Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An insult to monkeys

I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man's reasoning powers are not above the monkey's.
- Mark Twain in Eruption

There is a quote by Plato that I recently saw that says anyone who thinks he is too smart to engage in politics will be punished by being govern by those who are dumber. How can this ever humble country boy hope to have a rational argument with one of the most brilliant minds in human history. Except that here in South Carolina it appears that battle was lost long ago and the best hope, at least from my perspective, would be to hunker down and take cover from the shit that our wise and intelligent leaders are stirring up exponentially.

Waking up this afternoon I began cruising the internet to get some idea of what I events I might have missed the last several hours. Much to my expected regret I did not win millions in the lotto, an alien starship did not arrive in Earth orbit, and there is still nothing on the market to magically return hair to my balding head. However, on a much more expected note South Carolina politicians are once again doing their best to earn a segment on The Daily Show or provide fodder for the the last night comedians.

Bauer wants another constitutional convention

Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, o
Bauer,Andrene of four Republicans running for governor, said he's spearheading a national effort to have a second constitutional convention to fight health care reform.
"This is a battle -- I can't think of a battle more important than stopping what's happening in Washington right now," Bauer said.

For those not familiar with South Carolina politics Bauer is thought of so poorly even in Republican circles that when there was talk of Governor Sandford as a possible Republican VP pick in the last election a certain amount of panic ensued when it was realized he could be running the state. The idea of someone like him taking part in any Constitutional convention should scare the living shit out of people.

Never fear though, the Appalachian Trailer walker himself is still courageously fighting all forms of evil taxes, even on cigarettes.
Sanford still wants tax cut with cigarette tax hike
Gov. Mark Sanford said today that a recently-enacted federal health insurance law will not change his position on raising the state cigarette tax.
Sanford has opposed any cigarette tax increase that did not include an equivalent tax cut. The Senate is likely to begin debating raising the tax by 50 cents per pack this week.Sanford,mark
At seven cents per pack, South Carolina's cigarette tax is the lowest in the nation.
The federal health care law is projected to cost the state $914 million by 2020, but Sanford said he would not support setting aside additional cigarette tax revenue to fund the mandated expanded coverage for low-income residents.
"We're still at the same spot we were," Sanford said. His office had previously said the governor would reevaluate his position due to the health care law.
Sanford's veto has been a key roadblock for lawmakers supporting a cigarette tax increase. A majority of lawmakers support raising the tax, but the House failed to gather the two-thirds support to overturn a 2008 veto.


sunshine said...

Okay. It's been a long day for me and my brain is somewhat scrambled but.. am I correct in assuming that South Carolina wants to get rid of Health Care and keep cigarette tax low?

I'm not too smart to engage in political speak, just way too uninformed.

Anyhow, ... ummm yeah, that's just weird. :P


Holte Ender said...

Isn't Sanford a beauty, he doing his bit for the tobacco lobby, which doesn't surprise me, he's already proved he possesses the morals of a sewer rat. Probably gonna get emails from sewer rats complaining about the comparison.

Beach Bum said...

Sunshine: You would be totally correct and awesomely hot.

Holte: Well, I figure the Slime Anti-Defamation League might be upset with me saying human reasoning power is about equal to them.

MRMacrum said...

Boy, they really did get a bug up their butt didn't they? Nothing picks up my day than seeing a Right Winger all red faced and righteously indignant. They throw such good tantrums.

Beach Bum said...

Mike: What are you doing up so late my friend? I'm only awake because I work this cursed shift.

Actually I do my best not to rattle the cages.

zeppo said...

"Be friendly and say hi."? Really? Must I? Well, crap. This is going to spoil the rest of my day. "Friendly" isn't coming so easy these days. Hi. There, satisfied?

So, now that I have done that... I must say that South Carolina really is one of the most interested places in the country in producing people with really, really strange ideas. Yes, let's fire on Ft. Sumpter, that's a REALLY good idea! Let's secede from the Union! Even better! You could have a motto on your license plates, "First in patriotism! Except when we hate our country!"

I, too, keep looking for those alien space ships that just HAVE to be up there somewhere.

Four Dinners said...

Keep cigarette tax low? I'm moving in!!!

er..can they actually do that over there? It's not like our 'counties' your 'states' is it? Rather a shame really when they can do something as daft as this.

Randal Graves said...

Must you denigrate slime by equating us with them? Really now.

I'm all for a constitutional convention that replaces our current system with government-by-slime.

Beach Bum said...

Zeppo: You know I have these days sometimes where the world take a surreal feel that I can't shake. You know the old saying that sometimes you are the windsheild and sometimes you are the bug? Its during such days I feel like the bug.

South Carolina politics only adds to the affect.

Four Dinners: If you look hard enough you can see Alice and the rest of the Wonderland folks running around here. Now I warn you we do have an overabundance of Madhatters but thats easy to see.

Randal: Like I told Holte, I figure the Slime Anti-Defamation League will contatc me soon and I will beg for forgiveness.

C.J.Duffy said...

My hair is in retreat just like Napoleon's forces at Waterloo so I know how you feel mate. I too am awaiting for those millions roll in but still only pennies in my pockets.

As for Health care and as an aging diabetic Brit, I am very grateful to the NHS as I have never had to pay a dime in my life BUT boy is health care a knotty issue.

MadMike said...

Beach what is the local wisdom when it comes to the political future of these guys?

TomCat said...

Beach, you're right abput Teain, politicians, and Sunshine.

Happy GOP Day!

tnlib said...

The very thought of these monkeys rewriting the most impressive document in the world makes me retch. And Sanders needs that tobaccy money in his pocket. I think SC may be a half step ahead of TN.

Vigilante said...

The federal health care law is projected to cost the state $914 million by 2020, but Sanford said he would not support setting aside additional cigarette tax revenue to fund the mandated expanded coverage for low-income residents.

Isn't the whole point how much will his state benefit? I'm with Sunshine. I'm confused.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I haven't heard an iota of good about this Bauer guy. Hopefully, as good old Nikita used to say, you eill bury him. As for the healthcare debate, while I wasn't necessarily in favor of what the Dems ultimately came up with (I personally prefer the Emanuel plan of vouchers and health boards), I think that it's probably about time that the Republicans followed David Frumm's (one of the few Republicans talking sense these days) advice and stop acting like obstructionists/nimrods. That, or declare defeat.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

"The slime anti-defamation league" LOL

Distributorcap said...

it is so nice to know that when sanford finally leaves no matter who take his place will probably be equally as bad. even if it is not bauer

for a state that has jim demint - one of the worst people ever born in this country - it is time to saw it off and let it drift into one of obama's offshore rigs.

but for you BB - we will welcome you with open arms in the "normal" city of new york

Mia said...

Cute Monkey.
Sunshine is hot.


Dragon Lady said...

Bah! there are more idiots running the show these days than they have locked up! And if those of us who are progressive don't get out and vote in November we will get just what we deserve. I say this as someone who voted for a dead man (Mel Carnahan) when Missouri had John Ashcroft running for congress. Unfortunately, Bush gave Ashcroft the attorny generals office as a consolation prize when he lost.
I'm really glad I turned 66 last year, I would not want to be in my twenties or thirties or even fifties for all the tea in china! Most teabaggers have no clue what they are yelling about! I am so ashamed of my generation!

This was a very good write up Beach. It reminded me that I ought to check out your blog more often as you do such a great job blogging.

Middle Ditch said...

Still a head full of hair here and not dyed either.

What is the problem with health care in the US? Free medication (well not entirely free) free hospital care, nice looking young doctors, free ambulance ferries etc. Who can be against that? Why can this be unpopular? Baffled, me.

Beach Bum said...

CJ: Actually, I'm saving up to join the Hair Club for Men that glue a toupee to your head. It really is the cheapest to regain hair.

Madmike: Sanford could be a plane to South America the minute he is no longer governor and would not be missed. Especially since Jenny is getting all dolled up looking for a new man. Be afraid, very afraid.

My man Andre is campaigning for the office like there is no tomorrow but luckily his chances are falling fast. Simply put he is the Sarah Palin of South Carolina.

Vigil: Welcome to my world and why I talk about leaving the country.

Will: Bauer is a disaster of epic proportions should by some chance he is our new governor. Across party lines, it pretty much agreed he is an idiot. Google his name for a history of some of the stupid shit he has done.

Slime anti-defamation league, yeah I rather liked that one.

DCap: Actually, I have plans to haul ass out of the country, although somewhere north could work.

Mia: Welcome and come again. If I'm the monkey, you are talking about thanks.

Dragon lady: I agree about November and feel that it may already be too late.

Middle Ditch: I really don't know, I wish I did but lately I have been lost with everything going on.

Beach Bum said...

Tomcat: Happy GOP day? Lost me on that one my friend.