Friday, June 26, 2009

Riding the currents of the Cosmic Gulfstream

In other words my vacation starts tomorrow.

Heading down to the coast tomorrow morning for a week of fun in the sun amongst all sorts of strange people around Hilton Head, South Carolina. Despite the history of the island after the Civil War the place is now overrunning with smelly conservative republicans. Just today I received my last of the needed vaccinations for a person wandering into such a dangerous and infested area.

Disney has a small resort down on the island that we will be staying at that is slightly seperated from the over developed and over commercialized rest of the island. Being very far away from the theme parks down in Florida the resort has all sorts of activities on site for the kids. One of my favorites is the historical lectures, story telling, and music supplied by an on site character called "Blu Crab" who has a wealth of knowledge on the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Better yet I found out the guy is originally from the Georgetown/Pawleys Island area like me.

My current plans are to hustle Darth Spoilboy and Miss Wiggles into whatever activities that the staff might have going. Send Dragonwife off to some stuffy spa for a day of all sorts of fun in the hot mud smeared with cucumber facial cream. While I will either be kicking back at the small poolside tiki bar contemplating all sort of strange and fascinating things while I watch ladies pass by wearing the latest in tiny colorful bikinis or finding some quiet place with the laptop trying to finish some of the short stories that I just can't seem to finish. One I will be working on is a meme for Chef Cthulhu that due to work, crazy wife, and kids I never could finish to the point that I thought it was worth anything.

If anyone is in the area contact me by my email on my Blogger profile and we will have a few beers. Like I said, I've got the laptop and will be checking in from time to time.


lime said...

i hope it's therapeutic in every way and you come back refreshed and happy.

sunshine said...

Sounds amazing! Wish I was in the area. I'd have a beer with you. Of course mine would have to be a Root Beer cause I'm a mouthy drunk! And believe me.. it don't take much to get me drunk. :) However... a resort with a swim up bar has always been on my list of things to do!

I'm afraid that after 4 kids.. my bikini days are officially over. The world isn't ready to see all that I've got goin on in the midsection. Hope you wouldn't be offended by my one piece.

So anyhow ... have a lovely time! I'm sure that you deserve the break and I hope that your plans all work out and that you get it! I can't wait to hear all that you did and things you thought about. I could do without a blow by blow of babes in bikini's though. Hehe... just kidding. Whatever you want to talk about is fine by me.

Blu Crab? Why does that sound like Porn to me? Better keep an eye on that guy. Hmmmm... ;P
Have fun Beach Bum!
(((Hugs)))*that's a big one to do you until you get back*

Marja said...

Haha you got me laughing again. Come over one day to NZ and I share a beer with you. I hope you gor a wonderful time on what seems to be a great spot on the island

Suzan said...

Well, shoot!

I coulda been in the area if I'd known earlier, but I had no idea that vaccinations were involved in preparation for a beach trip!

Yowee! Good luck with those dam' Yankees!


I received my last of the needed vaccinations for a person wandering into such a dangerous and infested area.

Randal Graves said...

Enjoy, but above all, be careful. Such strains of smelly conservative republican viruses have been known to spontaneously mutate into even more virulent strains of evil.

Vigilante said...

Very nice picture, Beach. Water looks warm and inviting. However, there are no sails in sight. I'll be racing yachts today. My waters are not as warm as yours, but I bet I'll still be slamming down as many frosty-cold Coronas as you are! Cheers!

Keshi said...

lucky person! ;-)

hv a ball, TC, n catch ya when ur bak!


sunshine said...

Hope that you and yours are having a great time!!