Thursday, October 1, 2009

Political debate in South Carolina

South Carolina's duly elected officials do have one attribute that I really appreciate. They will spontaneously engage in all sorts of debates for the common good wherever they might bump into a colleague. At a recent visit to the zoo my daughter and I spotted just such and occurrence with these brilliant statesmen debating about a whole manner of issues facing the state. Such diligence and devotion should be rewarded but as we watched they started flinging poo claiming that God loves them the most and things started going downhill from there.

I continue to hope they will evolve to a higher level of behavior and intelligence but a few years ago this type of law was seriously debated:

So until some evidence of some sort of Darwinian action is seen, I'm not holding my breath.


MadMike said...

LOL LOL! I don't know which is worse. Georgia, where liquor is not sold on Sunday or after midnight anytime because it offends Jesus, or this latest nonsense from SC....

Beach Bum said...

Madmike: South Carolina is always good for some laughs or well inspired fear of what democracy can bring.

****Will be at the dentist tomorrow for some serious work and pain and suffering after. May be off the grid for a day or two. I really hate the going to the dentist.**************

Oso said...

I didn't realize South Carolina had an outdoors legislature. nice during the summertime.

I just had Dr Szell from Marathon Man work on my teeth-good luck with him tomorrow.
Just remember when he asks you "Is it safe?" the answer is "Yes".

sunshine said...

Hahahah... oh my gawd! That was funny Beach. :) Love the video!

I'm having trouble believing that (as the article states) everyday churchgoers buy sex toys!!!
Anything that makes us feel good or puts impure thoughts into our heads is bad,.... right?

Banning sex toys. Please.... are we really still talking about this kind of shit in the 21st century!?


Suzan said...

Remembering back to the days (Revolutionary War) when SC had well-spoken, highly regarded statesman of repute on the national scene, every bit of news from there now is repugnant to me.

It's hard to even admit I was born there.

Thanks for the vid!

Love ya,


P.S. Hope you are painfree now, buddy.

Vigilante said...

I've got a headache now.....

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Oh how funny! Ta so for the cheer! LMFAO!!!!

Happy Friday BB!

Randal Graves said...

Sex is only for procreation, the Lord needs more minions, verily I say unto thee, spilleth not that seed. Amen.

SJ said...

@ Beachbum,
Sex toys are under attack? Seriously?
It's gotta be in the bill of rights somewhere, maybe in the back?

Beach Bum said...

Oso: I have never liked going to the dentist, so much that I went thirteen years one time without seeing one. A cracked tooth four years ago and the resulting root canal now has me going on a regular basis. A couple of weeks ago I again noticed and felt a broken tooth, this time one of my last two wisdom teeth. The other two pulled way back in 1990 before I left active duty. Like I said I hate the dentist.

The one bright spot in my newly restored visit to the dental house of horrors was that up until six months ago my dentist was a fairly hot lady with big hooters who would push them into my head as she did the exam.

Now she has moved on and my new dentist is a dude who while being a nice guy just doesn't have thing going for him my other dentist did.

But today I had both the broken wisdom tooth pulled along with its upper companion and while I had them knock me the crap out for the procedure the pain medicine they gave for the after effects just ain't up to same snuff.

Sunshine: Well, to be fair I heard that oral sex is still technically illegal in South Carolina.

Suzan: Yeah, South Carolina had a good number of real leaders back in the beginning, and if you look hard enough a very very few well spoken and thoughtful people in government but with the political situation never get very far.

Still in pain and will have to have more drugs very soon. See the above comment.

Vigil: One word: Tequila!

Randal: OOPS! I may be in real trouble with the Lord.

SJ: Down here the Bill of Rights is often thought of as silly socialistic prattle. Except for the Second Amendment, which is the holiest of all.

sunshine said...

Oooo! That's a nasty dentist story! I hate going too. :(
My dentist is a nasty perv that likes to stick his elbow in my "D's" while doing his thing.
While you enjoyed the boobs in your face, I really don't enjoy an elbow in my boob. Ouch! I'm not sure how to tell the old coot to move it though. I mean.. is he doing it on purpose or.. what?? :)
Anyhow, I hope that you feel better soon.. that can't have been an easy day for you.

Thanks for all of your kind words in my blog (again).. you and Randal are good for my ego. I think I'll keep you both. :)
Of course with you I don't have to put up with as much "snark"..right?

Mental Note.. Stay out of South Carolina... :P


Distributorcap said...

do they plan on turning off the internet too to stop the sex toys

Cormac Brown said...

I'm confused, isn't everybody better off if several are happy and relaxed without the use of alcohol or chemicals? I mean, I have yet to hear about someone using a marital aid and driving, nor have I heard of people doing drive-bys over vibrators.

sunshine said...

There is an award for you on my blog..

Rhiannon said...

Well, I certainly hope your feeling better by now. Sorry you don't have the "hooters" lady dentist anymore..;o)...I hate going to the dentist also. Not only is is not fun but it feels very "invasive" to me, even more than going to a medical Dr.

When I lived in Myrtle Beach, way back in late 70's I was told that they still had a law there that said "you can't use a broom on Sundays" as that is work..and you couldn't buy a broom (on a Sunday)or any other such things that entailed work. Is that still floating around?


Aha... South Carolina parlimentarians in action. I see, so that's how they do it there, eh?

Dentists, Beach? Ugh! I'm outta here.

Beach Bum said...

Sunshine: Actually tourists are safe, its the inmates that have to worry.

DCap: I don't believe most of them know what the internet is, they just figured out how to connect their new finagled DVD players.

Cormac: That's the funny thing about the South. Now if you could invent a hand gun that doubled as a vibrator they would all be rushing to protect it.

Rhiannon: Yeah, plus throw in that oral sex is still illegal and that in some town you can't play the fiddle on Sundays. Go figure.

Hill: Yeah, just now feeling like my jaw will not fall off and I have to start the 11:00pm to 7:00am shift at work.

Throw in the fact that my wife is mad now that she will have to get the kids up in the morning and I'm pretty much screwed.



Hope it went well at the dentist's.

Hill said...

Have you seen the fabulous Molly Ivins explaining the Texas sex toys law?

Dildo Diaries.

She is missed.

p.s. Best wishes on the dentist thing.


Beach Bum said...

HillBlogger and Hill: Feeling much better but biting on something can still be a painful surprise.

Marja said...

lol great video and church goers buy sex toys ha makes me think of a guy who had video shops all over Holland and also rented out sex videos. His best and most clients for the latter where at a shop in the middle of an area of the black stocking people, a name for the very strict protestant reformed.
They haven't been banned though
but then again Holland is a bit different

Vigilante said...

Thanks for Molly Ivins, Hill! We are closer to the dustbin of history, for having lost Molly.

lime said...

LOL, loved the sounds of debate ;)

i dunno which is more backwards though, SC banning the sale of sex toys or PA cutting funindg to libraries so much that we may lose the state database and have any number of libraries close.

Beach Bum said...

Marja: This story came out a couple of years ago and its a wonder it never got passed around widely. But as a counter point to what you said about Holland, South Carolina is expected to be odd and off the mainstream.

Lime: Just because for my own reasons I will stay with South Carolina being more backward.

goatman said...

I see the zoo finally won out over the museum. What did she think of the museum?
Perhaps you need an art gallery to visit.

Beach Bum said...

goatman: There is some sadness on my part from this visit that hit me on the recent beach trip as well. Like my son before him my daughter is now developing friends and activities that take precedence over trips with dad. I wanted to hit the art museum but after much gnashing of teeth on my daughter's part who just wanted to hang around the house cause none of her friends were home I got her to the zoo.