Sunday, April 4, 2010

Call the Bolshoi Ballet

Just because I really have no interest in hearing the assorted suburbanite moms discuss their trials and tribulations while Miss Wiggles and their daughters are practicing ballet I usually haul ass to the nearby library and cool my heels in some way. This time though their practice was open and I remembered to bring my video camera and get some of the action recorded. While this segment is not the best of their performance the instructor this year has done wonders with the girls and I expect they will be awesome for the recital in May.

The funny part about my aversion to staying at the dance studio has to do with the time Wiggles and I arrived extra early and while I was around the corner of the hallway waiting for her to finish changing into her outfit. During that brief time two moms came in, not seeing me, and continued with their discussion comparing the sexual performance and habits of their husbands. It was far more information than I ever wanted to know and I yelled loudly to Wiggles in the restroom to hurry up even though I was right outside the door. It should be easy to guess I increased the volume in my voice strictly to alert the two ladies of my presence and that I was hearing their conversation. Since I am now somewhat uncomfortable around the waiting moms I quickly turned Wiggles over to the instructor and got the Hell out of Dodge. Which is a real bummer since the deli next door has an awesome WiFi bandwidth which can be picked up inside the dance studio waiting area while the library blocks most videos feeds.


Mia said...
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sunshine said...

Sorry! That was my delete.. I guess you know why! :O

Anyhow.. as I was saying....
Miss Wiggles is excellent! The best in the group. It was funny watching her play for the camera! LOL

Awkward situation with the Mum's. I probably would have just stayed and listened. I like to gather information .. that's just how I roll. :P


Oso said...

She's cute Beach.I was generally the only Dad around in most activity,although that's nearing 30 years ago so more dads now.But we still are a relative rarity in some places.
What I noticed is the working moms didn't resent me, sometimes the nonworking ones seemed to think I was intruding on their territory. I finally figured out it was cause they thought I didn't have a job,when they found out I worked a swing shift and took care of my kids suddenly they loved me.

lime said...

i like how she looked over her shoulder when running toward you then around the corner.

hang around at the studio and keep em honest. you're doing the little girls a service by shushing their mums. it's not the place for that sort of talk.

tnlib said...

Ooooh, I love it because it brings back so many fun filled and teary eyed moments. And when mom got into the act that was too much to handle and the tears became water falls!

Keep hanging out at the studio. I always thought the dads were great. Who knows, they may rope you into playing a part.

Beach Bum said...

Sunshine: She is a real ham for the camera. Actually the part I left out was that upon getting some idea of the nature of conversation the two moms didn't know I was listening to I was frozen in fear. See I'm already considered slightly "out of the ordinary" for the area and the last thing I needed was to have another issue with the aboriginals I live around.

Oso: Yeah, the issue is with the stay-at-homes and the fact that I am intruding on their space. The last couple of years there was one or even two dads in the waiting area with me keeping a lid on things but this year I'm all alone.

Lime: Maybe I should stay but the hassle with the looks I got before the incident was not worth it.
Now my wife takes our son to piano at the same time and listens to him to keep him so he will not slack off. This is his last year of piano and more than likely Dragonwife will take over the ballet duty.

Beach Bum said...

tnlib: There is a dad/daughter closing act this year but Wiggles wants to do her two dances and get the Hell out. The recital is always four hours long with two thirty minutes intermissions.

After the second hour most people sneak out and go home.

Distributorcap said...

you are such a good dad - having to deal the conversations and all == just for a dance

Rhiannon said...

Is that your Miss Wiggles in the middle? What a little cutie pie! She did good.

I can't believe those mothers were in there "comparing notes" on sex with their husbands. I never did anything like that the whole time I was married...never..well I guess nothing is scared or private these days eh?

Hope you and your family had a "Happy Easter" Beach Bum!



Beach Bum said...

DCap: Damn place is swarming with conservative Stepford wives. Even before teh incident I wrote about the thought crosed my mind a couple of times that they could smell the liberalism on me, spooky as hell.

Rhia: Yeah, Wiggles is the one in the middle. While I am not a prude by any means those moms came into the building talking about stuff that a guy who sometimes talks with theirs husbands doesn't need to hear.

Randal Graves said...

I'm mildly surprised that you overheard such a conversation that wasn't on the phone. That seems to be the default method for the airing of private business.

Beach Bum said...

Randal: Absolutely, and in places like restaurants and movie theaters.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

That left leg-kick was totally awesome. If I had even tried that.....I don't even want to think about it.

Beach Bum said...

Will: Those little girls are amazing.