Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nature and Angry crabs at Disney's Hilton Head Resort

When you last heard directly from me I was enjoying a nice laid back vacation at Disney's Hilton Head Resort. I now return to amaze everyone with my latest boring and inexcusably bourgeois tourist exploits.  Dragonwife, Darth Wiggles, and I did the kayaking thing Wednesday on Broad Creek, which splits the island almost in half. Wiggles and I shared a double kayak and as I expected I did all the paddling with her doing everything in her power to hinder my efforts. The tide was going out and there were a couple of times I suspected we would be swept out to sea. Saw several dolphins along the way and each and every time had to prevent Wiggles from jumping out to go swim with the aquatic mammal.

Did a little crabbing and caught several. Since we had nothing in the way of cooking the mean little crustacean we had to throw the guy back.
A momma bird in the marsh taking her youngins' out for a breakfast of small fiddler crabs. You could see them scramble from cover out to where the fiddlers were above the surface. Sucked to be the crab that morning but momma and all six of her chicks ate well.

Very beautiful house in Beaufort, South Carolina. Did a carriage tour and have more pictures than I can even hope to post at one time. All had some sort of history behind them and I will release them piecemeal.

A blue heron wanting a handout. I did not like the look in its eye and quickly gave it my remaining shrimp.

Beaufort Armory built a few years before the Civil War by a bunch of slave owning assholes. With a couple of windows boarded up and secured it will be a great refuge from the bath salt inspired zombie Apocalypse.

Hi, this is yours truly resting his fat ass on one of the awesome park bench swings at the Beaufort waterfront park.


Windsmoke. said...

You certainly do look relaxed on the swing :-).

Mike Williams said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. The last shot seems to be missing a margerita?

Jessica said...

Glad you're also preparing for the zombies with good scouting and planning! ;)

Pixel Peeper said...

Now I'm really kicking myself that during the whole time we lived in South Carolina, we only went to Hilton Head once.

Looks like you had a great vacation!

Randal Graves said...

You do realize that now that you've revealed your zombie apocalypse hideout, roving gangs of mad maxers now know where to go for victuals.

Mr. Charleston said...

What would a vacation be without a fat ass in a swing (substitute: hammock, couch, etc.) grinning at the camera? Been a while since I've been in that neck of the woods but love Beaufort.

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Looks like to have been a great outing, Beach! Also glad to see you're observing the First Rule of Blogging (FRoB): Never go outside w/o a camera! GR8 shots!

Akelamalu said...

I'd have been with Darth Wiggles and jumping in with those dolphins!

Great photos. :)

Life As I Know It Now said...

Hey, I wouldn't argue with that Blue Heron either! Look at the beak on that bird! I don't blame your daughter for wanting to play with the dolphins either. They would probably be fun to play with :)

Beach Bum said...

Windsmoke: I'm just happy I did not break the things.

Mike: LOL!!!! I fixed that oversight fifteen minutes later.

Jessica: Yeah, I have my own redoubt closer to home picked out.

Pixel: Truthfully it was great but I'd rather been down in the Keys.

Randal: LOL!!! I have my own picked out closer to home.

Mr. Charleston: It almost as pretty as Charleston.

Doc: I do try and keep it close.

Akelamalu: She would have done it in a second if I had not been watching her closely.

Life As We Know It: The Heron was cool, but you are right that beak would have hurt.

lime said...

the kayak and the porch swing get my votes. one followed by the other...