Sunday, September 30, 2018

American Cthulhu Rising

Given the dark times we live in my reading material has correspondingly adapted to the circumstances we unfortunately find ourselves. My usual long times choices of science fiction, various types of suspense thrillers, and literary fiction seem out of place when the very foundations of the nation and the world itself are being undermined by a destructive force bent on unleashing the worst aspects of human behavior.

This present cluster frak probably wouldn't be so bad if this chaotic influence didn't have legions of individuals dedicated to supporting their master and the delusions and lies it works tirelessly to portray to the wider world. With that mindset, I recently started delving into the works of one H.P. Lovecraft and his chief creation, the cosmic entity called “Cthulhu.”

Without delving too deeply into Cthulhu's complicated background, it's an ancient gigantic monster that lies entombed on a sunken island someplace in the Pacific Ocean. While essentially dead in some sense, this being still dreams and communicates telepathically with its worshipers across the planet. What really struck me with this fictional creation is that Cthulhu is utter chaos. Unless I read the book wrong, it doesn't have any benevolent nor malevolent agenda. Cthulhu is beyond morals and order or overthrowing God and taking the throne of Heaven. It wants to be worshiped with its followers being allowed to wreak total havoc on the world.

Anyone with a nanogram of working brain cells knows that here in the United States we have allowed a human form of Cthulhu to take the highest office in the land. All the morals and principles the Republican Party espoused like the “sanctity” of marriage and balancing the federal budget have been totally abandoned to feed the ego of a creature with no human empathy nor dignity. This Orange Cthulhu dances around proclaiming his preeminence in all matters while whining that the entire world treats him unfairly. Even worse are his acolytes that run cover for his idiotic mistakes and blunders, like the entire General Assembly of the United Nations laughing at him for claiming no other president has done more during his time in office.

Truthfully, that bastard's presidential ambitions should have died when he stood on a stage during the primary campaign and mocked a handicapped reporter's disabilities. But something truly bizarre happened, his campaign only grew in power because he fed off the fears and hates of a populace that had been carefully cultivated by the Republican Party since the Nixon Administration. In all honesty, Tricky Dick's Southern Strategy was a stroke of diabolical brilliance. Nixon and his lackeys saw a disgruntled but dependable voting group and steadily stoked their irrational fears. Even with Tricky Dick eventually leaving office in disgrace, the Southern Strategy was too successful to abandon, no matter the corrosion to our national character. At least this strategy allowed one aspect of truth to come forward. That the “better angels” of our nature are no match when they go against longstanding hates and fears.

The Democrats, whether they be mainstream or wacky progressives, hold a nice chunk of blame for letting the Orange Cthulhu loose. That monster didn't lie about his intentions, he openly stated what he would do while in office but yet far too many liberals stayed home on Election Day because their candidate wasn't new and shiny. Yes, Hillary was flawed most definitely, but to say she would have been the equal or worse of that bastard shows a lack of understanding that rivals the uneducated trolls that put the monster in office.

Unlike the creature in the novel, The Call of Cthulhu, the real life human equivalent has been fully set loose upon the world. Its corruption is spreading and we have only one chance this November to curb its ambitions. The really scary thing for me is that this danger is not overblown political rhetoric. Yes, George W. Bush was a bad president who did things it will take the United States decades to recover from. But Georgie never really did anything that actively compromise the democrat foundations of the Republic. The Orange Cthulhu is not the usual corrupt politician, if he was I would actually be relieved. He is an active agent of destruction and chaos who will only be stopped if good people set aside all minor differences and work to end his reign. If we don't stop him, we're only a few shorts steps away from his minions goosestepping down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Hear Seth Meyers offer up a scathing review of that bastard and his recent visit to the United Nations and his bizarre press conference:

For shits and giggles here's a song that fits my mood:


Mycue23 said...

Amen, brother!

Pixel Peeper said...

Yes, yes, and yes.

I'd never heard of Sigrid before now, but I've had this very song on my iPad for a long time, sung by Leonard Cohen.

DrCavemanPhd said...

Good blog but you are missing the point. Most of what you said about Trump was secondary compared to the new hopes in working class America.
Trump said : "I'll bring back the jobs, the MANUFACTURING jobs"

Now, there are jobs and jobs.
A manufacturing job can sometimes bring a sense of achievement and pride in America high tech, OK sometimes not. But most importantly, manufacturing jobs are good pay jobs and there is a reason for that. It's the basis of added value :
When you start from a very cheap and formless mass of metal (A chaotic piece of matter, as would say Cthulhu) and you put 10,000 invention patents in it (patents that are the result of hundreds of years of slow and difficult progress), you can turn this formless mass into a working car or an airplane, the added value is huge, and accordingly, the wages can be substantial. And yes, consider that 100% of the technology in a car comes from the Western civilization and we, as westerners, remember it. So it hurts when you know others are enjoying the usufruit of 'your genes, sweat and blood', so to speak.

Now consider a SERVICE job, like lawn mower job, the added value is marginal. You can easily buy your own lawn mower and do the job yourself in 1 hour. In fact, many people hire lawn mower as some sort of covert charity or fear. Fear that without this job, the jobless dude would turn to criminality, possibly against you. And since the added value for the work provided is marginal, this sort of service can't be a well paid job. Those are modern slave jobs, slave driver for uber, slave employee etc, and people don't like to be slave. Men in particular, are particularly not fan of service jobs where you have to serve and smile. Men don't enjoy the revert back to serfitude under feudality. Especially because they remember that their ancestors enjoyed more freedom. Because again, despite the total bull shit brain washing in the public education system, a free farmer under King Henry the 5th, enjoyed more freedom than an Uber driver today.

So Trump said he would bring back the good jobs, so we could all become 'free farmers' again, that's all.
Hillary could have said it. If she had, she would have been elected.
But she did not, in fact I recall she specifically addressed the issue, saying "Globalism is inevitable", which means we have to accept to be serf, slaves of the elite.
Because ironically, the Elite has no better Kappos (name for the guards in concentration camps) than the progressive democrats, the antifas and the liberals. And in fine, the Progressive-loving Elite serves Cthulhu.

And that may be the reason why Trump could get a second term, the Jobs and only that.

Commander Zaius said...

Mycue: Thanks!

Pixel: It fits my mood.

Caveman: Sorry, I completely disagree with you assessment. Trump has none nothing to bring jobs back. The recovery was established during the Obama Administration and all that bastard is doing is running the ongoing wave.

I understand your point about manufacturing jobs, I worked them for years until transferring over to a hospital engineering department. But automation has and will continue to eliminate the vast majority manufacturing jobs in the years to come.

As for your statement that my concerns are secondary, that strongly suggests you and I have completely different viewpoints on the nature of the American presidency. It also suggests that you are a supporter of that bastard, so have a nice day and don't come back.

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