Sunday, March 23, 2008

Doing the Sunday night hokey pokey

Strangeness and overwhelming confusion seem to permeate my life and honestly at times I just find its just best for me to sit back and go with the flow. Adding to the confusion is how some around me, while driving themselves crazy trying to keep up, seem to get upset with me for not doing the same myself. Now I bounce from one bizarre and confusing situation to another concerning my wife and kids hoping someone will fill me in with the details at some point.

My son finally got a cell phone this weekend but much to my surprise after months of whining he gazed upon the thing he most wanted in the world and said he couldn't show his face while using it because it was a pre-paid cell phone. None the less when asked if it would be best for us just to return it he quickly grabbed it and ran upstairs. A few hours later he was begging for more time since he had already used what time we bought texting.

After being told by Dragonwife that it was going to be a low budget weekend with no eating out or mad rushes to the grocery store for chips, beer, ice cream, and a can of whip cream (wait that was just me fantasizing) after Miss Wiggles throw a fit saying she has no clothes that look nice she and Dragonwife ran off to the nearest upper end department store and come back with multiple bags fill with bright fancy new clothes.

I in turn now sit upstairs drinking some fine ice tea wondering when I can just get out of this town just for a weekend. Luckily one is coming real soon. I still can't get over the nagging feeling with a world going crazy on almost every level maybe the hokey pokey is really what its all about.


Vigilante said...

In the wake of GR8 weekend with 2/3's of our grand children and their parents around us, Trophy Wife asked me a couple a minutes ago,

"Aren't we lucky we don't have to raise kids in this world, in these times?"

Always lookin to make a deal with the devil, I responded,

"Oh, I don't know. If you make me twenty again, I'll go for the parent thing again!"

Now Beach, you're gone and made me eat my words, one more time!

Vigilante said...

I've just discovered your secret life, Beach. Either that, or you have a double. Does Dragonwife know about Karina???

Colonel Colonel said...

God help us all over the age of 30. At a family gathering this weekend a nephew pulled out the latest expensive must-have gadget- an iPhone.


Pammy said...

Yes, my dear, sweet Beach Bum. I've discovered that the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about.

Enjoy your getaway!

MadMike said...

Actually Colonel the I-Phone is almost outdated:-) Now Beach, is it not true that you fondly refer to your son as Darth Spoilboy? Well then he should live up to his name. You have labelled him therefore he most certainly should have a real CP. How mortifying it must be for him to be forced to use a PRE-PAID phone!! GASP!!!!! Secondly if the daughter gets all those new clothes where is the quid pro quo for your son? You guys should stick together! I'm with Darth on this one:-)

Beach Bum said...

Vigil: Seriously, my biggest concern for my kids right now is that they get enough of an education to make their way in the world. Every time I hear another doomsday scenario I make some sort of plan on how to get the kids and find a safe place. If it wasn't for the kids I would be soaking up some sun far closer to the equator.
The other Beach Bum is actually a serious surfer.

Colonel: My son definitely doesn't need to hear that.

Pammy: It won't come soon enough.

MadMike: Yes, you are correct I named him Darth Spoilboy due to his belief that all things should flow to him. Of course he got that from his mother who is passing it on to Miss Wiggles. I in turn just want a shack somewhere close to a beach in Mexico away from all the mad consumerism.

Keshi said...

**Now I bounce from one bizarre and confusing situation to another concerning my wife and kids hoping someone will fill me in with the details at some point

LOL awww...

Well guess what BB..even tho Im not married n hv no kids yet, I feel the same way now abt life :) It only gets more confusing with the years hehe.



Utah Savage said...

Old, single, no kids or grandkids. Not a cell phone on the horizon. A good dog, a garden, and this big mother Imac. I'm one happy old woman. I know, it's true, I write like a pissed-off twelve year old, but it's what floats my boat.

lime said...

please tell me there is space for one slightly befuddled middle aged northern grown lime?

Tequila Mockingbird said...

hmm. i really cant say much about cell phones. ive had one since i was 16. however, i agree, martha stuart can eat my ass.

Mike said...

I spend most of my time longing for simpler times. All but the cell phone. It really is a great thing.

Beach Bum said...

Keshi: Even though I'm consigned to staying mentally lost the rest of my adult life I still have the feeling it shouldn't be this way.

Utah: If you are writing as a twelve year old, its a damn good one.

Lime: I have all idea that there are fwr more of us than we will ever know.

Tequila: Its not that I don't enjoy some of the fancy food stuff its just that I can't stand Martha Stewart. The women gives me the creeps like Hillary.

Mike: Yeah, simpler times would be great. Thats one of the reasons I often write of becoming an expat.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Just give me a two room shack on the beach, my dogs, some rum and I'd be perfectly happy.

Unfortunately, life has a way of throwing a HUGE wrench into the works, doesn't it??? It's never THAT easy, dammit.

Enjoy your trip.

Keshi said...

aww HUGZ!

now come bak soon cos I need some friends near me today :(


Utah Savage said...

Bum dear, you host an excellent thread

Utah Savage said...

Beach, want to hear what a really pissed of twelve year old sounds like? Drop by, take a read. Invite your friends. Utah's turned viscous and not in a nice, news story of the day way.

Utah Savage said...

Well, King dirty mouth, you beat me by a mile. Vigil has a "clean O meter" and you rank baddest of the bunch. I should try really being myself, then you wouldn't beat me. Congratulations for a day.

Utah Savage said...
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Naj said...

:) Beach bum, be advised; you will NEVER understand how women and their closets communicate to eachother; that language you shall never understand; for you are blessed with the chromosomal design called manhood!

Even in simpler times, women longed for new attire; all the time. A woman's hunger for wearables is insatiable; but is only controlled by the amount of cash in the coffer!

Were it not for the matter-of-factness of this, advertisers and fashion designers would not have gained such a prominent place in our urban lives.

What you can do, the only thing you can do, is to create a competing system of values that encourages creativity, and swimming against the flow.

When I was a little girl, my mother did not permit me or my sisters to wear clothings that has a logo or a trademark. I didn't understand what she was doing then; but when I grew older I realized how liberating was to have that concept planted in my head! To buy a new pair of shoes in my household required a certain amount of lobbying, budget preparation, politics, debate, and auditing; but books and art materials were allowed unlimitedly. Because my mother was "different", we had to be different; and we wore our difference proudly! Only 30 years later I am realizing the investment my mother did in our self-esteem; and in disentangling us from a world of value imposed upon us as women by the marketers.

Difference empowered us, but also controlled our teenaging rebellious: we rebelled against the (capitalist) main stream, not against the family values!

She killed two birds with one stone!