “boogaloo” begins these people will give no quarter nor mercy to their perceived enemies. Their enemies being anyone they feel is a communist, socialist, liberal, or even an enemy of Christ. It still puzzles me how anyone can say they are a Christian but yet supports the regular Republican agenda of endless money for wars and tax cuts for the rich. All the while any mention of providing universal healthcare, public college for all, or even rebuilding infrastructure is called a socialistic waste of tax dollars. Needless to say I have less than an iota of respect for anyone claiming to be a Christian but supports Trump.

Naturally, I have not communicated with anyone flying black flags from the back of their truck but my information on what they mean is good enough to risk an assumption. I'm not foolish enough to seek confirmation that expose me to their wrath if and when violence erupts.

That last sentence pretty much sums up my feelings. The American nation is dangerously polarized with a huge chunk of the population ready to spill the blood of their fellow countrymen and women.

I don't know if this will be my last post. Yeah, my attitude right now sucks but I am truly looking for anything that might give me some hope for the future. I wish everyone good luck and hope 2022 is a turning point for us all.