Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Screw it, I'm done.

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The abject silliness and spineless maneuverings that passes as intelligent management of the republic by our elected officials teamed with the craven little cowards claiming to be journalists these days but do little to hide the fact they are wholly owned little bitches of the rich and powerful has overwhelmed me again. When Jon Stewart, an admitted entertainer out for nothing but laughs, on a consistent basis has a far greater journalistic impact than the real news outlets anyone with a couple of working synapses should at least worry a little.
Stewart is the only person on television that has explained the current plutocratic system that owns and runs this country plain enough that even a few teabaggers just might have a chance to understand how we are being fucked without the benefit of vasaline to make it easier or a kiss to say thank you after.

I really need some time away.
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Oso said...

Didn't you mention in a post that you're 6'5" ?

Means you're Too Big To Fail!

Me, OTOH at 5'11" and 160 lbs-I am so screwed dude.

sunshine said...

Well, of course Comedy Central won't let me watch it. I need to go onto the Canadian network and that is just SooOOOOOO Hard!!!! :P


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Stewart hit the nail on the head by simply uttering, "these idiots."

Holte Ender said...

You are so right about Jon Stewart, he has become a watchdog, a comedian looking out for our interests for god sake, where did all the journalists go?

Beach Bum said...

Oso: Me too big to fail?
More than likely too late on that one my friend.

Sunshine: Another example of American imperialism, we are such assholes sometimes.

Will: Heard once the ancient Egyptians made a habit for a while of digging a big hole and forcing all the elites into it. Once they were inside the pharaohs killed them all and created a whole new batch of lords from commoners. Sounds like a good idea, I'll start with a few asshole democrats as a bipartisan gesture.

Holte: All the journalists are in line to interview the next group of people on "Dancing with the Stars".

I'm about ready to give up on real news and just watch Stewart.

Middle Ditch said...

Just passing by to say hi beach, I'm pretty busy and blogging has to give way for now, but I'll be back soon.

Randal Graves said...

Unless you own stock in one of the two conglomerates that own the 49 billion media channels, there's no point in watching the news save for fodder for a drinking game.

MadMike said...

Beach you are 6'5"?? Wow man. I have known you for years. Would never have guessed. Oh yea! John Stewart is the man!

Beekeepers Apprentice said...

A friend of mine has a friend who is a right'ish republican. Evidently, republican friend said "I've been watching The Colbert Report." My friend said "really? Yeah, he's funny, very talented". Right'ish friend said "Yeah, they must have brought him on to balance out that liberal Jon Stewart."

Mein Gott, they really do believe Colbert is a raving right wing loony. They really don't understand that it is satire, and that he is making fun of THEM.

sorry, off topic somewhat :)

Suzan said...

Me too, friend. Me too.

But how can we quit? It's like the Rethugs win after losing all the elections just by deciding to continue to say "No" to everything that makes sense.

And eventually wear us down and we go even further in the hole over time; and unless we can move, we are gonna be worse fu**ed than we were before - and we were a goner before.

Don't leave. We need your voice.

Just take a break, and come back, like Dcap did.

Love ya, buddy!



TRUTH 101 said...

I offered the blogging righties my services out of pity for their ignorance and so far have been rebuffed by them Beach Bum.

You do need to at least keep your presence felt though. You know how I love pissing off righty and there isn't much that pisses em off more than a Veteran who also leans to the left.

It is funny how most of the righties I've come across claim to be Veterans though.

Oso:you look like George Clooney. Of course you're going to get "screwed."

TomCat said...

I blasted Dodd's bill. I hope you don't stay away too long.

Rhiannon said...

I watched the whole John Stewart video. I've always thought him very articulate and quite a good insider when it comes to politics. He's smart he knows what he is doing and saying. So...if corporations are counted as "one people' or whatever then like John says...guess we all can make our own individual corporations! If that makes any sense.

Your right Beach Bum, it's all getting a bit crazy for me too. I take breaks from all this Sh*t from time to time. You've got to in order to stay sane.

I finally just let health care reform go a few weeks ago...and here I am just reading whats going on now. It looks like Obama might actually succeed this weekend. If he does than he will go down in history as a president who tried and did make a huge change and a difference in this country. They can make certain changes in the bill down the road, you know..without Republicans being able to do anything about it's a start and we will make more changes as we go along. Take heart.

Maybe if we all don't watch the news or read all the news every day online...and we take little breaks...maybe that part of us "letting go" of it for a bit will actually help contribute to the cosmic universe to help this country move letting go from time to time we contribute to more positive change and not participating in the anger and hate..or frustration. We end up removing some of the bad energy that's going around so much.

In other words my friend Beach take that break..and lets see what happens. Okay?

Love and Blessings,


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

It's amazing how many people really think that Colbert is serious. Must be the same idiots who thought that wrestling was real.

Beach Bum said...

Middle Ditch: Hope you come back soon with more episodes.

Randal: I've gotten to where I watch BBC America for news. I guess some people would be surprised how much shit goes on that doesn't involve Americans.

Madmike: Yeah, I'm 6'-5". Can't slam a basketball for shit though.

Beekeeper: Not my in-laws, they think Colbert is the Antichrist. When the found out my son loved Colbert's book they wanted to buy O'Reilly's book for kids to "balance" it out. In a rare form of outright disrespect I told them such books would be in the trash the minute they arrived in the mail.

In a possible conflict with my what I just said I actually think O'Reilly is the one-eyed man among a bunch of rabid blind fascists.

Suzan: My moods are conflicted on this to a great extent. I don't place all the blame of the rethugs, democrats have this "awesome" talent to completely screw things up on their own accord. Its like the old saying of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Even with that its a strong bet I'll eventually leave the country, shit has gotten so deep that it will take a disaster to straighten things out. Even then I have an idea we have decayed as a society to the point we will fight over the ashes.

Still though Stewart did a great job explaining this complex crap.

Truth 101: Yeah, its funny how many non-veterans and parasitical fat suburbanites are so gung-ho about sending other peoples kids out to fight. Their precious Jack or Jill can't miss college or their career track will be disrupted.

Tomcat: I should be back in the swing in a few days.

Rhia: I'm just whining, excessive yard work and a bad case of cabin fever have gotten me down.

Will: Since he from Charleston I hope I can run into the man. Although he said something about not liking Parrotheads.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...


'nuff said.

Marja said...

I just won't start my day with politics my dear I am of to work

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I definitely see the 2 of you hitting it off (humor-wise, especially). Just avoid the topic of music, that's all.

Suzan said...

Gotta admire you courage, BB.

I, on the other hand, will only order another drink and nod my head in agreement with my politically screwed-up relatives in Charleston.


In a rare form of outright disrespect I told them such books would be in the trash the minute they arrived in the mail.

Beach Bum said...

Gwen: Yeah, I watch Stewart to see the national news and not have my blood pressure explode and I watch BBC America to hear about the rest of teh world.

Marja: I completely understand, in fact I don't watch as much as I did a few years ago.

Will: Us South Carolina boys could bridge the musical gap.

Suzan: Yeah, I've long since learned to do the same thing with my in-laws when I have no choice but be around them. Only when they get completely stupid do I say something.