Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Glacial Home Renovations

Home renovations are proceeding at the expected glacial pace with the biggest problem for me being that the kitchen table is filled to overflowing with stuff and I don't have a reliable place to write. At least we're down to having the kitchen cabinets remodeled and painted to the color my wife wants. The new carpet was installed about a month ago, which was a huge relief since after having removed the old stuff in two rooms, we were walking on rough plywood boards. Other finished projects include repairs to the backyard deck, remodeled master bathroom, and the room over the garage having been transformed into a habitable living space.  
There is actual hope that once everything is either back in its proper place, or thrown away, or donated to charity we might be able to use the dining room again. It should go without saying I am truly sick of having to think about anything to do with home improvements. Thankfully, my lovely spouse has refrained from bringing up the outside projects she wants done to the front and back yard. I am seriously not in the mood, especially with my wife and daughter planning their summer trip to London, England while I stay here at the house.


Pixel Peeper said...

I've never been through a remodeling project, and from what I've heard, I believe moving is the easy way out. Hopefully, you'll be done with it soon!

If your wife and daughter get London, shouldn't you get the Caribbean?

Unknown said...

I like Pixel's comment above, about moving being the easy way out.

It's what i think I would do.

Still, it sounds as though you're pretty well on your way with these projects. Light at the end of the tunnel time!