Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Nomad Feet: Morning Walk at Hilton Head

Jumped up this morning and hit the beach before sunrise. It was a beautiful morning, although it was impossible to get my daughter or wife out of bed to enjoy it with me. I returned to the room about an hour later to still find them asleep. Frankly, I don't think they even registered me leaving the room. 

This is a butterfly garden here at Disney's Hilton Head Resort. No butterflies though, this morning they appeared to have totally split the scene. This was all part of my morning walk around the resort after coming back from the beach. It gets rather busy during the day but up until nine o'clock most everyone is still asleep.

Cool little sailboat docked at the Shelter Cove marina. Been seeing this one here for years and to be honest there a couple of times I thought it had been abandoned. Whatever the case, it's sporting a brand new photovoltaic solar cell array on the stern to generate some electricity. Would love the story on this little boat, of course you can't see the stern where the name and point of origin are painted and it says it started out at Racine, Wisconsin. Doubt the owner sailed through the Great Lakes, then up the St. Lawrence seaway, then down the east coast on the intercoastal waterway to finally get to Hilton Head. If the owner did such a thing that was a hell of an adventure.  

Sign showing the distance and direction of all the Disney Resorts, most are in Orlando but there is one at Vero Beach, Florida, one all the way in Hawaii, and one in California. being members of the Disney Vacation Club, my family and I have stayed at several of these resorts. They are all amazing places and yes, I feel extremely lucky to have been able to even visit them. My personal favorites are the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort and the Old Key West resort. 


Unknown said...

That fdirst picture is outstanding. All of them are good, though, and makes me remember the value of a good walk.

Pixel Peeper said...

I agree with Nasreen on the first picture! I believe that the early morning hours are the best for walking, taking pictures, and enjoying nature. But during the week I'm too rushed getting to work and on the weekend...well, dammit, who wants to get up early on the weekend???

Beach Bum said...

Nasreen: The untold story is how I have failed to wake up early enough to make it to the beach while it is still dark. Did that a couple of times on previous visits and got to enjoy seeing shrimp boats trawl very close to shore. Another morning the wind and surf was so still and I was for all intents alone on the beach, it was intensely quiet I could almost feel the universe.

Pixel: My years in the army has made it rather hard for me to sleep late. If I'm still in bed somewhere around 7:00am this feeling that I've wasted the entire day descends on me and I freak out.

Marja said...

I always miss the beautiful sunsets. Now I see that beautiful sunset I must get up early one day for that. I love butterflies and there is a nice one on Singapore airport as well