Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Pawelys Island and I do have a Southern accent

Far too many spoke far too soon about my missing Southern accent from my previous post. The next day on our recent beach trip it was a gray, rainy day with the wind a steady gale, and the surf was a angry white froth. Before anyone wonders if Miss Wiggles and I hung around in such conditions all I can write is Hell yes! Pawleys Island in that weather was totally awesome and walking in that wind and rain was about the most exhilarating thing I had done in a good while. Feeling those forces swirl around me it was easy to understand how small we are in the grand scheme of things. Some might not like their tiny position in the universe being so explicitly pointed out but it made me feel like part of something far grander than the trivial and exaggerated activities of naked primates who far too often believe they are the centers of creation.

I started recording hoping I would not sound as stupid in my first experiment my daughter up and starts running for the the inlet at the very end of the island where the much calmer creek meets ocean. In good weather the inlet is about as dangerous as it comes with chaotic currents libel to carry a person out to sea or drag them under. So while looking through the viewfinder seeing my daughter suddenly running to the very edge about freaked me the crap out. I have listened to my words several times and not only did I hear my Southern accent bubble up I again felt the swift terror rip through my guts knowing that had my daughter literally made just a few more steps backward she would fallen into much deeper water. While the camera drifted off the place where my daughter sat in the sand my eyes were totally on her. Had she moved the camera would have been ruined with me dropping it in the sand going after her. Still, I was uncomfortable where she was at but I did not want to startle her and cause the very incident that did not happen.

Despite the near disaster we did stay several more hours talking with a few other brave souls who were enjoying the atypical beachcombing weather. When Miss Wiggles and I did leave our next destination was the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. While I did take a bunch of pictures of that visit I will spare everyone from seeing most of them.. However, since I'm sure no one will want to see anymore of my Spielberg-like endeavors I did not record any video. My next post will be more along my usual fare.


sunshine said...

I heard your accent in your last video as well... but you're right. This one it was more pronounced. :)

I love to walk in the wind and rain as well. (except when I'm sick). For all of the reasons you just wrote down.
When I was a little girl, that was the only time my parents didn't have to beg me to go outside and play. As soon as the rain started, I'd put on my little Holly Hobbie Raincoat and boots and head outside. :)
Great video. I hope you're only kidding that it's your last.

lime said...

yikes that is a bit scary! and yes, i agree, there is nothign quite like the ocean to make yo uvery aware of your small place in the universe.

Randal Graves said...

Yes, we're very insignificant, but you make it sound like that's alright. Where's the Lovecraftian fright, especially after scaring us about the killer ocean? ;-)

And hell man, some of us live in rust belt cities, post some shots of Charleston!

MadMike said...

After living for in the Florida Keys for 20 years I have learned to hate the sun. I love the weather you describe my friend. As a matter of fact I revel in it. I envy you your experience.

Beach Bum said...

Sunshine: I may try again but it will be different.

Lime: You have read enough of my stuff to know its a reoccurring theme for me. But its how I feel and look at things.

Randal: You know I almost did make a video of the Charleston side trip. But I honestly felt that I had abused you all enough. But I will make a video in November when I head back down again.

Madmike: If I didn't have to watch and entertain Miss Wiggles I would have set out a chair, opened a disguised bottle of some adult beverage, and watched the beautiful chaos of the earth around me.

Cormac Brown said...

Damn, you've got San Francisco weather there.

The starter sentence is in and it's a hard one.

sunshine said...

Glad to hear you're not giving up film making "Steven"... lol
Looking forward to it!

sunshine said...

*the whole reason I came in here..duh*
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog in my "Dad's birthday* entry. You're a very kind friend. :)


Rhiannon said...

Well, I see that you have your priorities in order. Your daughter or your camera..good for you! You can always get another camera, if need be.

I would have loved the wild weather there at the ocean you said, to be "a part of mother nature" doing "her thing" is the most wonderful feeling in the world. That to me is the real part of living this life...not running around in total chaos and multi-tasking that we are so addicted to these days.

"The rivers are givers to the ocean according to plan". Those words are written by Melanie Safka from a song titled "Peace will come"...just in case you were wondering..:o)

Thanks for adding my link to your blog...I'll be doing the same.



Hill said...

Spending time with your daughter on a beautiful beach.

Enjoy while you can. In the blink of an eye, she will be grown and these wonderful days will seem like yesterday.


keithinsouthwestfrance said...

Saw your comments at Hill's and as I am one of the people who believe grass is for cows to eat, I am kicking myself in the ass for planting a 10 square foot patch of grass in our back garden.

You videos on Pawleys Island were enjoyable. You talk about the rich people in the one video with their use of fertilizer and killing the sea life. These a**holes are the same ones that are making money off of their same investments in these companies.

Beach Bum said...

Cormac: Yeah, the weather was awesome and I'm especially looking forward to going back down in November when the weather is usually even more stormy.

Sunshine: Shot some video of the howler monkeys at the zoo yesterday. I will post it soon.

And your welcome.

Rhiannon: Given the people I am around that multi-task I have all idea they will burnout on everything after a while. I'm all about watching mother nature do her thing and let the chronic multi-taskers do their thing.

Hill: Got a real issues with that right now. She is developing a social life with friends and activities and I had to bribe her to go with me this time. Just like my son a few years ago, now he would not even consider hanging out with dad now.

Keith: Welcome and come back often. I'll stop by your site in a little while.


Ok! maybe an inflection somewhere but not as pronounced as I would have imagined it.

Great video, Beach!


Ok, Beach, I heard it (the accent) this time. Thanks!

Us folks this side of the Atlantic, can't really determine if an American accent is southerner enough -- or maybe we got used to hearing Dubya's and Laura Bush's Texan drawl that anything not remotely similar to theirs ain't southerner enough. (Must say that lots of people I know, including yours truly liked Laura's drawl; we found it sexy, heh!)

I used to have a colleague at work who came from South Carolina -- boy hers was easy to tell.