Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Short Buffett Interlude

Like an idiot, after a long and much needed hiatus I attempted to write some fiction this weekend. After pounding out over a page and a half of lackluster prose I realized it was so bad that I physically began to smell something akin to a long neglected cat's litter box coming from my laptop. So between trying to salvage that disaster and watching Hurricane Irma coverage on CNN I wasted the entire weekend. So instead I will offer up a small Jimmy Buffett video interlude.

While I'm still a fan of Buffett, I've got to admit I ain't feeling the same thrill anymore. Especially since he appears to have mostly transitioned from tropical vagabond singer/song writer/author over to some sort of high rolling resort/real estate developer going as far as offering up retirement homes to aging Baby Boomers. I guess my disappointment in Jimmy's embrace of gross capitalistic endeavors that probably threaten coastal environments that inspired his songs is a minor form of whining. But still, that makes Jimmy more part of the establishment now than the free soul whose songs once told everyone life should be taken at face value because none of us were going to get out of it alive.

Be that as it may, this seems fitting given what people in the Caribbean, Florida, and Texas have endured.

Now how about a little mid-life reflection:

Word of warning, when listening to this song with the volume up DO NOT have your car windows down while as you drive through pickup loop in front of your daughter's school. The attractive 40-something teacher directing traffic in her sundress that spring day didn't appreciate the apparent but totally unintentional  innuendo.

And finally, something to remind everyone life is short and often tragic, so we need to be nice as possible to each other and not get caught up in the bull shit.



Jimmy said...

The teacher in front of your daughters school evidently wasn't a Buffett fan. I can just imagine the looks reacting to that particular song. I always liked Jimmy Buffett too.

Pixel Peeper said...

Thanks for the nice tunes. Some relaxing distraction is highly appreciated today!

You should see the giant resort, Margaritaville, that is being built just across the street from where my husband works. I'll have to take a picture of it sometime, just for you. :-p

Harry Hamid said...

Prior to this, I think I'd only heard two songs by Jimmy Buffett ever. These complemented those well.

I sometimes have a tough time separating out artists who are jerks from their art. Even harder are those who seem to be heroes when younger but go off the rails somewhere along the line.

The Bug said...

I didn't know that about Jimmy Buffett - how disappointing! Way to perpetuate the destruction of the planet, Jimmy!

sage said...

Yep, one of those Buffett Marguaritville resorts is going up on the other side of the Savannah River (in SC) according to the rumors.

Beach Bum said...

Jimmy: Yeah, I wasn't really paying attention to the CD I had in the player at time. So when that song hit at the worst possible time I inwardly cringed, especially after I had spent several second before that glancing at how the breeze was wrapping the teacher's sundress around her legs.

Pixel: Pictures would be cool! I really can't complain since my wife and I are members of the DVC and spend all of our vacations at their resorts. Its just for someone who use to boast about being on the outside of the establishment, Jimmy appears to have now bought a full membership.

Harry: Believe it or not one of my old National Guard buddies had a job with one of the car rental companies. His duties including driving cars down to airports and personally handing them over to the customer. According to him on one such occasion the customer was Buffett himself. If his story is true Jimmy was a jerk to everyone around him, so much that my buddy who was himself a fan got Buffett's signature on the receipt and quickly left the area.

The Bug: Well, in fairness I'm just stating my opinion in general on those ornate resorts. No matter how much propaganda they might publish about how they are being nice to Mother Earth the fact that they are building on waterways is destructive enough. Personally, I support the idea that because of climate change and the need to have healthy and sizeable wetlands we should move away from the coast in some fashion.

Sage: That makes sense, while my family and were heading back to Hilton Head after spending a day in Savannah we took the back roads and there was a lot of undisturbed property on this side of the river.

koi seo said...

I'll have to take a picture of it sometime, just for you. :-p