Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Slow Moving American Disaster

Lets be clear here, long before that walking abortion decided to run for office I always felt Trump was a supremely sleazy individual whose only real accomplishment was being born into a  rich family. That's right, he is not a self made man, he inherited big bucks from his real estate-dealing dad along with a Rolodex filled with contacts. Trump is not a Bill Gates nor Elon Musk who both have created billion dollar businesses just with their tangible intelligence and talents.

A real look at Trump's attempts at business shows a long series of disastrous failures that left him back in the 1990's on the verge of utter collapse. After some strange loans from sources that has never been revealed, Trump became nothing but a celebrity trademark little better that some talent-less rich girl whose claim to fame is just a homemade hardcore sex tape.

Lets not leave out one of the most laughable attempts at business, Trump Steaks, whose CEO, Jerry Levin said, "we literally almost sold no steaks." This delusional pussy grabber is a prime example of what happens when a population forgets substance and becomes infatuated with spectacle along with being willing hostage to their fears and prejudices. 

Trump's one true talent, besides being a bully, is being a masterful con artist who can appeal to the less educated. Trump is the epitome of the big talking, low information voter who has no real concept to the complexities that exists in government. Simply put, a failed real estate developer with no intellectual curiosity beyond dumping his current wife then bedding a younger bimbo can't conceive of the intricacies involved in international relations, healthcare, or diplomacy. When the House finally passed their version of a healthcare bill to repeal "Obamacare" several weeks ago, Trump threw a massive ceremony at the White House that gave the impression to many that he thought an actual law had been passed. Of course anyone not living under a rock while watching Fox News should know both Trump and Senator McConnell's efforts utterly failed in the senate.

Now we have Trump siding with neo-Nazis after the riots on Charlottesville last weekend. Both his lack of response on Sunday, then his forced condemnation of white supremacists that was literally a wink-and-a-nod of approval to them on Monday were surreal for anyone calling themselves the leader of this country. Now today the country was witness to one of Trump's most hate-filled, incoherent rants excusing those racist monsters. When Trump took the oath of office back in January I knew were were in deep trouble, a fact that is proven true every time some information gets out from the Robert Mueller investigation involving the Trump Campaign and Russia. Our country is in grave danger, so severe that I could not have imagined the degree things could be corrupted by that narcissistic thing occupying the White House.



Harry Hamid said...

I have a lot of other things to keep my mind occupies other than national politics, so I've tried to be very muted in my words when it comes to the President.

Today was a sort of turning point for me. NOT speaking out or pretending he's not a problem is not a moral option.

sage said...

I am still upset that after spending the last two decades trying to ignore the egotistical man on TV (I never watched any of his shows and saw about 5 minutes of the Apprentice once and thought he's an ass), now I have to live in an alt-reality nation. but as for him being a self made man, to parpharase Twain, "that's good, it relieves the Almighty of the responsibility).

MigratingSpirit said...

Trump benefits from some morally bankrupt and definitively stupid leaders in the senate and the house. That is what makes this a slow moving tornado that is exacting destruction on the entire country. There is no storm shelter for any of us. But I refuse to be frightened and paralyzed by that fear.

The Bug said...

It just boggles my mind. I can't wrap my brain around what's going on in the country now.

Pixel Peeper said...

What The Bug said. Yet some of his supporters still support him, more fiercely than ever. By now I believe Trump is right about one thing he said...he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his supporters would still support him.

koi seo said...

I've tried to be very muted in my words when it comes to the President.