Thursday, December 31, 2009

To dream the impossible dream

As I sit here sipping an ice cold beer my mind has taken off on a warp speed flight of fancy. Slipping the surly bonds of a drab reality with its chilly winds and persistent drizzle from iron gray clouds that have hung over the house all day my wildest fantasies-and yes they are mostly about sex-seem to take on an existence all their own.

A beautiful young lady whose body moves with a sensual cat-like grace climbs up the companionway from the cabin of my 42' Catalina sailboat wearing only the barest of shoulder wraps and fish net stockings carrying a bottle of Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam Champagne. She joins me on the rear deck sitting next to me, her body smelling of both soft flowers and the salty ocean.

I slowly work the cork of the Champagne bottle out taking my time not to wanting to waste the golden liquid. But in a sudden spasm it explodes releasing the pressure stored inside. My beautiful companion gazes at me with a smile that is both demure and seductive.

After the champagne is poured we relax in each others arms sipping the cold liquid and gaze out across the dark South Pacific waters listening to the sounds of the nearby deserted tropical island feeling the blood in our bodies race to the primal beat of the jungle at night. Above us the stars of the Milky Way blaze with a rare radiance that cause my companion and I to draw closer. The light of those stars reflecting off her ebony skin almost gives her body a heavenly glow. Her touch is scorching and that longing look of promise beckons us to taste the wine from each others lips.

She draws away briefly to undo the light, sheer wrap that she left the cabin wearing. As it falls gently to the deck I gaze at her stunning body. She reaches for me again, slowly moving her hands down my chest..........

Sorry, but as expected both my daughter and wife has joined me in the upstairs room forcing the usual retreat from my beer-induced dream and back to boring reality. Like the title implies, its the impossible dream.

It is my sincerest hope that everyone in our extended group has a Happy New Year and that the second decade of the 21st century is at least a little better than the cluster fuck of the last ten years. Special arrangements are being considered for late December of 2012 figuring that if the world is going to end like the crazed media has suggested about all the Mayan calender drama we all need to have an uproarious doomsday party.

No, I don't believe the world will end but I sure as Hell ain't going to hang around the in-laws like I did with the wife when many were freaking about the Y2K stuff thinking the missiles would fly cause the Air Force boys and the Russkies hadn't upgraded their computers from the 1970's.


David Barber said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, Beach.

The chicky in your dream is a dream...and don't kids and wives just spoil our daydreams like that!!

Regarding your comment on my post...if they run you out of there you can always come and lodge in our spare room and 'labour' for me mate. I pay pretty well!

Have a good one and see you back on FFF.

Regards, David.

Mike said...

Happy New Year Beach.

PENolan said...

I'll drink to that

Oso said...

Happy New Year man. That pic you posted-so beautiful she makes me wanna cry. Especially since someone in her league would rank me somewhere between a dung beetle and a hyena.
Nothing against dung beetles and hyenas, they didn't vote Bush into office far as I know.
Enjoy the evening and the coming year man.

Commander Zaius said...

David: They always spoil my best dreams at the good points.

Mike: Happy New year, Mike. Got your link updated.

PENolan: Right now I'm drinking to just about everything. Got you on my blogroll.

Oso: I know what you mean. Such a lady is a once and a lifetime encounter for someone like me. I'm actually writing about such an encounter and it won't all be fiction, believe it or not.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Your fantasies so totally blow mine away. I mean, yes, I know that you're a little younger than me but, STILL!!!

Commander Zaius said...

Will: My fantasies have to cover my boring suburban life amongst a bunch of strange and weird people.

Laura said...

Happy New Year Beach!
Here I was getting myself all worked up and you pulled the plug!
Sheesh! :D
Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.


Nitu said...

Happy New Year Beach.

Commander Zaius said...

Sunshine: I'm working on that story. Funny thing merging the truth and fiction the fusion gets really messy, kind of like sex to begin with but even that I'm working from a fuzzy memory.

Nitu: Happy New year my friend. I hope it is a far better one for us all.

SJ said...

Happy New Yaer Beach,
great piece as always!

Commander Zaius said...

SJ: Dear Lord, if only fantasies could come true every once and a while.

Rhiannon said...

I'm laughing here. Sorry your "Fantasy" was so interrupted Beachbum. That's life for ya!

I don't really pay much attention to these "Doomsday" predictions...they come and they go..every 10 years or so...from so called scientific experts, to religious fanatics (who because the world will end like the bible says means they have an "excuse" and don't have to lift one finger to ever make a damn difference to do anything about it and that so called "excuse" just totally sucks, what weak kneed wimps!)anyway what was I saying?

Oh, well I take one day at a time anyway and I figure there is not one human being on this earth that can predict "the end"...only mother earth, father sky and the "universal knowing" will know. Some may not understand what I just wrote above but that's cool.

I dropped by to wish you a "richness" of heart and spirit for you and your family this New Year Beach Bum.

Chinese New Year doesn't start until next month. It will be the year of the "Tiger" we better watch out...that means a lot will get done in a "powerful" way this year!...sounds good to me. Procrastination be gone!..:o)

Love and Blessings,


lime said...

well, i'm a few days late (guess i was busy indulging my own fantasies involving hugh jackman and a bottle of veuve clicquot) but yeah, here's to a far better next decade.

Middle Ditch said...

Happy dreaming my boy. Where would we be without those?

Happy new year and ... WOW ... the year of the tiger eh?

goatman said...

Having gotten a Christmas card about the "end times" from a friend, I wondered if there is time after that happens; and how it will flow; if it will flow.

Also have seen where the lowlands on your coast have an 8' tide and wondered whether that was horizontally or vertically --- they didn't say, but I am staying away just in case. . .

Much to checkout in the new year and so little time to do it.

Have a nice one my friend.

Cloudia said...

Hauoli Makahiki Hou, Beachy!


Comfort Spiral

Randal Graves said...

I'm sure on December 21, 2012 I'll be in bed with my wife and on December 22, 2012 the world won't have ended and I'll be in bed with my wife.

No wonder I like booze and porn.

Don't forget to stockpile canned goods and anti-zombie cream.

Kentucky Rain said...

I missed this Beach! It was a great read my friend and I hope you have a great new year.

Forrest Proper said...

Happy New Year! I'd say there is no way the coming decade can be worse than the last, but that seems like bad luck.

What was she wearing again????

Commander Zaius said...

Rhia: I don't believe the world will end either. Its just my wife had a fit to be with her parents on New Years Eve in 1999 cause she had gotten caught up in all the Y2K stuff.

It was a really boring night!

Lime: If it ain't at least some better I you can bet I will be out of the country on New Years Eve 2019.

Middle Ditch: Best to you and yours as well.

Goatman: The eight foot tide is horizontal. Such high tides use to be fun cause my hometown has a park right on Winyah Bay. As kids we would play in the water. Now with pollution and snakes, that I never thought about then, I won't let my children anywhere near such water.

Cloudia: Now Christmas in Hawaii is a fantasy I could get into.

Randal: I want some fun in 2012. Being in bed with my wife would be the wrong place.
As far as the zombies go, I saw a automatic shotgun on television with a 100 round ammo canister and zombies were the first thing I thought about.

Madmike: Had to dream up something that night. I promised Sunshine more detail but I've been caught up the last couple of days and haven't written anything.

Colonel: Dear Lord, its got to be a little better, if it ain't we are all in a world of deep smelly shit. The POTUS election of 2012 will tel the tale.

What was she wearing? In my mind nothing.

Beach Bum said...

Happy New Year Dude! Enjoyed that "motivational" picture btw

Rhiannon said...

sigh...well I could share quite a few stories here with you Beach Bum, about my past experiences with people in small "hick" towns playing around with guns and target practice...real bullets flying by people outside or in their houses watching tv. In Prescott AZ. they walked around the town with guns in the back pockets of their jeans! Their gun handles stuck out from their pocket jeans. My husband (at the time)would put me behind him so as we walked so he would be the first one shot if "Someone lost it". We moved away from that town very happily...lots of gun happy people there, like you say going on and on about their 'Right to bare arms".

I still have the same opinion I've always had about why some people love Ak47's and such (but they sure don't "NEED" them) and that is there seems to be a basic macho, ego, insecurity, or feeling "less like a man" these days for some men. Having a "Gun" or "guns" makes them feel more powerful or better about their issues? I've met many men like this we were surrounded by. Damn they scared me!

I think the pic of Jesus showing a child how to use a gun in your post is a perfect example of the total hypocrisy of some "Angry gun toting so called "Christians". It makes me sick to my stomache. Again I've met many of them with this kind of attitude sorry to say.

When I was married (for 15 years) my husband and I would be driving in town or on the freeway and some idiot would zoom by passing the speed limit and passing everyone..zig zagging from lane to lane. I used to try to look at the people driving like this and I would see their faces in a mean grimace and a look on their face of "Power" "Macho" and angry. It's the same with a gun. A weapon is a weapon and so a person can also be the weapon along with the weapon itself...hope that makes some sense to some of you.

Hoping your New Year is starting out happier and more "free" and more fun and joyful for you Beach Bum. I know mine is!..:o)



Commander Zaius said...

Beach Bum: Yeah, I liked it as well. I wonder who she is?

Rhiannon: Such crazy people are dangerous and you had every reason to be careful and move away.

There are real reasons for people to own weapons but like the times we are living in everything has been blown out of proportion.