Sunday, February 28, 2021



Got hit with a toothache this morning and I've given up on trying to post anything this weekend. Going to take a long nap and hope my dentist doesn't find anything really bad tomorrow.

 Adding to my misery, my wife has control of the the television and has been watching the Hallmark Channel all day. This could be Hell.  


The Bug said...

I've got a tooth situation too. I'm afraid something has gone awry with one of my crowns (I've been eating ice lately because of my low iron, so I think *I'M* the something that happened). I have a regular appointment scheduled for next week so I'm holding out if I can.

Hope yours is easily (& cheaply) fixed!

The Armchair Squid said...

Ugh! So sorry. Take care.

Jeff said...

You wife should take pity on your suffering and change over from Hallmark! I hope it turns out to be "not too bad".

Marja said...

Sorry to hear that dear beach Take care and hope all gets better soon including the remote control control