Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Night with Jimmy Buffett and one Crazy SOB

As usual my wild Saturday night will consist of multiple beers, chips with salsa, and a movie. Given the austerity measures we have going on here at the house to pay off some bills I will be digging into the DVD vault for any viewing pleasure beyond the free stuff on You Porn.

I must admit the news has not been the best lately with all sorts of serious shit being flung. Big bankers both scared that their precious banks will go under and that the government will nationalize them are acting like spoiled brats. Yet another financial wizard, Allen Stanford, has been charged doing "curious ritualized thievery" to again borrower a term. Jobs are dissolving at an ever increasing pace with Republicans suddenly worried over the deficit wanting again to help their rich friends and whine about the little guys and gals getting any help. As far as they are concerned we can afford billions for imperial adventures to secure oil for billionaires but can't afford health care for poor kids. Iraq is on a low simmer with none of the internal issues settled and Afghanistan is a wreck.

With all this I feeling the urge to pull out the tequila, get blitzed, and spend the night listening to Jimmy. Especially after hearing this crazy bastard Allen Keyes, and I really thought no one could be worse than Limbaugh and Coulter.

The election of Barrack Obama as president has really shaken the Republican crazy tree dropping all sorts of nuts. A certain degree of craziness is to be expected whenever politics are involved but this delusion that President Obama is not an American citizen goes beyond the pale. My worry is that the crazy crap being spouted by Keyes might insight others whose grip on reality is even less secure. The fact is that despite their worries that Obama might pull a Tom Delay and fix the census changing representational numbers in Congress to favor Democrats that genie is already out the bottle. The Republicans have screwed the pooch with Hispanic-Americans over immigration and the racists policies at the bedrock of the Repubilcan base will never allow many more than a few nuts like Keyes and tokens like Steele to vote GOP. The people that came out to elect Obama will not go away and in fact will only grow in the coming years. So I guess in the end there is a lot to drink about.


Sara Sue said...

"Jobs are dissolving at an ever increasing pace with Republicans suddenly worried over the deficit wanting again to help their rich friends and whine about the little guys and gals getting any help" YOU SAID IT! As if helping the little guy is what will put the final stake in this country's heart! Pass that bottle and some salsa, will ya?

Beach Bum said...

Sara Sue: I may have to make a beer run since I'm out of tequila. But I have plenty of salsa.

Mike said...

Wonder why the republicans weren't worrying about such things when they were in charge.

They didn't mind spending 10 billion a month in Iraq, but they don't like to spend money on America. Funny bunch, these republicans.

Beach Bum said...

Mike: Yeah, they are a laugh riot especially the senior senator from South Carolina who through a rather sissy hissy fit on the senate floor.

Distributorcap said...

in a few words you said it all -- this insanity that was in high gear during bush/cheney has gone up a few notches... and the hypocrisy.

republicans are going to be the death knell of this country -- they sure seem to want it

as for:
My worry is that the crazy crap being spouted by Keyes might insight others whose grip on reality is even less secure.

i dont know if there is anyone with a weaker grip on reality than alan keyes - he is certifiably insane.

Beach Bum said...

DCap: Yeah, its going to very hard for someone to be more batshit crazy than Keyes. I just hope the Secret Service stays on the ball.

lime said...

i cannot believe how many seemingly intelligent people spout some of this crap.

Beach Bum said...

Lime: I firmly believe most of this stuff is an active attempt to sabotage President Obama. Of course the lower end IQ types readily believe it.

Randal Graves said...

Replace the Jimmy with some death metal and I'm right there with ya.

And there's no question that they want everything to fail. Easier to rummage through the scraps when the little guy's nothing is less than zero and you still have a few coins in your back pocket.

Naj said...

You are a great writer and I love your short stories. I wished to be your publicist and hence gave you an "award" :)

If you care for those sort of a thing, please pick it up or pass it on!


MadMike said...

Obama beat Keyes in a landslide in his senate race. I suspect there is some residual animosity. Regardless, Keyes is dumb as a rock and more representative of the Republican Party than most Republicans would care to admit.

BTW when I lived in Key West for those many, many years I ate often at Buffet's restaurant, Margaritaville. I also drank lots of beer and gobbled down bags of chips with salsa, the green kind of course. Only "sissies" ate the red stuff:-) I really had another word but it might insult some:-)

Beach Bum said...

Randal: That's what puzzles me, it does seem that the big movers have forgotten that if the middle class falls apart they will in the end fall with them. Unless of course they are doing like the rumors said about the Bush family and buying land in South America for some sort of survivalist fortress.

Naj: Thank you, I will pass along this weekend. Please feel free to drop in anytime and I have to apologize for not adding you to my blogroll much earlier.

MadMike: Yeah, Keyes and about 95% percent of the republicans I know are on the same level.
As for Jimmy, back before my beloved Pawleys Island was turned into another cesspool of yuppies and gold playing retirees there was a little ramshackle joint called "The Grey Man" that, for me, legend has it Jimmy would slide into from time to time and play a few sets. Of course this was before his upturn in fame in the mid to late 70's before he became a franchise like McDonald's.

The Grey Man closed while I was in the active army and is now a Chinese restaurant. Nothing against the very nice family running the place but it just ain't right.

Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

Can I join in ur Salsa? ;-)

**dealing with people who expect you to understand them but will not make an effort to do the same for you.

TY BB! I feel so understood each time u comment in my posts.

I'll be bak..hopefully. TC n be happy. :)


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