Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To small to be a republic, to large to be an asylum

For the last couple of days I have been completely lost on what I would post next because I am in the middle of a serious writing dry spell. What few ideas I have floating around in my thin mental ether have less substance than that of ectoplasm or a Sarah Palin speech. Not helping matters is the semi-constant summer video game party that my son has been hosting since we returned from vacation. There is an old joke about having "house guests" staying so long you can claim them as dependents but Dragonwife, being a tax attorney, is actually perusing all the secret tomes and decoding all the mumbo jumbo to see if it is possible.

So with nothing even remotely in the works I was beginning to wonder what I could share with my friends out in the wider and hopefully good-natured world. Thankfully Jon Stewart, my home state, it's politicians, and some of its more interesting inhabitants solved all my problems. A small disclaimer first, please understand that it is safe to visit South Carolina. Many people come from all over the world and leave without having to hear the strumming of hillbilly banjos and having to "squeal like a pig". Although I would keep a close eye on your house.

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Thank You, South Carolina!
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sunshine said...

I am so fed up with video games I could scream. X-Box live is killing me!!!!
As soon as I go on the computer.. start to download some pictures or something all I hear is "MOM!!!! Are you on the computer??? Get off!!! There's a HARDCORE LAG!!!!!"

On one hand I'm glad that they're home and I know where they are. On the other hand .. They're home.. and I know where there are.......
Get my drift!? LOL I know you do.

Ask your wife if she knows anything about Canadian Tax laws. Perhaps I have some write offs that I don't even know about! :)

I can't see the video. Not available in Canada. It sent me to another web site but I can't find it. I look for it on Youtube later. I love Jon Steward. Except when he interviews celebrities. He just gets too starstruck or something. Not sure what it is but I don't think he's at his best then.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's good to know that I'm not the only one with "issues". ;)
It's true what my Nonna used to say.."All kids are the same". LOL


Beach Bum said...

For some reason my son and his friends have migrated to another house. Of course its 10:00pm here and they will be back in a thirty minutes but the resulting and short quiet is deafening. I just wish they had left earlier so I could have done some real writing.

As for the video it will be on You Tube tomorrow more than likely.

Beach Bum said...

Sunshine: But the video mainly concerns a guy here in South Carolina that got caught for the second time having sex with a horse.

Utah Savage said...

Out here in Utah, I can't see the video either, but I've probably seen it since I tape Jon Steward and Steven Colbert.

I'm trying to get up the gumption to write a query letter to send to agents. So far I haven't written a word or even tried to write a word. This kind of shit just stops me dead in my tracks. But I am following a bunch of agents on twitter. Soon I hope to get the secret handshake.

Keshi said...

** because I am in the middle of a serious writing dry spell

I can so identify with that. Altho mine is a slightly different case of Writers block. I feel a strange emptiness all of a sudden..in Blogville too. Therefore Im guessing I should take a break n see how I go.

**Many people come from all over the world and leave without having to hear the strumming of hillbilly banjos and having to "squeal like a pig". Although I would keep a close eye on your house.

LOL tnxx for the warning BB!

Will get to the vids later on.


lime said...

sweet fancy moses, what is in the water in your state?! LOL

zeppo said...

South Carolina always was a bit on the fractious side. Remember where the first shots in the Civil War were fired.

Randal Graves said...

I don't believe you about South Carolina. The state tourism board wrote you a big check, didn't they.

And I completely understand and sympathize about the dry spell, but if what you have is as incoherent as a Mooselini speech, see if you can get Shatner to recite it for YouTube posterity. Betcha it'll be postworthy then, gosh darnit.

Beach Bum said...

Utah: You are doing better than me. I haven't been able to write anything decent in a long while.

Keshi: Still hope you might show up for a visit my way. I'll protect you from the nasty rednecks.

Lime: What's in the water? Good question. Although I must admit many parents like mine fed us Pepsi in a bottle as babies. So I'm partly blaming it on corporate culture.

Zeppo: Funny you should mention that, because people actually still get uptight about that saying it was a war of "Northern aggression". Don't ask me how they come up with that idea.

Randal: Check? I'll never tell but if you and your family make it down I'll take y'all out for a nice seafood dinner.

Cloudia said...

Saw you over at Pagan Sphynx and recognized a fellow dragon-cyear person & beach bum.
Come visit my marginally aspergers blog and soak up some new beach ;-)

Comfort Spiral

Dusty said...

oh lord...not the horse fucker!

School starts soon..Pray Jaysus!!!

Hope your muse shows up soon Beach Bum. ;)

Vigilante said...
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Vigilante said...

Word on the street is that zombies have been moonlighting as teabaggers, and vice versa.

Beach Bum said...

Cloudia: Welcome and please come back often.

Dusty: My muse is still out to lunch. tried to write today only got some marginal stuff down.

Vigil: Remember head shots put them down, zombies I mean.