Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow in South Carolina

Leaving work Friday morning I passed a buddy who suggested that I immediately go to the grocery store and pick up enough milk and bread to last through the weekend. That the expected storm moving into our area was going to hammer us a lot earlier than people thought. When I asked my friend how he knew this he said that his grandmother had called before he had left for work saying her arthritis was acting up far worse than normal.

The weather report I had seen the night before said we would only get half an inch to an inch of snow. The highly paid weatherman I watch at that time in his nice suit and smiling a few thousands dollars of serious dental work assured us that the snow would only start late into the night. Can anyone guess who I believed of the two?

Miss Wiggles had a school play Friday morning so I really didn't have enough time to stop, pick up what might be needed, and then get cleaned up in time to make her play so I just drove straight home. Not long later as I walked into the school the sky was cloudy but there nothing to suggest the snow would arrive early like my buddy's grandmother claimed. But the play hadn't been going for five minutes when the intercom broke in saying that the school would be closing a couple of hours early to get the kids home before things got bad. Many of the parents groaned probably figuring the same thing I did as I walked into the school.

By the time Dragonwife and I got to the grocery store the place was a madhouse with everyone rushing to grab what they needed and get home before the kids and the snow which even the weather people were now saying would arrive far sooner.

Sure enough, the snow started about 3:30pm and didn't let up until early Saturday morning. The picture above was taken at 4:00pm with the ground already covered. I wish I had gone outside and walked around enjoying the only part of snow I really like but after Wiggles school play we had to rush around getting the house ready for the Chinese New Year party the next day. So I was completely crapped out by the time the snow was coming down.

The next morning the same weatherman who had claimed we wouldn't get very much in the way of accumulation was now smiling about the four to eight inches of snow on the ground. This storm turned out to be the worst "blizzard" for South Carolina since 1973. Now in truth the expected half an inch to inch of snow would have sent the state into a major spasm had it occurred during a regular workday but with it being a Saturday much of the disruption, even with the far greater amount of snow predicted to having fallen, was blunted.

That morning Miss Wiggles and I slipped outside to enjoy the snow before the crazy rush of getting everything ready for her Chinese New Year party. Matters were complicated even more when Dragonwife got a phone call from the parents of one of Wiggles classmates saying that the birthday party for their child was still on for that day. The party was at a "nearby" skating rink and guess who got to drive Wiggles to the party? For me the fun part was following the direction whose most detailed part was that I had to "turn left after the sign with the cow on it."

When she and I got back we went straight into DEFCON one for her party with her guests arriving right after she changed in her Chinese dress. Sorry, I got only a couple of pictures since I was literally pushed into kitchen duty cooking up the dumplings and getting the rest of the food ready as Dragonwife and a few moms kept the kids busy with crafts and storytelling.

This picture was taken right after the previous one above but just out of sight Darth Spoilboy and a couple of his friends had loaded up on snowballs and mere seconds after Wiggles snapped this photo I was brutally attacked. The attack was so savage I was left on the ground and by the time I recovered my attackers were back inside laughing their sorry asses off.

Its Sunday now and most of the snow from Friday has melted. Rather large patches of white can still be found but the roads are clear and its pretty much business as usual for us here now. While we missed the usual snow spasm that afflicts South Carolina when a few flakes hit the ground the last weather report I listened to mention another storm heading our way. The smiling weather guys are all hedging their bets on this one saying it will most likely just be a cold rain but possibly mixed with some snow or sleet. If we do get more in the way of snow and ice with being the start of a work week this state will seriously have a rough couple of days.



Pics look like they were taken from where I sit :-) Snow showers all week round so the forecast goes...

Have fun with the kiddies!

Teeluck said... got a Kevin Costner thing going Beach Bum your real name...Mr. Costner?? Enjoy the weather. I think I'm getting some more on Monday as well.

Holte Ender said...

We got 3 inches here in Southeast Georgia, first I've seen since we've lived here, it's pretty looking out at it, until . . .

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

We had the exact opposite up here in CT (the northwest hills) last week. All of the forecasts were for up to a foot of snow. We ended up getting a dusting. It's good to see that the weathermen are pitiful everywhere.....P.S. I've never asked you, double b, Clemson or South Carolina - who do you root for?

Beach Bum said...

Hill: I know my son and his friends enjoyed attacking me with snowballs but the little buggers could have skipped packing them so hard.

Teeluck: Me Kevin Costner??? LOL!!! Sure wish I had that guy's money.

Holte: Yeah, it was nice to look at, especially since it covered the dead limbs, leaves, and fallen pine straw in my yard.

Will: Now the weather people are saying it will just rain on Monday. Don't know how to handle such certainty from them, the cynical side of me figures we will have a foot of snow now.

Carolina or Clemson? Just because most of the people I have met who attended Carolina are uppity snobs I pick Clemson.

TomCat said...

Beautiful pics, Beach. To bad Vncouver BC didn't get that weather.

goatman said...

Snow seems to be the universal sound deadener to me. Walk away from ambient sounds and hear the acoustic equivalent of a sound chamber or deep in the depths of a cave. Wouldn't it be neat if it were pink? (the snow, not the cave)

I heard that every state but Hawaii had some snow. A last hurrah before the Spring thaw I hope.

Beach Bum said...

Tomcat: Seriously! Bot people around here (the usual suspects) that thinks an ice age is now coming.

Goatman: I noticed that as well, especially out in Colorado. I could walk into a clearing in knee deep snow and no normal sound went more than twenty feet.

sunshine said...

First of all, TomCat's profile picture cracks me up everytime I see it. :P

Secondly, Pussy! I eat that much snow for breakfast here in the "snowbelt" of Ontario Canada! (I'm kidding, everybody sit back down)..

I guess it's kind of fun to get snow when you rarely ever see it.
As much as I do enjoy winter, I"m ready for it to go.
Even though it's 0 I can still feel a *hint* of Spring in the air. :)

Oh ... and Darth... has got to pay for that. You do realize that,,, right????
Snowstorm #2 is Daddy payback time!


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I'm totally with you, double b. Go Clemson! I mean, just for the helmets alone, I'm saying.

Beach Bum said...

Sunshine: I am so ready for winter to be over I can taste it. I am way behind in my quarterly trips to the coast and I am suffering from a heavy bout of cabin fever. I swear if I don't smell salt air very soon somebody will have to pay. It could be money or sex; I'm flexible in that respect.

As for my collection of traitorous young Sith Lord apprentices that attacked me Saturday I'd like to see them get Dragonwife to be so reasonable with buying the pizza and the late night Taco Bell runs. Darth Cooldad will have his revenge!

Will: Yeah, I have a real problem running around and screaming "Go Cocks!" Screaming "Go Tigers!" is far more comfortable for me.

Middle Ditch said...

Aaaaaaah, those wonderful weather people who look so smug during their forecasts and then getting it so horrible wrong.

Rain here, we had our snow some time ago and your stocking up on bread and milk story reminded me of the poor woman somewhere 'up north', who left the house to buy bread and didn't return home for eight days. Snowed solidly in the bakery store where she had to sleep on the floor. Luckily for her, no shortage of bread. I don't know about the milk though. I guess that is another story. :-D

Jack Jodell said...

I feel for ya, Beach, 'cuz I know you're not used to or really equipped for snows like that. Up here in Minnesota, though, what seemed like a paralyzing amount of snow would amount to but an average to light amount for a storm. It is not uncommon for us to get a dumping of 4"-8" in an average storm, and, sometimes, we'll get an even heavier amount. And often, the process will repeat a few days later. At this very moment, our roads are plowed, but as I look out my window, I see snowbanks 4-6 feet high on the sides of the road. It's white, pure, and pretty, but a pain in the ass nonetheless.

MadMike said...

I loved the snow, as little as we got. Nice pics and story Beach.

Beach Bum said...

Middle Ditch: For me being stuck in a bakery would be cool. I'm fixated on bagels right now and if the cream cheese supply can hold out I would be okay.

Jack: I plan on visiting up around your area sometime, but in the middle of summer.

Madmike: What we got was more than enough for me.

lime said...

evil children. i know i am late to the party but we are having the snow today.

Beach Bum said...

Lime: I heard today there is a chance that we might have snow this coming Tuesday.