Friday, July 20, 2007

Operation Bob Villa: The Surge

Since the commencement of the campaign to prepare the house for the market unexpected developments have slowed progress. Dragonwife, who had been assigned the duties of supplying needed equipment, has failed several times to take into account that while buying paint of the proper color is nice having a decent paint brush to apply it to walls helps considerably. Of course I have been expecting her to say you paint the walls with the brushes you have, not necessarily with the ones you want. But anyway, my absence has been because both work and the home campaign have taken so much time that other than a single brief online period a couple of days ago I have too pooped to pop. My endeavors to correct as much of the small stuff around the house as possible during the week has required me to take, hold, and build but given the crazy lady and crumbsnatchers I live with sometimes its seems like I’m building a sandcastle during an incoming tide. Because just as soon as I release the built area said fellow denizens of our home-like money pit just can’t help but fail to stand up and keep it clean as I stand down. Oh well, Dragonwife will just have to wait for the report... say in September.

Author's note: Any resemblance to real people or situations in this post is purely coincidental. Anyone debating the facts , or lack there of, about this post is just itching for a fight. My best advice would be for those inclined to make more out of this ramble than there is other than me working on my house should find a cold beer, a shady spot near a large body of water, and just relax. Because once this surge is over my ass is going to Pawleys Island and Charleston. Later y’all.


Vigilante said...

Followed your advice regarding the beer, shade, water, and chilling. I'm keeping my mouth zipped, because I'd much rather drink and snooze that fight.

Anonymous said...

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