Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009-Climate Change

Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark, or the man afraid of the light?
Maurice Freehill

Foolish people seem to abound these days, caught in their narrow and childish view that the earth we all share has an infinite ability to absorb the excesses and follies of a hairless primate whose pride far out strips its wisdom. Maybe if the human population was far less than the almost seven billion people today we could go one with such an attitude and behavior. But we do have nearly seven billion people living each wanting to either maintain or achieve a lifestyle that the planet simply can not provide. So that leaves the human race with two options.

We can look beyond to our own selfish concerns and see that we are our brothers, and sisters, keepers and begin to work together. That while these actions will be extremely hard it is a matter of simple survival that we change our behavior and work to repair the damages we have caused. The other option is that we can let the fools and idiots that believe that the earth can continue to supply our outrageous lifestyles go unchallenged. On such a course we in the developed parts of the world could conceivably go on with our lifestyle for decades ignoring those in less developed regions suffering famines, water shortages, plagues, and climate change inspired natural disasters . But eventually, even we would be overwhelmed by a planet whose climate had been dangerously damaged forcing us to suffer the same fate.

There's Still Time To Cut The Risk Of Climate Catastrophe, Study Shows

ScienceDaily (Oct. 5, 2009) — A new analysis of climate risk, published by researchers at MIT and elsewhere, shows that even moderate carbon-reduction policies now can substantially lower the risk of future climate change. It also shows that quick, global emissions reductions would be required in order to provide a good chance of avoiding a temperature increase of more than 2 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial level — a widely discussed target. But without prompt action, they found, extreme changes could soon become much more difficult, if not impossible, to control.


Anonymous said...

You are right to be concerned with how careless we are being with the finite resources of our lovely planet.
I'm glad some people are willing to stand up and tell others to pay attention.
I'm a recycling freak who doesn't have a car etc etc.
we are out there........!
greetings from NY

Randal Graves said...

Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark, or the man afraid of the light?

The man afraid of the dark when he's driving around the zombified landscape in a tank.

Call me crazy, but it'll be too little, too late. If only I had some money, I could purchase some soon-to-be beachfront property.

Beach Bum said...

Ewix: Welcome and please drop by again. Despite my participation and concerns for the environment I am hamstrung in a lot of ways from doing more to live up to my beliefs. Namely the car issue, down here in the South everything is about as strung out far away from everything and everyone as possible.

Where as in my childhood just about all the kids walked or rode bikes to school, the schools now are placed at a nexus-like center with the neighborhoods place around it forcing parents, in both rules and sheer distance, to drive their kids to school. But in my childhood where my old elementary school was located inside the neighborhood allowing kids to walk to it parents now drive their kids.

And don't get me started on stores, having to buy groceries often requires long drives to the shopping malls that are always placed far enough away to ensure they don't lower property values.

Its crazy really and being stuck in the dead center of crazed blood red republicans convinced that Jesus will Rapture at any moment backs me a strange person in the extreme. I'd like to move but my wife and kids are into this lifestyle and I stuck on the proverbial merry-go-round and can't get off.

Randal: You and me both my friend! The one (very small) advantage to living where I do is that sometime a few million years ago the Earth had one of those strange events that raised sea levels and I'm damn close to that that ancient beach. Even now you can see remnants of those ancient sand dunes.

sunshine said...

We all have to do our part.
Sometimes I just get so frustrated with everyone telling me to make a difference.
I recycle, compost.. bring reusable bags to the market etc.
To me.. it's the big guys that have to change.
Quit packaging my food in so much shit. Quit spewing out crap into the environment that's choking us and giving us all cancer.
We all have to change. But lets face it.. most of us "little guys" are doing what we can.
At least most of the people in my circle are...
Great topic and blog entry Beach! :)


Marja said...

I find it quite strange that people are so ignorant and careless about it, which is quite selfish. Holland might be already flooded in a few decades but the industry in Germany e.g. is trying to stop the govenment participating in December The color of money is indeed red.

giggles said...

Non sequiter: I saw your comment over at Utah's place and wanted to share with you what little I know of that Supreme court case.... It is sooooooo scary and basically going unreported by anyone but Bill Moyers and Public radio and telelvision...

Based on a movie about Hillary Clinton filmed during her campaign that was funded by PAC money. It was banned, because it WAS funded by PAC money. (And was largely negative, I believe.) But the guy who is arguing FOR the case is trying to say that It should be allowed under free speech.... But if the ruling goes in his favor? It will allow any corporation to be considered an "individual" in terms of money allowed to flow to political committees and campaigns.... Bill Moyers had both sides on his show,maybe, 2-3 months ago.... Worth looking up if you have the time and I may have gotten some of the finer details messed up.... I DO know that if the ruling goes FOR corporations...we as a democracy, are doomed... Wait. Come to think of it? We are already. Damn.

Beach Bum said...

Sunshine: Yeah, I know the feeling. You try to recycle and save but there seems always someone who makes a point to waste to such a point that he or she out does any good you do.

Marja: Money rules the world and may be our demise.

Giggles: Right after I wrote the comment I had a chance to read up on it and I do believe if campaign finance laws are struck down it will be very bad.

Rhiannon said...

Good for you! I've been an environmentalist ever since my health and immune system hit rock bottom about 20 years ago. I've made huge changes and no longer use any chemicals of any kind to clean's not necessary. I can't even be around anyone smoking near me at all...too bad so many smokers just don't care about anyone else but themselves and their addictions that apparently affect non smokers are very serious levels.

I hope many will try and make an effort to do what we can do and to simplify out lifestyles and not to continue to spoil ourselves with needs we want met that are just not needed in order to be happy. Materialism doesn't bring comes from within..even with all of our struggles.

Carry on my friend. Good Post.



Beach Bum said...

...we can do and to simplify out lifestyles...

It may take some years, with the kids being grown and out the house, but I will downsize and simplify considerably one day. It freaks my wife and in-laws out on how much I want to do away with the big house and all the other aspects of modern life.

Middle Ditch said...

Ignorance ... Carelessness ... You name it.

It's the big guys here you have to target. Most ordinary people are doing their upmost.

I was in Holland (I'm Dutch by birth) visiting my sister in the mid eighties when they already had several different colored bins for refuse. Food, paper, greaseproof paper, tins and ordinary refuse. Here in England recycling was not even heard of then, and even now we are provided with one green box with strict instructions what is NOT wanted (and that is loads).

Computer parts and batteries are still binned here to go to a landfill site. How sad and pathetic is that?

Beach Bum said...

Middle Ditch: We have a similar situation with recycling in the area I live now. Recycling is not strongly supported but yet this county is "rich" and can afford to develop a better plan.

As much as my brothers and sister live in an area just as conservative as the place I live they have an extensive recycling/share trash system that recycles everything and has a system that allows people to bring in old paint and other supplies that someone else might need.

MadMike said...

This climate issue is the most frightening phenomena to face the world since Adolph Hitler. I also participated in Action Day. Naturally the Righties were busy reading their Bibles trying to figure out a way to debunk....