Monday, March 25, 2019

Perchance to Dream

Like most dreams it didn't have a beginning, at least one that I remember. How and why my subconscious chose to build that particular hallucination, I truly have no real idea. My best guess is that as I slept, my brain just threw together random elements it found in the dusty and cluttered attic of my mind. Unlike many people, I do not believe dreams are necessarily glimpses into the mind of an individual showing off their wants or desires. Nor are they cracks in our reality allowing us a view of another version of ourselves. For me, I'm in the camp that believes dreams are just our brains blowing off mental steam. I added that last part to avoid anyone from getting the wrong idea about what I'm about to report.

Since my health issues emerged my dreams have been chaotic. Nothing out of the ordinary there, as far as I know dreams usually do not follow set story lines. But my dreams have been uncomfortably disjointed with many having an atmosphere of deep foreboding, as if a great evil was lurking in the shadows nearby. For that reason during such dreams I usually forced myself awake and then spend several minutes shaking off the aftereffects. So a particular dream I had a couple of weeks ago was an unexpected and happy departure from my usual nighttime sleeping fantasies.

This dream took place in some sort of ornate room. I can't say anything about my dream's location other than I have a fuzzy idea it was some type of resort, but no place I have ever visited in real life. I was laying back in a large, fancy recliner which was covered in a fur-like fabric. Where this dream radically departs from my recent experiences is that I was sharing the recliner with a woman who possessed beautiful brunette hair. No, don't worry my dream didn't develop into a ridiculous porn fantasy. But this fantasy woman and I did share a kiss, which was incredibly intense with how real it felt. The other item that set this dream apart from others was that the woman was wearing an unknown perfume that was equally realistic as the kiss.

Like I said, the dream didn't go any further than just a kiss. Because as I was settling into the dream, actually hoping it would continue, a scratching noise and feeling began to invade my fake reality. I actually remember trying to ignore the scratching sensation by concentrating on the woman. But as you probably can guess, the scratching commotion popped my dream like a child's soap bubble.

I opened my eyes to find one of the dogs scratching my side of the bed with his front paws and looking at me with adoration. At quick look at my watch told me it was past time to feed both him and the other dog, who was still sleeping curled up next my wife.

Yeah, as I feed the dogs I had to deal with a nice piece of disappointment that one of my very few pleasant dreams was cut short. I'm a big boy, so that disappointment faded quickly as I feed the dogs and began to deal with the new day. That didn't stop me was giving the canine interloper of my sleep some annoyed looks.

Like I wrote earlier, the majority of dreams have no bearing on real life. Although I'll probably freak out if I catch a real life whiff of that unknown fragrance my fantasy brunette was wearing in the dream.


The Bug said...

Ha! I dreamed about Deadpool the other night. I wonder which of us got the better deal? :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Well, welcome back to the blog arena, wasn't sure if you just got burned out or what ... a needed break is alwayz good, in my view, I don't post as much as I used to, and my posts today are a little cleaner and more detailed than when I first started, alwayz had problems writing, because of lack of schooling as a kid (left home at about 14, and was burned out with school by about 13, so completed 8th grade was it). Hope your feeling a little better and taking care of your issues though. Dreaming is something that I really enjoy, and try to quickly wake in some to try to remember them in my wake state. I do have some really bizarre dreams from time to time, can't say they are scary, but just very strange, even one that recurs time to time, where I'm totally unfamiliar with the surroundings of anything in real life I experienced, where people are talking in the background, but there are no people, and miles of empty land, beautiful plants and trees like I never seen, very green for miles, and large structures like a 3 or 4 story building, shiny like a glass building, but unfamiliar with the material it is made from, that are hovering over the land about 50'ft up, instead of actually built on the land, just standing in mid air, with these distant voices coming from around them or in them ... difficult to explain, because I never witnessed anything like this in my real life, nor do I know what the voices are saying or the language, but I seem to feel the presence of people or something, hard to explain. It is very rare that I have any kind of dream about romance, sex, or anything related, can't even remember the last time I did, and I DO have a fairly active sex life in real life, so I can't explain that. But as far as troublesome dreams, I can't even recall any off hand, and I've had some troublesome times in life, so what's weird, is my dreams, seems to have nothing to do much with my experiences in my life ... if that makes any sense. Good read though ...

Pixel Peeper said...

I don't think dreams reflect what we want or think about in our awake hours, but rather that they are just your mind's way to cope with things that happen in your life.

Whenever things get stressful in my life, I tend to have weird, very vivid dreams. So you having gone through very stressful health issues, that would make sense. Maybe this pleasant dream is an indicator that you've had your fill of stress and worries. You're getting a break now.

Marja said...

That doesn't sound like an unusual dream I have heard that kind of dream more often. I find it amazing how real a dream can feel.


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