Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Approaching Doomsday and refuges for scoundrels

Wondering about the end of it all.

My wife asked me the other day why I had nearly abandoned watching the television evening news and cable political shows that I once eagerly waited for every afternoon nearly like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. Her question took me aback quite a bit and while I fumbled for a coherent verbal answer the visual that stuck in my head was of boat full of people on a river arguing over who would navigate blissfully ignorant of the large and deep waterfall whose edge they were about to go over.

Since the 2008 election things seem to have gone bad and every sign and omen only suggest things are only going to get worse. People are now bringing loaded semiautomatic pistols and assault weapons to political rallies that the president is attending holding signs quoting Thomas Jefferson about the tree of liberty needing to be refreshed; a blatant reference that it takes the blood of patriots and tyrants to do such a thing. A giggly bimbo, nominated by a semi-senile politician for Vice President, can’t give an unrehearsed answer about any serious national issue or policy without squirming away minutes later whining about liberal media unfairness is still in huge circles being considered for a 2012 presidential run. A much needed serious national debate over health insurance reform degenerates regularly over transparent lies about death panels and insane fears that some government bureaucrat will come between a person and his or her doctor. All the while the Marching Morons ignore the fact that corporate insurance bureaucrats do the same thing on a regular basis. Not being a person who holds much stock in pop culture doomsday prophesies I must admit that the approaching 2012 doomsday, spoke of in the Mayan calendar along with other lesser known prophets, is starting to concern me. The human race has never been that smart but stupidity and ill rational fears are multiplying exponentially. So much that lately I find myself looking fondly at a far more simpler time, like the Bush years.

After being criticized more than once for not giving George W. Bush some small credit for doing at least some microscopic and trivial item right there is one thing I will have to give the man credit for. While he was in office his epic incompetence and gargantuan ego raised the bar to new levels on how to write yourself into history for all the wrong reasons. I’d like to have thought that it would have taken decades for others to come close to his achievement but even a foul mouth piece of talk radio trash recently lamented how one man he and many others on the Conservative side favored could have been the Republican’s version of JFK is doing his best to match Bush’s score. That proto-Republican JFK is none other than the governor, and avid Appalachian Trail hiker, of South Carolina.

Now to be fair I have personally cut the good governor of South Carolina a great deal of slack for his recent affair and the resulting aftermath that he found himself in for several reasons which I will not write about. Even though after the 2008 election he more than willingly wrapped himself in the mantle of an “aw shucks” simple, honest, and fiscally responsible statesman’s out to protect the common folk from rascally, traitorous, and morally corrupt liberals. At least I figured, he still shied away from declaring himself an agent of God on Earth while donning a crown of thorns and developing stigmata while tightly clutching the Bible to his breast.

Like any scoundrel seeking some refuge though, seeing his hopes of further power and influence evaporate like some Buenos Aires fog on a hot summer morning he is now desperately grabbing for anything that might at least restore a little of the legacy he hoped to leave.

Sanford: Appalachian Trail Tale Was "A Little White Lie"

As part of a fresh round of interviews designed to help save his job, South Carolina governor Mark Sanford suggested a higher power wants him to remain in office, and called his now legendary Appalachian Trail deception "a little white lie". And the embattled Palmetto State Romeo reiterated that he planned to complete his term, which runs through 2010, in order to advance conservative principles -- despite a meeting of GOP lawmakers over the weekend, at which not a single person expressed support for him.

"I feel absolutely committed to the cause, to what God wanted me to do with my life," Sanford told the Washington Times. "I have got this blessing of being engaged in a fight for liberty, which is constantly being threatened."

Sanford sought to minimize his irresponsibility in leaving the state to visit his Argentinian lover while claiming he had gone hiking on the Appalachian Trail, saying he had told his staff a "little white lie."

A poll last week showed that 50 percent of South Carolinians want him to step down, nine points higher than in June when the affair became public.

Sanford also spoke to the Wall Street Journal, declaring (sub. req.) "I have a newfound level of humility, knowing how hard I work and how hard I push is not the ultimate driver of change. Power resides with people."

He described himself as "zen-like" in his focus on his job.

Still, speaking to Times, he wasn't above a bit of self-pity. Sanford compared himself to Sarah Palin in acknowledging a state ethics probe, requested by the attorney general and legislative leaders, that's looking into his use of state aircraft, his overseas flights and whether he used campaign funds to pay personal expenses. Palin cited the cost of fighting off what she called frivolous ethics complaints as a reason why she quit as Alaska governor in July. Said Sanford: "I think I now know what Sarah may have been feeling."

Sanford also lamented that he's being written off by the state's political community. "What happened is that you take your eye off the ball and have the moral failing that I did," he told the Times, "and suddenly you are off the playing field. Then you realize how blessed you were to have been on that playing field."


Vigilante said...

So..... I'm not quite clear on why it was that you

"abandoned watching the television evening news and cable political shows that I once eagerly waited for every afternoon nearly like a kid waiting for Christmas morning"?

Weren't you happier when you were?

Randal Graves said...

Even if you lessened - and in a perfect world, eliminated - the impact of loot on electioneering, thereby shrinking the chances of doofuses like Palin and Sanford of holding office, the general state of fuckery infecting this nation would still permit, unqualified assholes to hold said offices.

Of course, since anyone sane wouldn't ever want to do so, I guess it doesn't matter what system we have.

Do you have any whiskey?

sunshine said...

You know what? I haven't watched the news all summer and I've never been happier. :)
I'm not a political person. In my country we are gearing up for ANOTHER election. The 4th in 5 years. For the first time ever, I'm thinking about NOT voting. I'm so tired of these fucks wasting our money on this.
On one hand .. I like that we can have an election anytime. On the other.. I'm really tired of these power grabbers just putting the country to expence time and time again.

Sorry... what were we talking about again??


Beach Bum said...

Vigil: A good while ago I saw an television adaptation of what I believe was a Ray Bradbury short story involving the anniversary of a famous scientist/leader that through the hoaxing of a time travel flight to an era where people had came together and solved their problems was able to convince those of his era that such a thing was possible.

The famous scientist/leader had intended to disclose his hoaxing of the famous flight on the anniversary to let people understand that they had grown and matured beyond such trivial matters. His son, I believe, argued against telling the truth because he still understood that humans were still savage, untamed animals that could very revert back to their destructive ways upon hearing that the thing that convinced everyone to work together was a hoax.

The point of this extra long comment is that during the discussion between the son and his scientist/leader father was that that the son asked his dad why he did the time flight in the first place. His father explained that during the bad times NO ONE wanted answers and solutions to the world's problems. They only wanted to continue the arguments and debates to protect their own little kingdoms and interests.

The debates going on the political shows have little to do with solving problems. Narrow minded and self-absorbed personalities show up only to argue their own little special interests and to Hell with everyone else if their special interest isn't addressed first.

Some liberals are whining for what Obama is NOT doing for them and insane over how Obama has not waved a magic wand and changed everything that needs correcting all at once.

Business conservatives are, of course, jealously protecting their money saying to Hell with the poor. Religious conservatives, while convinced the Rapture will happen at any minute, see secularist bogeymen under every bed scared they will convert their children to evil gays. And finally there is a whole extremely delusional subgroup that hates Obama because he is black, believes in a fascistic imperial approach to global relations, and that any disagreement with them is traitorous behavior.

Right now I get my news from NPR and BBC America mainly because they refuse to devolve into egotistical shouting matching between opposing forces that view the other as the darkest of evil. It is my sad conclusion that no one really wants to work together. Each side, liberal and conservative, has their ideological zealots that will derail any real attempt to form a consensus. And That is what I meant.

Randal: Dammit dude, that is the best summation of the current screwed up situation I have ever heard. I really pray for Obama sometimes because I do believe he is different form those that only want to perpetuate the current system that works only for those that have money and or power. Of course the Marching Morons and associated proles do not help the matter behaving like lemmings ready to follow the rich and powerful off the side of the proverbially cliff. However, the rich and powerful in some cases always side step the actual jumping part.

Sunshine: All things considered given my current attitude you guys have the right idea about kicking the bums out at any given moment.

zeppo said...

I don't watch the news on TV either, except for MSNBC when Keith or Rachel are on. It's reading all the blogs that gets me depressed.

I think the most dispicable thing about Mark Sanford is how is calling God into this. God obviously forgives him, right? So you should to. In fact, God actually has big things in store for Mark Sanford. In fact, Mark Sanford is JUST LIKE King David.

What a f*cktard. Damn, I hate hypocritical lying bastards who don't even have the common sense or social grace to act like they have done anything wrong when they get caught. Japanese leaders used to commit suicide when something terribly embarrassing happened on their watch, even if they had no control over it. Now, they just resign in shame. Not our boys, tho! God doesn't like quitters! Except Sarah Palin, of course, who really didn't quit but sort of just changed locations.

I really, really hate this society right now. It's much worse than when Bush was in office. Now, it is getting obvious about how much stupidity and hatred is actually out there. I can't even write anything decent at my blog anymore. It's just too much of an effort. It's like raging against a hurricane. No effect at all...

Distributorcap said...

between your gov and the two senators - i dont know you dont avoid the craziness. i wish i could avoid the political danse macabre going on - but i sit in the middle of it every day (i work in a newsroom, but not in news) and like a glutton - i go back for the punishment

sanford is a first class ass - and the fact he has any backers at this point is amazing.

then again some people are actively writing about cheney for president

dont get me started

Marja said...

Ah all doom and gloom I was thinking that too when I watched too much news. Now I just watch a bit and concentrate more on the good things happening and they do but they are not in the paper.
1012 a doomsday? I heard that it would be the beginning of a new time with people being more aware
Ah well it is not far away Just wait and see

Utah Savage said...

What with Vig and Randal and Laura here, I really don't need to weigh in here. But I do want you to know how much I admire your writing. You really do have talent.

Beach Bum said...

Zeppo: I still like Keith but by 8:00pm I'm ready for sheer escapism and he is just a little to grounded in reality for me.

As for Sanford, his playing of the God card to save the last little bit of his term in office should have most in this state puking. And while it may surprise some his playing of that card is not working. But before anyone starts passing out awards for South Carolinians seeing through his ploy Sanford refused to play ball with the good old boys when he came in office so they were looking for something to hang on him.

I'm figuring this political situation in the country can't last for very long, something will break the tension and I just hope a lot of people don't die in the process.

DCap: Yeah, South Carolina politics is very surreal. Sanford backers, yeah he still has a few, liked his approach to breaking the good old boy network that has existed since after the Civil War. Although Sanford never really understood that if you don't go along with the status quo you will eventually get blackballed.

Don't get me wrong Sanford was never a good guy in his efforts, its just he wanted to replace the old system for the one he designed.

About the best Sanford can do now is resign and head down to Argentine. The best scuttlebutt is that his wife will divorce him once he is out of office.

There is a lot more going on down here that I could write about for hours.

Marja: Yeah, 2012 could be a new beginning but Americans have somehow gotten caught up in the doom and gloom. The future, something we one looked forward too, has become cloudy with fears about the various bogeymen living under our beds and in our minds. Its hard to dream about a better time when you can do nothing but jealously protect your small narrow world saying to the Hell with everyone else because they might take something. You know I bet the Romans acted this way when they started their decline.

Utah: Thanks, and I;m still working on my story for Writer's Digest.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

BB... I think many of us have reached the edge of the dropping out yet again... after taking up the colors and having 'won' by making such a significant change in White House, the local seats...etc. Perseverance!

My blood pressure jumps around like an excited monkey in a cage while viewing Maddow / Olberman / news...! Still, tuning out just doesn't appeal any longer... so this comment is a 'hey there, keep the faith' because we are not diminutive as it many and I and all the rest are in our own typing revolution here... we matter, we count, we make a difference. For the better! Dude! I mean, you and I and those we correspond with... Most of us DO want answers to the overbearing, overwhelming global troubles. Yes? :-)

Middle Ditch said...

We are all doomed it seems.

sunshine said...

Hope that your headache is better! I suffer from those as well. I feel your pain, literally.

Beach Bum said...

Gwen Barry: Right now my biggest beef is actually with the crowds of people that supported the president in his long shot election bid. Now with the man in office I simply do not see the same level of support. It seems that many feel with Obama in the White House all he needs to do now is wave his magic wand and everything will be peachy keen.

Somewhere on my site I believe I either wrote a post or a comment that with his election the battle was only now beginning. None of the change he talked about would come quick or easy.

Congress is full of spineless creature who have long before sold their souls to various special interests and ending that influence would be hard.

The greater nebulous mass of American lemmings respond far more quickly to fear than hope and while many of us liberls started complaining about what Obama hasn't done the right wing grabbed the proverbial football and ran. Now we are trying to play catchup.

Middle Ditch: While I can't get my wife to move I'm still looking into immigrating to Australia. If I could settle on the East coast in some small town north of Perth I figure I could ride out most global crisis.

Sunshine: I had a seriously bad sinus headache yesterday. Took several hours for it to break.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Doubling down on persistence here... and keeping the faith is about just that... it won't be a 'magic wand' pass, just as you say. Though I personally find it pretty hard to think that after 'all the work', status quo is given any floor time. It's perceptive, I know. And really, a lot of the 'press' coverage amps up everything. But
I did get your point BB!

Malicious Intent said...

I know how you feel. Aside from feeling like my own personal life is falling apart it does get damn depressing to watch the news anymore.

I hate how all of a sudden the years of shit the previous administration piled up is suddenly Obama's fault. We asked him to fix it, but folks expect it fixed in months, when in reality much of this will take years.

And the fact that he is black...oh wait...he is half black, half white...which makes him just like you and me. An American mutt. But because he LOOKS black, he is black. But because he looks black, he has to prove himself 10x's over the other idiots that have had that seat before him and perform miracles and save us all from our own stupidity and ignorance we allowed to carry on for years.

I had watched a story of a group of folks who believe that the best thing we can do for our planet is to not reproduce. Adopt or foster, but do not reproduce. They believe we should voluntarily makes ourselves go extinct. They feel the human race has done nothing but muck up the planet and destroyed thousands of other species. Extremely radical of course....but then you watch the news at night and see all of the horrible things we do to each other and to our planet and wonder how spot on these folks might be.

sunshine said...

That's funny because just the day before you wrote that you had a sinus headache, I'd had one as well. I went to bed with it..

Glad you're feeling better!

Beach Bum said...

Gwen Barry: I still think its less press coverage amping up the various Christan Taliban and other assorted Marching Morons than the left getting lazy.

Malicious Intent: Yeah, I ran across a book awhile back essentially saying that we all would have done better not being born. I found the concept so comical that I wrote a post about it before I read the book. And for that I got a very nasty comment from some troll I upset.
After reading the book the premise was still comical to the point it tripped over the border into the surreal.

As for your life falling apart I can relate in my own way. Just when things settle down here on the home front giving me the idea I might want to hang around after the kids fly away something knocks me aside the head and I find myself feeling foolish for even considering it.

Sunshine: I would like to think I have some tolerance for pain but sinus headaches have literally put me on the floor.

Malicious Intent said...

Tiki mugs...tiki mugs...lets see...

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This might be for you[]=tags&includes[]=title


Me thinks there is not a big market for tiki mugs on Etsy right now...

Hill said...

Excellent rant!

Nice to meet you.

And no, that asshat Dubya is NOT from Texas.

Believe it or not, there are some of us liberals who actually live in this state.

And we're damn proud to be liberals, too.


MadMike said...

Beach I am getting to be where you are. I just can't face the news. I still read Huff Post, and surf the web for good blog stuff, but I can't handle TV news. It is too depressing.

Actually I really need to blog this nonsense coming from the right about Obama's speech to the schoolkids but I am so disgusted by it I just can't bring myself to do it. I am hoping one of my contributors will beat me to it:-)

Finally, the real "doomsday" is on its way apparently, and a lot sooner that originally thought. Then again I don't want to think about that.

Keshi said...

hey BB hows u? :) Just saying Hello after a long time, to my fav ppl in Blogville.

Hope all is well with ya.

TC mate

goatman said...

So, 2012 is it now till th end?

I must now assume the position I guess in hopes of obtaining favor.

Beach Bum said...

Madmike: Got to love the doomsday industry and all the books put out assuring us the end is near. I wonder what new disaster they will dig up once 2012 has passed?

Keshi: Worried about you, hope you are feeling better.

goatman: As long as the position involves lifting 12 ounce bottles of beer.