Saturday, December 27, 2008

Insulting the Chimps again

Chimpanzees are not the nice cute creatures some believe or others would like to make us think. It has been fairly well documented that our closest cousins can easily display some of the worst aspects of homo sapien behavior. Jane Goodall's research has gone as far as describing chimpanzees practicing cannibalism, petty power struggles, and war. But like us they have also shown the other side practicing altruism, compassion, and reassurance.

When all things are generally considered though while we have created great works of art and literature, explored the reaches of both the sub-atomic and the intergalactic, built great cities and civilizations,and are trying to come to grips some of the worse aspects of our species. They at least don't have the ability to destroy the world and exclaim it is all worth it in the name of God, democracy, or free markets. And despite the following article I have this strange idea that if they were confronted with their version of our outgoing president they would recognize him for his true nature. Instead of electing him in the first place their basic instinct would probably have been to collect a hand full of poop and throw it at him, or a shoe if they had one close by.

Humans And Chimps Register Faces By Using Similar Brain Regions
ScienceDaily (Dec. 27, 2008) — Chimpanzees recognize their pals by using some of the same brain regions that switch on when humans register a familiar face, according to a report published online on December 18th in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication. The study—the first to examine brain activity in chimpanzees after they attempt to match fellow chimps' faces—offers new insight into the origin of face recognition in humans, the researchers said.


Mike said...

Chimps are the chosen race. I'm pretty sure we are just mutants.

Stella said...

Yes, comparing Chimpy to chimps is an insult. We must be on the same page again, Beach. I did a Chimpy post at my home. I like this one a lot better.

Hope you are doing well and had a good holiday.

Beach Bum said...

Mike: What did the Orangutan, Dr. Zaius from "Planet of the Apes" say? "Man is a pestilence." Saw a nature film about how some rain forest ant species when for some reason stay in one location too long overwhelm their environment resulting in a huge die off. I get an uncomfortable feeling that humans are pushing the same environmental limit, only on a global level.

Stella: There is some picture with the entire Bush clan grouped together with W. grinning like the idiot he is showing off his cowboy boots with the presidential seal emblazoned on the front. Would love to have let loose a nice clan of chimps in that room.

As for how I'm doing? Would do a Hell of a lot better if I could win the lotto or get one of my stories published. Not counting on the former and still sending out the latter. Other than that I'm doing good. How was your holiday?

Vigilante said...

Of all the bloggers I know, I have never called Bush, "Chimpy"; and if I had, I never would do so again!

Stella said...

Beach, I've seen that picture. As former Governor of Texas, Ann Richards, described the Bushes as fake Texans (which they are): "He's all hat and no cattle." I was always suspicious of how he won the TX governor's seat.

My holiday was peaceful. Beach, have you checked out The Association of American Publishers? There might be some good resource. Also, LinkedIn is a good source for networking. I hope that helps. I found LinkedIn a good place to join groups and meet others in the same field.

Now Vig, why not Chimpy? It's so snide. I've always liked Bushit, but then I have an entire host of epithets for the non-POTUS.

Just 23 days... Poor Obama. I don't envy him the clean up he'll have.

Beach Bum said...

Vigil: Many people have disagreed with be but I still feel that a weird convergence of events (not including the decision by the Supremes) helped Bush wiggle his way into the White House. Had Clinton not acted like a horny ass spoiling an otherwise well run administration, had Gore ran a better campaign, Had Nader conveniently not been insane or equally conveniently had he slipped on the soap before the election, and frankly if some Florida residents had enough sense not to screw up their ballot. My point? If any of a couple of these things had been different old Chimpy would be still residing in Texas clearing his ranch. Bush's resemblance to our primate cousins is less and insult to them and more or a example of how stupid humans can be. None of this made any sense but hey, I'm working on a nice buzz.

Stella: I heard something once that Ann Richards was one of Karl Rove's targets. Thanks for the publishing info.

lime said...

so basically you're saying you've disproved evolution because of the superior collective intelligence of chimps to recognize our chief chimp for what he is? ;)

joan said...

Hope you were able to have a good holiday. Checking in from my new site while my blog is down.

Randal Graves said...

Come on BB, don't you have any rich uncles? Does anyone? If so, can we borrow him so he can write us into his will?

Imagine tossing Chimpy in a cage and getting to gawk at him all day. Now that's a zoo I could patronize.

Don't think too much about 2000 and the followup, otherwise you'll kill three livers by the weekend.

Beach Bum said...

Lime: Yeah, at best for our sakes (human beings) is that W. should be considered a mutant like Mike brought up. At worst he is the best example of the anti-miracle I can think of for this day and age. As a child growing up in the small churches my grandmother hog tied my sibling, cousins, and when she really was upset her children and brought us to on a Sunday morning the pastor would often speak of miracles. As a young kid I became fascinated about miracles and wanted to see one. So in the spirit of being careful of what you wish for, in 2001 I got to see a miracle in that somehow God saw fit to actualize the Mad magazine character of Alfred E. Neuman with him becoming president.

Joan: Checked in a couple of days ago and saw Journal space was down. Doing good, and hope your holiday was great as well.

Randal: Damn, don't I wish I had a rich relative along the lines of a Madoff, Trump, Walton , or Disney. I surely would have played a dumb nephew, a role I have serious talent in, that could bankroll my "talent".
I would love to see Bush tossed into some zoo exhibit with people paying to see him and toss peanuts at him. But the one problem is that Bush being at heart disconnected from normal reality for more than the average Joe I figure he would come to see the visitors as supporters.
As far as 2000 goes its tough when someone realizes that he or she may have seen the opening chapter in a Gibbon-esque "The Decline and Fall of The United States. In the closing scene of the "The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire" I remember Maximus being offered the throne after being freed and Commodus was killed saying that his first act as Emperor would be to crucify all the weasels around him. Of course Maximus rejected the offer and the weasels were not crucified But have to hand it to the Romans on somethings, because there are plenty of big fat weasels running around right now and a few need to be hanging from a cross.

Stella said...

Ann Richards was absolutely one of Karl Rove targets. If you get a chance to rent the "Bush's Brain" DVD, it's all in there.

I love this speech. She was a great soul. Salon has a great article about Karl Rove's goal to defeat her. Great Bush at the Zoo comment--LOL.

Good luck with getting published. I'll keep my eye open.

Beach Bum said...

Stella: Ann was something Texas could have really proud of but they end up electing W. as governor.

Anonymous said...

Well done.... Chimps are the chosen race.....

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