Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekend at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort

Explaining the existence of the Disney Hilton Head Island Resort is often a difficult thing. No, it's not a theme park, which is something that seems to cause a lot of confusion. Yes, it is a resort in the sense it has nice rooms to rest and activities to keep people amused and entertained. Then there are the "old folks" like me who just enjoy the quiet and solitude its location provides. Opened in the mid-90's, I believe Disney's idea was to open similar resorts across the country. There was even rumors that Mickey's handlers had their eyes on the old Myrtle Beach Air Force base property.

Per my usual habit I went to the resort's beach house to watch the sunrise last Saturday morning. Located a little over a mile away from the main resort, which is on the marsh, the beach house has its own pool and activities.

While both resort pools are heated to over eighty degrees, neither Dragonwife nor I decided to get wet last weekend. Saturday had a lot of bright sunshine but was quite cold. Our afternoon visit to the beach house was purely perfunctory, although had we been able to stay to Monday we would have attended the wine and cheese tasting the staff had scheduled there.  

Sunday was rainy but was no where near as cold. My other habit when we stay at DHHIR is to grab a cup of coffee in the lobby and go walking around the Shelter Cover Marina. You never know what you might see or hear around the yachts and sailboats. On one of those vessels that morning someone should have put out the watercraft version of "If this van is rocking, don't come a knocking." No, the vessel wasn't rocking but sounds carry over calm water.

Rainy weather didn't prevent me from attending the sunrise Sunday morning. But as usual, given that my wife and I had to go home just a few hours later I was feeling a bit melancholy. While cold weather limited the number of early morning beach walkers Saturday morning, the periodic heavy rains the next day gave me a totally empty beach as far as my eyes could see. My only company were a flock of seagulls and the disturbing thoughts that I sort of envied them. My reason being that they get to live on a beach while my big brain and opposable thumbs means I have to keep a job and live in a location I really don't like. Seagulls nasty reputation not withstanding, I think they're getting the better end of the existence bargain.

Last picture before my wife and I headed home. The pier stretching out into the march on the main resort property. Not all is lost, we're heading back to DHHIR sometime in July.


Harry Hamid said...

Cool. The second picture (of the sunset) is fantastic. I should get away sometime. Your pics from when you do always look calming and fun.

sage said...

ANd what was traffic like getting onto and off that island.... Hilton Head isn’t far for here, but the two times I’ve gone, the traffic has made me swear off hte place. I love my sunrises over hte marsh and will save sunrises over the ocean for camping on Clumblerland or such.

The Bug said...

I'll bet trafffic wasn't that bad - we stayed at HH over New Year's one time - it was perfect. I'm glad you got to have a weekend getaway!

Beach Bum said...

Harry: They're a survival mechanism for me. Helps me recapture that momentary feeling of freedom. Which I guess is what they're supposed to do.

Sage: Traffic was surprisingly easy, but it's February so that pretty much explains it. When my family I return in July it will be back to its usual insanity.

The Bug: With one kid in college and another in high school, my wife and I are talking about making winter visits a regular occurrence. Little to no crowds and easy traffic.

Pixel Peeper said...

Walking on the beach and smelling some salty air can set a lot of things right with the world. I should do it more often!