Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stating the Obvious for Me

Sweet Jesus in the bloody morning! Things are getting mega-weird out in the land of narrow minded bigots and sanctimonious Bible thumpers. I don't watch or listen to the news like I once did but I must have been drunk, sleeping under a rock, or a combination of both because I was actually puzzled this afternoon as to why the local Chic-Fli-A was a freaking mad house with a line out of the door and a Los Angeles level traffic jam terminating at the drive thru. A quick review of events brought me up to speed. Hey I'm sorry, I work nights and like I mentioned, I don't watch the a lot of news because shrill screaming gives me a headache.

But yes, I support gay marriage and adoption. Especially the marriage thing, gay and lesbian couples have a God given right to be just as miserable as us hetro couples. Plus, I side with the Muppets in all matters of political, spiritual, legal, scientific, supernatural, philosophical and temporal importance. That about covers all the bases I think.


Pixel Peeper said...

How did this Chik-Fil-A thing get so blown out of proportion?

I like my chicken with a side order of fries, not a side order of somebody else's opinion of what marriage means.

JUDI M. said...

I believe in freedom of speech. Ibelieve in having a good business. I believe in God...but not THESE people's God evidently....
And I believe I'll spend MY money somewhere I know it won't be used to discriminate against other peoples rights!

Life As I Know It Now said...

I'm in the dark too. Guess I better figure out what is going on :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Bum ... actually, it's just naturally in order to support same sex marriage, after all, the instituion of marriage is man made. I have posted on gay marriage myself, but in particular, what marriage is or represent's, which has been a variety of type's thoughout centuries and culture's, some of marriage's in history around the world since ancient time's would be considreed, illegal in todayz society, based on forced marriage, rape, incest, etc, etc ...all which has been legal for centuries across humanity. I support SS marriage because it should be a right of any citizen to do so and get the benefit's, what I mean is, if gay folk's are NOT allowed to marry, they should only have to pay half the taxes as the rest of us, since they dont get the same benefit's of other citizen's as example. As far as it "destroying" or "degrading" the institution of marriage or meaning (?) ... this is nonsensical, after all, straight people have done a fine job at degrading marriage, I doubt that gay's could outdo what they done to it ... enough from me Bum. I see alot of tourism ad's here for Myrtle Beach these dayz ... better than the Gulf, eh? : )

Later Bum ... you son of a gun : )

Robert the Skeptic said...

Yeah, Brian Williams was reporting on what they called a "Family Values" issue - as if bigotry is a family value, like slavery... you know, as condoned in the Bible!

I liked the post by the guy who said that if some church decided that watching Dr. Who was against their religion, by all means, stop watching Dr. Who... just don't go out and make Dr. illegal for everyone else to watch.

Oh well, the country is in a slide into the toilet... and we're going to pick up a bucket of take-out chicken on the way down.

cloudia charters said...

Let me get this clear:
You love your neighbor, not judge them?

You leave the judging to God?

You are a good man of faith who is not stumbled by those different from yourself?


God bless you

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Mike Williams said...

HI, This story gets way too much media attention. All of it publicity for crappy fast food. "Crappy fast food" -That's redundant isn't it?

lime said...

my cousin posted a status on facebook that said watching the lines at chik-fil-a was like watching natural selection at work. bigots slurping up massive quantities of fast food and thus killing themselves. hehehehe.

and ya know, although i am theologically conservative in a christian sense i do support gay marriage and adoption. law abiding adults ought to have the right to marry whomever they wish and have the same legal protections that hetero couples have. it's just that simple. marriage is not a criminal act and people should not be prohibited from it just because someone else thinks the pairing is "icky."

Akelamalu said...

Not sure what's happened over there but my philosphy on life is 'judge not, lest ye be judged'.

Mr. Charleston said...

This is the day to make a statement BB. It's kiss a same sex person at Chik-Fil-A Day! No shit.

Marja said...

"to be just as miserable as us hetro couples" lol great statement.
Love the very sophistocated bunch of muppets.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Hahaha! Taking your truths from the muppets makes WAY more sense than taking it from religion/government/newsreaders. Why don't more people know this??!!

goatman said...

I guess love is love no matter how distributed.
When the animals are included ,the shit will really hit the fan with the Republicans!!
I can't wait.