Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just go ahead and piss on Mother Nature some more

Got to hand it to the naked primates running around bitching about the tree huggers threatening economic globalization and endangering corporate profits over silly things like recycling or being responsible for trash we all make. To hear some of the nice and pretty business pundits on the financial-religious shows talk its as if fundamental rights are being violated by promoting efforts to curb our relentless pollution of the planet.

A few weeks ago I was channel surfing and landed upon one of the business channels and due to my basic instincts stopped because one of the blonds on the show had big hooters and was gladly exposing the upper portion of said cleavage. During that segment the usual collective of little shits, twits, and bimbos were whining about how mandatory recycling of common plastics in certain urban areas was going to cost jobs and cost the consumer extra money resulting in some sort of dire consequences for Western Civilization. Now this whining is not unusual, more recently more or less the same group, while not coming out and saying it directly, were all having a minor spasm over how it was unfair for health insurance companies to be forced to take on the burden of people with preexisting conditions. Being even more vague they all agreed, from what I understood, that anyone with a preexisting condition was simply shit out of luck if they didn't have the money to pay for a doctor themselves.

So with such compassion about their fellow humanity you can imagine how little they care for the cheap plastics that we gleefully cast aside not giving a rat ass about where they end up. Of course, living in a closed system (the planet Earth y'all) the Greater Union of Marching Morons never realize that it will eventually find its way back to us in some manner.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Sources of pollutants

Plastic photodegradation in the ocean

Some of these long-lasting plastics end up in the stomachs of marine birds and animals,[21] including sea turtles, and the Black-footed Albatross.[22] Besides the particles' danger to wildlife, the floating debris can absorb organic pollutants from seawater, including PCBs, DDT, and PAHs.[23] Aside from toxic effects,[24] when ingested, some of these are mistaken by the endocrine system as estradiol, causing hormone disruption in the affected animal.[22] These toxin-containing plastic pieces are also eaten by jellyfish, which are then eaten by larger fish. Many of these fish are then consumed by humans, resulting in their ingestion of toxic chemicals. [25] Marine plastics also facilitate the spread of invasive species that attach to floating plastic in one region and drift long distances to colonize other ecosystems.[14]


MRMacrum said...

The planet doesn't care what we do. It will be here long after we have worn out our welcome. What gets me is that if we plan on staying here for the length of the lease, we ought to take better care of the rental property. At least long enough to find a new place to move into.

But humans are an instant gratification species. With only a token notion of living on a budget that makes sense, we use the resources we have like we bought them at Walmart.

The planet will have it's way. We should all remember it is the planet's way or the highway.

Middle Ditch said...

MRMacrum, I couldn't agree more. Nothing more to add here.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

What an excellent post, Beach!

I do think the Mother Earth cares what we do... in spite of ourselves. There is a consciousness within Nature that supports and heals us... and we have divorced it, polluted it and are going about trying to murder it. Some DO CARE. MRM...(I do assume you care, too) instead of looking for new 'rental property' we should be cleaning it up and nurturing it with the same care we give to our loved ones. I don't want a new place to move to... I am Home; with all my relations.
Great post BB.

misticblu said...

Very disheartening. Kudos on the message!

Beach Bum said...

MRMacrum and Middle Ditch: Being honest without pulling God into the mix I figure the planet, or if you will Gaia, will bring about a serious attitude and lifestyle adjustment to us humans before long.

I don't believe in a human-like conscious Gaia, but I do believe that when you overload a system demanding more and more from it when that system has self-correcting feedbacks the stressors better watch out for some nasty little virus or bacteria.

Gwen: I see where Marcrum is coming from. We humans have no more a ownership of the planet than the dinosaurs that lasted far longer that us naked primates.

While I don't believe in a human-like conscious Gaia I do believe seven billion people on the planet is stressing all the interrelated eco-systems pushing the planet ever closer to culling her troubled children. My only problem is that the innocent will suffer just as much as the guilty, maybe more so. But the universe is ultimately an unfair place.

misticblu: Its ugly and more than a little challenging trying to believe humans are an intelligent species with this sort of behavior. Welcome and come back often.

goatman said...

That's whatcha get for channel surfing!
It serves no end

Malicious Intent said...

Mother nature has a way of taking care of business. She takes a flea bath every now and then. Be it a volcano, tsunami, or other massive earth event.
Piss her off, she'll piss on you.

Good find on the video.

Malicious Intent said...

I solely believe my mystery disease is directly linked to the environment.

Beach Bum said...

Goatman: The just the hooters catch me every time.

Malicious Intent: Yeah, I think Mother Nature will deal with us soon with a flea bath.

Randal Graves said...

Pollution, blah blah blah. None of those plastic bags or aluminum cans better have been handled by the gay, because the fish that choke on them and die will become gay and then their fisheggs laid before their demise will be gay then the Russians who eat the caviar will become gay and some poor cracker sap who mail orders a Russian bride will then become gay and then infect his entire neighborhood.

Sorry, I'm auditioning for a slot on Fox this afternoon.

sunshine said...

Okay I had something smart to write concerning Mother Nature.. something snippy about the hooters and it all went out the window after I read Randal's comment....
It sucked the smart right out of me. ;P

Great post Beach! As always... :)


Beach Bum said...

Randal: ...because the fish that choke on them and die will become gay...

Gay zombie fish creeping up the food chain? Now that's scary.

Sunshine: I have been assured many times that I never had any smarts to begin with so you are still ahead of me.

sunshine said...

Awwww Beach. :(
That's not true. You are VERY smart.
Don't listen to that shit.


Rhiannon said...

We humans are so self absorbed, some of us absolutely "refuse" to surrender to the truth about all of this...this video made me feel pretty depressed.

Coming from a background of radical baptist religious dogma growing up..their theory is this..."we humans are much more important, our existence is the top priority, not any animmals, reptiles, fish, plants, etc..etc..and according to the Bible that's "just the way it is". How ironic since we could not survive without plants and animals, and some kind of fresh air to breath! Well I really never read anything in the Bible where God or Jesus or whomever stated this. But you know how so many "devout" religious radical Christian people always have some verse or statement of some kind from the Bible that makes them feel better about themselves and their misdeeds. Always have an excuse.

I used to get into arguments with my mother about the environment(among other things) eons ago and no matter what kind of sense I made the Bible "knew better" she said....so she never paid attention and many people just don't want to take any responsibility for their actions. They can just sit and wait for "God to handle it all"...how convenient for them!

Wonder if the Blond woman with the "cleavage" had any plastic or silicone in her?

Good but very sad post Beach Bum. thank you for taking the time to get all this info in your post. Good job!



Beach Bum said...

Sunshine: Ah Shucks! That made me feel better. I still think I give Forrest Gump a run for his money at times.

Rhiannon: I know exactly what you mean about the Christian viewpoint having dominance over the earth. My grandparents were fairly laid back but plenty of the preachers that came to town to spread the word had no time for such godless, commie stuff.

I see the same thing even now with people who can't accept that our actions are destroying the planet. The guy who thought up the Gaia theory said recently he felt civilization would collapse on the continents with humanity on all the thousands of islands picking up the pieces hundreds of years later once things settled down.

Its very late (or very early) and my typing is all sorts of bad right now so I'll be quick and just add I have given much thought about doing like a rat leaving a sinking ship and move to some island far away.

Marja said...

That saddens me. I can't understand why people are so selfish. Half of the worlds oxigen is provided by the plankton in the ocean. If people don't start thinking we will be all killed. Thank them for that

Keep up the good work BB xx

Beach Bum said...

Marja: I am never surprised at the ignorance shown by the world in general and Americans in specific.

Several years ago we were at the SeaWorld aquarium/theme park down in Florida watching the killer whale show where the Orca does various tricks along with the human trainer. Sitting close by in the stands with my family was a well dressed and fairly prosperous looking family. They gave no hint of being blathering idiots but during the show it was mentioned off-hand that Killer whales were warm blooded mammals.

The family sitting next to us seemed honestly amazed and stunned upon hearing the news and talked among themselves for several minutes during the show about how strange it seemed and that the killer whales looked so much like regular fish.

With that I figure ignorance of how the oceans help support life on the planet is no great leap.

Hill said...

The great spin cycle of karma.

We'll get exactly what we deserve.

lime said...

that's just disgusting. i had no idea plastic could degrade in that fashion.

Cloudia said...

Sailors out here in Hawaii have a number/website to report trash info!

I'm with you.

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Oso said...

some Beck humor. enjoy man !


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

The sad thing is that, even if we ever do get our act together, there's still India and China do deal with. It's going to a very hard sell to ever get them to put the breaks on - now that they have a taste of big money and all.

SJ said...

@Beach Bum,
great points.
As George Carlin once said, the Earth isn't going anywhere, -but we are.
True, if global selfishness could somehow come full circle... then they'd want to protect their own habitat instead of letting governments and corporations make the world unihabitable for mamals over 50lbs who don't already swim.
Pollution and garbage are waste by definition, -That anyone can argue that unbridled production of waste has no consequences for us as a species is simply stupid.
We're making a hell of a world for small deep sea fish, cockroaches and rodents.

Distributorcap said...


what a great post. being the most self absorbed and could-care-less society in history, it is only a matter of time before this country becomes completely unlivable - and the food completely inedible.

but wait - the first thing that will go will be potable water after we completely pollute all the water tables

but as long as the bankers are getting rick and the talking bimbos can buy the BMWs - all is right

MadMike said...

I am with MRMac on this one, although I hate to see our planet in pain. I have no doubt that she will take care of herself I just wonder how many of us will have to die before we get there. We should have learned never to mess with Mother Nature.

Beach Bum said...

Hill: I'm afraid so.

Lime: Since learning this I'm wondering where the Atlantic version of garbage patch is located.

Cloudia: I wonder, is the garbage patch common knowledge on your end of the planet? We are just learning about it now.

Beach Bum said...

Had to breakaway for the usual reasons.

Oso: Thanks, I can use all the humor I can get right now. My supply is threadbear.

Will Hart: Yeah, and I'm at a loss to guess how we can deal with their new found capitalist zeal. Mother Nature may just have to do her culling.

SJ and DCap: You know to guarantee long-term profits the big money people should give a damn about the planet but all they want to look at is short-term gain.

Madmike: Not to get all metaphysical but I honestly believe on a certain level Gaia is giving us warning with the new flu bugs popping up.