Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feeling under the weather

Caught some kind of bug and feel about as weak as the water in a dirty mop bucket. Going to sleep most of the day to try and regroup so I can go to work tonight. I will leave everyone with this question, what does it take to get a teenage boy to unload the dishwasher before he leaves another pile of dirty plates, glasses, and utensils in the sink?


Akelamalu said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling 100% Beach, hope you're felling better soon.

Make him wash up by hand!

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Well dude, my mom used to scare shit outa me; you know.... the eyebrow arched, the hand went onto the hip as she would pose and then all hell would break loose. And that was enough for me...
fer a while.

Sue H said...

Hope you're feeling back up to full strength soon.

As for the dishwasher - can't help you, we don't have one! (we're very retro, see!)

Sherry said...

In my home, if they didn't do what was asked, they didn't get to go anywhere. However, parents younger than myself don't seem to use that style of discipline.

Hope you feel better soon.

John McElveen said...

Feel better Bro--I had it and if it is same thing it only lasted one day!!!!


Sarge said...

This is done in steps:
1. Paper plates and cups
2. Lock on refrigerator door
3. Cattle prod
4. Eviction threat
5. Visit by Marine Corps Recruiter

And, now it is time for Sarge to do the dishes...



John McElveen said...

Oh-- LOVE the Song and answer to question-

A Taser to a certain area of Body!


Sarge said...

Oh, I forgot that I am a unlicensed MD -Asiatic gynocology.
If you have a cold try Tom Yum Soup. Add some precooked shrimp and sqeeze in lime juice. That will open you up.



Windsmoke. said...

I suggest bribery or pocket money. Get well soon :-).

Glen said...

Hang in there mate - you'll be right soon

Pixel Peeper said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Advice on the dishwasher and teenage son? I could use some myself, so if you find something that works, please let me know.

In the meantime, I'll be considering Sarge's steps.

lime said...

i haven't figured out how to get the 47yr old man in my house how to unload before piling dirty dishes so i am sure i am no help. i am close to resorting to hiding his wallet and car keys in the dishwasher though.

feel better soon.

MLA said...

By the time you read this, I hope you're feeling much better...and that the "getting-the-dishwasher-unloaded" dilemma has resolved itself! Hang in there!

Beach Bum said...

Akelamalu: Literally slept all day and feeling much better.

Gwen: I could go that way but I'm still low on energy.

As for the dishwasher situation that is something I have been having trouble with for more time than I want to admit. Iusually unfolds during the weekdays when I return home in the mornings.

There will be a stack of dirty dishes with the dishwasher still full from the previosu night's running.

Sue H.: There are many times when I just wash the dishes by hand. Growing up we did not have an automatic dishwasher and believe it or not I have actually caught a Zen-like buzz standing over a sink full of soapy water and greasy dishes.

Sherry: I can order him to unload the dishwasher but my intention is to somehow make him develop the habit to do its on his own.

John: Thanks Buddy!

Sarge: LOL!!!!!
You know, I did 21 years total service with time spent in the active army and National Guard and I do not know if I would let my son join if he expressed an interest. And if he did I would push him hard towards the Air Force.

As for feeling bad I sucked down a good chunk of a Ny-Quil bottle and passed out. Not as fun as doing it with tequila on a beach but it got the job done.

Beach Bum said...

Windsmoke: I may end up just taking away his car keys.

Glen: What would make thing really super is a trip to the beach.

Pixel: If I find a way, baring bodily harm, I will let you know.

Lime: Now unloading the dishwasher is one thing I am good at, leaving the toliet seat up is still an issue.

MLA: Still working on it.

Randal Graves said...

The promise of world peace, duh.

Drink plenty of fluids. We'll let you choose which one.

Mike Williams said...

They are the 99%, shoot em on sight.
Hope you're feelin better. Just got out de hospital myself on Saturday.
Good luck buddy.

Nance said...

I'm sorry you feel punky.

Teenagers are dreadful to parent. If you've been harping on this for a while, you might need to impress him anew. I used to tell my kids, "There will be no joy in Mudville until you take care of ___________." No rides, no keys, no gas, no outings, no phone, no computer, no joy. All privileges will be returned as soon as you've done __________ consistently for X number of days. I do regret that you've brought this on yourself, 'cause it's mighty tough. It's important to me that you learn respect for the rights and privileges of others with whom you live, so I'm willing to put up with the inconvenience of policing this lesson. We will re-evaluate in X days and there will be no further discussion until then."

And, then, of course, do it. I'd rather parent a toddler than a teen any day of the week; it's very hard work, especially when we're running a quart low.

okjimm said...

chicken soup. just take the feathers off first.

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Hubert Haley said...

Caught some kind of bug and feel about as weak as the water in a dirty mop bucket. Going propecia to sleep most of the day to try and regroup so I can go to work tonight.