Thursday, February 19, 2009

Must taste like chicken

Cruising around the National Geographic web site and found a small article about this bird, called a Worcester's buttonquail, thought extinct but it took time from his busy schedule to posed for this picture before it had to rush off for a lunch the lunch. I don't know but if I was some scientist going walkabout around the Philippines and recognized what could possibly be the last specimen of a species in a poultry market I would quickly buy the bird before it was swimming around with pieces of carrots, noddles, and celery.

Then on the other hand:
"However, the buttonquail is from a "notoriously cryptic and unobtrusive family of birds," according to the nonprofit Birdlife International, so the species may survive undetected in other regions."

If that's the case then this particular individual wasn't exactly on the deep end of the Darwinian gene pool by getting caught. Sucks to be him.


Anonymous said...

Is this bird from the Philippines? why Is it called Worcestershire something? It sounds like something from England. I guess only people familiar with this kind of birds would actually eat it in that case it might be abundant in that area. unless, it's famine already when people began eating things they have not tried before. In any case, if its endangered then people should do the right thing and leave this creatures in alone.

Randal Graves said...

Apparently, there must be a shortage of other birds in the area. That would be a bummer if it was the last one.

Beach Bum said...

Sassy: That is a very good question as to why that bird has such an English sounding name.
Welcome and come back often. Saw that you had me on your blogroll and I have added you to mine.

Randal: The National Geographic article says that species is good at hiding if so I still hold the one that got caught was a Darwinian weak link maybe did his species a good by being someone's lunch. If only we could get rid of a few of ours like republicans.

Keshi said...

Sucks indeeds!

**but it took time from his busy schedule to posed for this picture before it had to rush off for a lunch the lunch.

thats so sad! something so protected n rare need to be treasured.


Marja said...

Hi Beach bum (what's your other name?)
This scientist or whatever he is called doesn't understand his job.Unfortunately these people aren't distinct
Anyway quails (not this one) are very commen here. He looks a bit like them. So at least he got a big family over her in NZ

Malicious Intent said...

I seriously cannot wrap my head around someone finding a supposedly instinct bird, acknowledging that fact and then eating it. Maybe sending it to the local zoo might have been a better step, just in case...and then have chicken for dinner.

Just more ass-backwards human behavior I suppose.

Malicious Intent said...

PS, rss feed down.

Beach Bum said...

Keshi: Can't blame the people at the poultry market. They are just living day to day. More than likely if there was one bird others are around, just hope the others hide better.

Marja: Quail are common her as well and with all the predators for them and other animals long since killed off we are having a population issue. Some biologists are worried with so many uncontrolled animals running around they could spread various diseases.
I don't use my real name on the internet since my liberal political beliefs don't match up with the very ultra conservative republican area I live.

Malicious Intent: One of the things that worries me is that now with 6.7 billion people on the planet more often than not struggling to find enough food just to stay alive I fear more species will be added to the soup pot no matter whether they are not endangered of near extinction.

On a whole other matter I darkly expect old Mother Earth to get fed up with homo sapiens at some point and cut our numbers down to a more manageable level.

Anonymous said...

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