Saturday, November 7, 2009

This ain't good for anyone

Feeling really bummed out and lazy with no mental motivation beyond more beer, a movie, and then having Dragonwife tell me for the millionth time she has a headache. Actually did some yard work today in an attempt to be the respectable suburban dweller like all the other hive people I live around. It pretty much sucked beyond all description.

Came across this political cartoon from the Seattle Times and after hearing comments from several republicans, namely party hack and confirmed suckass Michael Steele, the evidence that they have all lost their minds continues mount. I have no idea if it will get this metaphorically bad with Palin, Beck, and Limbaugh excommunicating and executing anyone not carrying the extreme party-line but I figure its bad enough already.

Hopefully, I will get motivated, or at least think of something real to write in a couple of days. Then again I have more pictures from Hilton Head I can post.


AdB said...

Hahaha... Be good enough and get Dragonwife Advil!

Rhiannon said...

oh I know I know how you feel Beachbum...but don't worry Beck, Limbaugh and many many more in the GOP are getting so out of control that it appears by the polls that people are not liking their mean angry petty "childish and immature" ways...because they have no other ideas or options..other than just to sit and complain and breed such fear and paranoia into peoples minds who can't and "refuse" to think for themselves or check out "the facts. Anything they can do to disagree with Obama they will matter what it is...Obama loves vanilla ice cream we love chocolate ice cream..Obama is a chocolate hater he's a racist"!..:o( get my drift.its simple really..just like their simple fear mongering hateful minds. They need to go find their own planet where they all can just be mean and hateful..but then once they are all living there what will they have to live for?..will they then start hating and arguing amongst themselves? You bet! It's what they do best. It's what they live for...

As for some GOP winnning a few elections it's not so much as a vote against Obama, it's more about the things that are going on in each county. What Bush has left behind so much crap! We will see what happens...I still have faith and a strong feeling that Obama will continue on in the way that he does and persevere. If anything Obama is the voice of reason in the middle of so many people who are such sheep they follow from their asses...sorry bad joke there, but sure you know what I mean.

I hope you don't really call your wife a Dragonwife? Maybe if you call her something really sweet and nice she will get over her headaches?...;o)..good luck with that.

Blessings and have a beautiful weekend,


sunshine said...

You know.. there is a *ahem* natural cure for headaches.
I've found a little lovin goes a long way to relief. :P (unless it's a sinus headache .. then nothing but Advil works.. but for stress headache.. yeah baby!!!)

Not sure if it matters or not but I'd love to see more pictures from your weekend get a way.
I haven't been away in so long. I can live through you...


Marja said...

Already takes me a lot to get my head around the NZ politics let alone the US ones They don't come even near what I would love people to be but luckily I met many who do
come near
About your woman just give her a big hug and tell her how gorgeous and special she is and her headache will disappear a bit

Beach Bum said...

AdB: Female Viagra or Cialis is what needed and that's a whole other hopeless cause.

Rhiannon: Don't worry but yes, the screen names I give my family members do take on a certain part of my family's personalities but it ain't that bad. Dragonwife has her moments, My son Darth Spoilboy can be a pain, and Miss Wiggles, my daughter, can exhaust me if she puts her mind to it quite easily.

As for the republicans, to a certain extent I am sort of enjoying them tearing each other apart. Although, and this might sound completely crazy, but I do know a few decent conservatives that honestly have questions on liberal policies. I can respect honest and reasonable disagreements but this mass of lunatics have lost all touch with reality.

Sunshine: No, I refuse to subject my friends to even more cheesy pictures and sad examples of videos of me whining about having to go back home. The next video might actually be one of the cat who is totally enthralled when I flush the toilet.

Marja: American politics has gone beyond crazy and I often find myself to nauseated to watch. And I use to be a news junkie.

VickY said...

same here, no motivation... hopefully soon :)

Randal Graves said...

Being a nearly amoral jerk, I wouldn't shed too many tears of the goopers actually went all Robespierre and Danton on themselves and brought out Madame le Guillotine, 'cause if they don't, watch the low-info yokels we call our fellow citizens elect a bunch of anti-everything clowns in 2010 and someone Palinesque with a twist of Newt in 2012. At least the world is ending that December, whew!

Thus, more photos of the beach, dude.

Middle Ditch said...

Aaaaaaaah ... Motivation ...... Know all about it.

I love the names you give your family.

Beach Bum said...

Vicky: Part of the problem is the shift I have to work now. The 11:00pm to 7:00am shift while having the benefit of being almost completely devoid of assholes and backstabbers that are on morning shift never the less makes normal daily life in my family difficult and my free time activities very hard.

In theory I should be able to get eight hours of sleep free during the day. But throw in phone calls, the occasional knock on the door, and the simply fact that while a nap during the day is one thing trying to get the requires sleep a person needs during the day is hard. Sometimes I get home and just can't sleep no matter what.

When my family starts getting home around 5:00pm I have to make dinner, and help my daughter do her homework. After everything is sad and done I simply don't feel like writing at times.

Randal: I wonder, could the election of Palin in November of 2012 to president bring about the end of the world in December of 2012?

But anyway, part of my current problem is the trip last weekend. The idea of living in this suburbanite annex of Righwingberg, which is the power base of Joe "You lie" Wilson, is enough to suck the creative life out of anyone who wants to puke whenever Limbaugh, Beck, or Fox Noise is mentioned. Also, I have these people the most insular and xenophobic I have ever encountered who religiously cling to an ignorance about everything that does not fit their world view.

I'm planning yet another trip to the beach later this month or in the first of December.

Middle Ditch: Motivation is curious state of mind for me that often depends on events in the future. So that is why I do my best to keep at least a day trip somewhere scheduled. Making things worse is stupid crap like yard work which I find very much like serfdom.

Dusty said...

The reichwing crazies will do themselves in.

At least, that is what I tell myself. I hope to fuck I am right about that.

Beach Bum said...

Dusty: Yeah, that what I'm hoping for as well. And it could well happen that way, but I just hope some damn event doesn't come along to help the teabaggers.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...


Grow your hair, get dreadlocks & then do your yardwork...your joy in fucking the rest of the 'hive' up will be its' own reward! Be of good cheer! Think of the blog fodder ahead with the New Republicans' helmanship & pratfalls with the Independents and confused Republicans. And let the graveyard shift inspire you to 'new behavior'.. like taking a swim when you get off shift... it worked for me. I like your descriptions, your ups and downs! Rich and out of the ordinary, you give us great humor, sound politic and inspiring life lessons. Keep stokin'... :-)

MadMike said...
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Suzan said...

You have the fortitude of a saint, my friend.

I have not been able to come up with how you do it.

Just hearing about them from you reminds me of what I work like the devil to avoid everyday here in Greensboro.


Maybe the Dennis train will start to move after his courage becomes more well known in that no-health-care-reform-for-you House vote. That would give me my first calm breath since the Inauguration.


The idea of living in this suburbanite annex of Righwingberg, which is the power base of Joe "You lie" Wilson, is enough to suck the creative life out of anyone who wants to puke whenever Limbaugh, Beck, or Fox Noise is mentioned. Also, I have these people the most insular and xenophobic I have ever encountered who religiously cling to an ignorance about everything that does not fit their world view.

MadMike said...

I was surprised when I found out that Dennis Kucinich, that bastion of liberalism, had voted against the house HC bill, saying later that he was Lieberman on this issue and doesn't believe the bill is good for America. So, it isn't just the Reich Wing. The betrayal of some on the left is shocking.

sunshine said...

You refuse to subject your friends to more cheesy pictures and videos!??
Hmmm... I wonder what you REALLY think of MY blog! :0 Tee hee...


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

The Republicans should be listening to Lindsey Graham (one of the few sane people left on that side of the aisle), not Beck and Limbaugh. Not that I necessarily always agree with Graham, mind you (on foreign affairs/policy, in particular) but 1) the fellow can be reasoned with and 2) his tone is such that the party could still be salvaged. I mea, they do want to be salvaged, right?

Oso said...

It's doubly tough for you, having a brain plus being foggy headed from working the night shift. I've worked it from time to time too.

Good cartoon. Kinda funny, but yet the caricatures capture the madness and it's not funny at all.Serious,the madness in their eyes is the madness of the teabaggers.

I can imagine being surrounded by them, and attempting to blend in as being crazy myself,to avoid something horrible happening. and having them sense with the cunning of sewer rats that there was someone among them NOT crazy.and having them turn on me like the creatures in a George Romero movie.

Vigilante said...

Oso, this cartoon is not something I can laugh at, because four of those depicted are clearly people that I know. Two of them I had dinner with Thursday night. Talk about indigestion......

Oso said...

hard to keep your food down with that type of companions !

Beach Bum said...

Madmike: The whole political scene has taken on the look of a farce.

Sunshine: No worries, I like your videos. Mine would be better if I could talk better.

Will Hart: ...they do want to be salvaged, right?

I honestly don't know anymore. Both sides, in my opinion, are scores of french fries short of a complete Happy Meal.

Oso: ...someone among them NOT crazy.and having them turn on me like the creatures in a George Romero movie.

Amen, another analogy would be working among pod people.

Vigil: A couple in that crowd are family for me.

Oso: That's why many in my family have disowned me.

Beach Bum said...

I'm the black sheep commie of the family.