Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another bad turn in a really bad situation.

Okay people, things are going from strange and tense with all sorts of crazy ideas flying around and people keyed up ready to bite like an abused dog chained to pole, to outright weird and scary. After eight years were the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were frequently disregarded whenever they became inconvenient to the past administration to now where various individuals are running around scared to death of the implementation of socialism on the nation and "Death Panels" to put down old people.

The humor in this, if that is what can be called, is that most of these people running around scared over socialism can not even define it. "Socialism" is only being used in place by those wanting to rile up the assorted proles because the worn out term "liberal" just does not have the same kick. The ever present trailer trash Sarah Palin, in an effort to extent her fifteen minutes of undue fame, even pulled the euthanasia card in trying to scare the growing number of seniors by painting a scene of selected members of a government agency deciding who is put down and who lives. So off base and disconnected from reality was Palin that these "death panels" were even blasted by a hardcore Republican senator from Georgia, Johnny Isakson.

Hey, I realize some people are scared. I live in the South where the good-natured relations that generally exists between whites and African-Americans is only a thin veneer that imperfectly hides long held suspicions and irrational fears. But from the looks of some of these hysterical town meetings where the duly and unquestioningly elected President of the United States is having his citizenship challenged on absolutely ludicrous grounds it appears the South does not hold a monopoly on stupidity.

However, American democracy has never been a pretty sight. While the analogy about the making of laws and sausage making holds true, at times the practice of American democracy has had far more in common with some slasher film. After going over the edge once in the nineteenth-century tearing the country apart we have on strictly general terms never approached that degree of insanity again, that is until now. Recently a growing chorus of extremists have been calling for the secession of various regions or states that make up the Union because they feel the government is endangering their rights or families with strange liberal ways. A new low was reached when the governor of Texas openly speculated about taking Texas out of the Union. At least the "discussion" had remained free of the specter of violence.

Well, like all good things even that has passed. Today while the president was at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire one of the local yokels showed up openly carrying a pistol in a holster. While carrying a sign with a partial quote of Thomas Jefferson's that in its entirety says: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Despite this person's disjointed ravings his carrying a gun was not a display of political rights or an example of political discussion but one of sheer political intimidation. Such actions usually only bring at least an equal reaction, God help us all.


Snave said...

Maybe the doofus didn't ever have any intention of using the gun. Maybe he just wants to get others to bring them so the authorities will all decide it is too dangerous to hold town hall meetings. Then, in case the current nutbag strategies being employed don't work to keep the Dems' message from being heard, there won't be any meetings at which the Dems can speak. Sheesh... Or, maybe the guy did have worse ideas.

Palin not only pulled the euthanasia card, she got some not-so-thinly veiled bible junk in there too, talking about evil and about judgment (i.e. the "death panel" b.s.). Nothing but code... As JollyRoger said at his blog, it's like she's using a dog whistle when she does this. Lots of us might not hear it, but you can bet the "Christian" conservatives were mostly salivating. Bush did a lot of it too...

And someone like Isakson calling her out on it is rare in the GOP. They will nearly unanimously support some fruitcake statement made by a nutbag because they are a party made up of such disparate elements that they can't afford to alienate any one group. In this case, if they come down hard on Palin I'm sure they alienate at least have of the nation's pentecostal "Christian" types.

I'd love it if there was a way to keep religion out of politics.

Like you say BB, yes, quite a few people are scared. I think they are scared that something new or different might not be as good as what they have now. I guess I trust the government more than lots of these folks seem to.

Also, I would guess that a lot of these "protestors" are people who already have health insurance and who are paying through the nose for it. Certainly they wouldn't be out there engaging in such behavior if they were uninsured... Then again, the GOP has ways of convincing people to vote against their own best interests on a regular basis, don't they!

Randal Graves said...

I know if I saw a crowd of thousands all packing heat, I'd sure feel safer.

Look dude, honestly, I've got no problem with gun ownership for guarding your house full of crap. It isn't my gig, but that's fine. Americans have always loved even the lusty whiff of violence. But anyone with half of a half of a third of a quarter of a brain knows he brought his piece simply to be an obvious tool.

I think Obama's been pretty crappy - okay, I'm more of a commie than most - but those whole tyrannical blood crap after 8 years of Chimpy/Unka Dick? Are you fucking kidding me?

Luckily for us, these psychotics are merely 20% or so of the populace and most will keep to themselves in the end, boiling in their own blood.

Beach Bum said...

Snave: That guy on Hardball really unnerved me with his glazed, fanatic look. My impression as I watched him was that I figure suicide bombers in the Middle East look the same way before they detonate themselves.
If Chris hadn't stopped him he was about to go off on his crazy ravings.

I like what you brought up about what JollyRoger said. Yes, she is like a dog whistle to biblethumpers.

As for those with insurance paying through the nose but protesting the possible reforms I have to agree. I find it strange that they are willing to deal with insurance corporate bean counters telling them they will not cover a pre-existing condition but are fearful of a bureaucrat.

Randal: I agree with you about gum ownership. Something I learned in the army is that everyone has the right to self protection. My issue comes with those for whom weapon ownership is being used to makeup from something missing from their manhood. Down here in South Carolina we allow concealed carry of weapons and almost everyone I know who has such a permit if I had any say in the matter I would not let such people have a permit. They run around with their weapons at the ready always speculating about that bogeyman that might cause them harm. Yeah, and if they didn't live and work in strictly white middle class areas almost completely free of crime I might say they have a point.

As for the guy in the Hardball video he is a dangerous and delusional fool for whom reality is an optional commodity.

And I'm right with you about bordering on the commie status. In fact I'm not only the black sheep of the family with all my liberal ideas I'm also a red sheep wanting power back to the people.

Stella by Starlight said...

They tortured the poor Iraqi that threw shoes at Bush and what kind of sentence will this wingnut receive.

Snave, there is a way to keep religion out of politics, which occurred in 1776 when our Forefathers wrote the First Amendment. Eight of our early presidents were Deists or Unitarians. So much America starting out as a Christian nation. Everyone can worship as they please, but I resent being bombarded by religious zealots who want to turn the U.S. back into a Theocracy.

As usual, I like Randal's comment about the eight Bush/Cheney years being a bloody tyranny. However, I admit to being a Biden fan, who was proactive about helping women gain political power in the Senate. OK, I know, he voted for the war. But, check out Dr. Jill Biden. She's called the Second Lady—I think she's second to none.

Beach, I'm with you all the way, except for the "gum ownership." Shouldn't that be outlawed? (No snideness intended: I suffer the perils of having majored in English.)

The new blog looks great, not to mention your usual insightful post.

lime said...

it's weird and getting weirder.

MadMike said...

Why the MSM puts these nutters on TV is beyond me. They had the gun nut, followed by the old fat guy, followed by the rather attractive but not too bright brunette. As long as they continue to cover these nut jobs they will continue to act out, hoping for their own 15 minutes of fame.

Finally, I didn't know Isakson called her out on it. I knew that Murkowski, Alaska's republican senator did, but Isakson? I actually think he worked in concert with others and planted that addendum to the bill so as to create this controversy and help defeat it.

Suzan said...

I agree with almost everyone here (except for the concealed guns discourse which seems to be utter madness to me and a great way to inflame passions to the wildfire level - and I was born in SC inside a huge southern family who hunted but never used guns for anything else, even target shooting), and think the media are playing up these idiots for effect.

If everyone can be made fearful, why should they trust anyone?

Gun sales soared after Obama's election for a very good reason.

Wholesale fear of the unknown - which is being stoked daily on the Faux Snooze networks.

Thanks for all your fine writing, BB.

You rock.


Beach Bum said...

Stella: I always thought smacking one's gum was a dangerous weapon and should be outlawed. Far too many old people down here in the South smack their gum's without regard to the damages they inflict.

As for guns, I was raised around them and spent many years-actually felt like decades-on army rifles ranges until firing a weapon is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Only the occasional action movie or adventure book can thrill me about weapons.
For this reason I look askew at those for whom a weapon makes up something missing in their manhood. But then again, having been raised around them, I recognize that they are dangerous tools that should never be looked upon as plaything which many gun owners do.

Lime: The sad thing is that while I do not agree with the anti-Obama protesters it goes without saying that I see the points they are trying to make. Government by itself is never the answer, but on the other hand capitalism without humanity is evil. And my position is that after what amounts to almost thirty years with the government looking after the interests of the big and powerful its time to balance the equation. However, bringing a weapon to a town hall meeting, even outside, is crazy. That nut case did nothing to further is point.

MadMike: Watching Chris I figure he had the nutter on to show how crazy he is. Chris did do a good job of controlling the interview and showing that the guy was a nut. As we talked about over the telephone though there types are growing bolder and I fear where this all might lead.

Suzan: Let me backtrack, while I do feel a law abiding person without mental issues should be able to own a weapon-allowing for proper training- for home defense I oppose the concealed carry law here in South Carolina. 99% percent of those with such a permit are, in my humble opinion, utter wackos and I am including one of my brothers in that statement.

If everyone can be made fearful, why should they trust anyone?

I completely agree and I believe the willful sowing of mistrust that various types are pursuing in this country will be a very bitter harvest.

Middle Ditch said...

Ha-ha ... your country is not the only one scared of the so called dangerous socialism. It's the same here. It's laughable.

lime said...

well, that's my point...the art of civil discourse has died in this country. too many people led by too many talking heads think the one who shouts loudest is right, or the one with the biggest gun. they aren't willing to listen to each other and come to a consensus.

Government by itself is never the answer, but on the other hand capitalism without humanity is evil. i have been saying this for years in my house and being looked at like some sort of a lunatic.

zeppo said...

I am not sure how many blogs I have looked at in the last few days and almost all of them have an entry exactly like this one. Very nice, BB. I, personally, am getting to the point of verbal lockup, so I can hardly say anything coherent about what is transpiring these days. It's like we all woke up in another dimension, or maybe everyone has decided to play Calvinball when the rest of us weren't looking. This is bizarre. People used to get thrown in jail for carrying a protest sign anywhere near where Bush was speaking. Now, it's apparently fine to carry an unconcealed weapon near where President Obama is scheduled to speak.

As I said at my place, I am of the opinion that something pretty bad is going to happen. Someone is going to go too far. Someone is going to actually take a shot at someone, or else someone is going to play Timothy McVeigh.

I may join you in New Zealand in a few years...

Beach Bum said...

Middle Ditch: Welcome and please return often. Yeah, we are increasingly a country of deranged redneck idiots.

Lime: We live in very interesting times. I've known for years that was a Chinese curse but I really did appreciate it until now.

Zeppo: As I mentioned even in my family several of them are speaking bizarre Glenn Beckish crap. My immigration packet came in from the Australian embassy and I'm reviewing it this weekend.

I'm afraid something is going to happen as well, rightwingers are talking too much trash for them to back down.

Malicious Intent said...

I think he just wanted to get onto TV cause he has nothing else really going for him.

Palin is a douchebag. Yup, I said it. She makes all women look BAD. I hate to think she represents my gender in any way, at all. She makes me sick.

I hate how the extremists are throwing the race cards around. Trying to divide folks apart. It saddens me to no end and it hurts. I cannot imagine treating or judging another for a different color or ethnic background. I mean, what do you call me? I am so many different things...I am just pure bread mutt. Most WHITE Americans are.

I'll stop, or I might pull out more hair.

Keshi said...

BB Im here to thank u for ur kind words, love n support in my blog. I will take a break and see how I feel :) for I cannot leave good friends like u (the few) so easily.

luv ya, keep writing!


Vigilante said...

"the South does not hold a monopoly on stupidity"

Definitely not! "Stupidy" is a national problem, too well represented in Congress. This was an excellent post, Beach, followed by excellent comments. I'll try to get back and 'revise and extend my remarks' after I run my Doberwoman half to death.

sunshine said...

Sorry I'm late!!!
I did come in a couple of days ago and read this but something came up and I didn't get a comment posted!
I'm a bad friend. :(

I'm almost .. almost... thinking that Obama should just put Health Care on the back burner. If he does that then the crazies win though.. right?
And believe me. It's crazy. Watching all this from the other side of the border is just unbelievable. I don't believe in critizing other peoples countries but OMG.. I'm sorry. It's nuts!

People that want to own guns (legally) in Canada have a terrible time. And if you're lucky enough to survive said run around.. don't think you're sticking it in the bedside table to keep handy in case of an intruder! That bad boy is locked up in a special case tighter than tight!
If the government finds out you have a gun without a permit (think of gramps's old rifle hiding in the basement somewhere) you're going DOWN to chinatown my friend.

My brother in law is a police officer and his job is taking all confiscated weapons to a special "place" to have them destroyed. Yeah, he makes about 80 grand a year doing that.

Sigh... whatever.
P.S. Am I one of the "Hot Soccer Mom's"? I'm feeling needy today for some reason. :)

sunshine said...

Sorry. I meant to put quotation marks around the word "job". My bad.

Distributorcap said...

you know we are sitting on some sort of edge
and the media keeps pushing these people-- they all want their 15 minutes

like squeaky fromme --- who was just let out

Beach Bum said...

Malicious Intent: To be honest, I'm a full fledged mutt myself.

Keshi: You know I'm going to email you one day from the Sidney airport expecting a tour of that beautiful city. For that the kids and I will take you out for dinner. Rest and come back when you feel ready.

Vigil: This is looking more and more as the dying spasms of a movement completely out of tune with the times. I'll wager a guess that the repubs have a chance in 2012 but as the demographics of the country continue to slide away from the white Anglos these assholes will fade away. Not precluding the possibility they get terroristic on us though. A dying dinosaur can still bite.

Sunshine: Please feel free to say anything about the United States you want. I'm sitting a great article that explains how great a job the Canadian Health system is doing for EVERYONE.

It gets me mad to hear people talk about the how great the American health system when we have millions without any care and million going bankrupt when a family is struck with a cancer or some other major illness.

When I speak of heading up your way I'm only half joking. Although, I was joking about bunking in your spare room...for now.

DCap: Yeah, the country seems inflicted with a collective mental illness, but that shit ain't covered under most plans.

Vigilante said...

Beach, I know what you mean when you say, Government by itself is never the answer.

However, Government" is good. "Government is just another word for "public."

Beach Bum said...

Feckity feck, why he bothered with that fancy quote on his placard is beyond me. "Better Dead Than Red" would have worked just fine surely? Yee haw! Send him to Canada I say.

Beach Bum said...

Vigil: I agree, its just that the Marching Morons start freaking when you say the word. But sure as don't screw with Medicare.

The True Beach Bum: Send him to Canada? I making plans to go there myself, or maybe Australia.

The Zombieslayer said...

I agree with Kostric about guns and some of the other stuff he said. I too would have voted for Ron Paul but he wasn't on the ballot. Kostric actually handled himself pretty well.

I won't get into the health care debate because frankly, I don't know enough about it without looking like a fool.

I'm not too crazy about Palin, as you already know, and absolutely hated Bush, as you already know. However, I don't think Obama's headed in the right direction either. This crazy spending he's doing is just continuing the crap Bush did. Whether it's spent on Bush's stupid wars or robbing Peter to pay Paul, both are wrong. Obama is doing both. He hasn't pulled out of Iraq, as Ron Paul would have by now.

I've brought guns everywhere and have yet to use them against a person, and hope I never do. However, I would like to have the Right to carry it anywhere. I agree with the protester. If everyone is armed, the crowd is safer. This is from experience. The safest places I've ever been have been gun shows and shooting ranges.

Beach Bum said...

'Slayer: You and I are not that far apart on several things you brought up. Yeah, I'm with you on the spending, its scary and it burns me up that billions have been spent to save the asses of those high paid and educated types that got seriously stupid. That they are being saved while millions of people's retirement nest eggs are hard boiled to the point some of those millions will never retire and others will find their Golden Years at far from golden is a dark comedy of cosmic proportions.
I ain't happy with Pelosi and her congressional leadership. She has stirred the muddy waters up to a point that the honest efforts, I believe, Obama is pursuing are getting lost.
The wars? Well I'm just to damn tired to even begin. And yeah health care is getting complicated but far too many families are going bankrupt after a family medical crisis along with some small businesses having to either drop health insurance for their workers are got out of business themselves. All the while the Health insurance CEO's are going home making hundreds of millions in salary and stock options.

But I have to differ with you on Kostric. The T. Jefferson quote on his sign while carrying a weapon to a political rally had all the earmarks of a banana republic with its ubiquitous political intimidation.

I have met people that carry weapons for protection but yet have the sense to know when bringing them to a place might not be the best idea in the world. A political rally where the president is speaking, with all the local and federal cops in all honesty is not a place where some drug pusher is going to have a drive by. On this item you and I will have to agree to disagree. Along with Kostric's performance on Hardball.

On a much lighter note, check out the zombie story I wrote last month. It is called:
H1N1 Splotchy story virus----Zombies in the outfield

Pagan Sphinx said...

Well, goddamn! I've been on vacation and I've missed the latest installment American Buskers. Holy shit and fuck. Nothing like Sarah Palin talk to get me swearing up a storm.

I'll bet that guy from NH lives in that small town right over the border from me (in western MA) a few miles...where once you cross it, the houses turn to trailers and everyone is poor with bad teeth and no health insurance but goddamn it, they won't take this socialized medicine commie shit for a moment without fighting back. Live Free or Die, Man.

Beach Bum said...

Pagan Sphinx: new Hampshire sounds a lot like South Carolina. Our one advantage, I bet their governor doesn't have an Argentine hotty on the side.