Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Greenland Delusion

The idea that our reality is nothing but an elaborate computer simulation is something I have mentioned many times over the years. In fact I will freely admit that I have probably overused the notion in my political commentary. But events and circumstances have gotten increasingly surreal since November 2016, to the point I find myself leaning on the concept as an explanation as to why the country is going to the authoritarian crapper.

Yes, societies, empires, and nations do unravel and fall apart, hopefully without some master programmer playing with the source code of the universe. But this time far too many people and situations appear to have boarded the crazy train to Bonkersville.

I fully expected the Orange Bastard's (I'll just write “OB” from now on.) occupation of the Oval Office to be a nightmare roller coaster ride. The Pussy Grabber-in-Chief never left any doubts about what he would do if he got into office. Which is the main reason I still despise anyone who voted third-party or just stayed home on election day because they didn't like Hillary. When one of two choices openly tells everyone it is a ravenous monster, common sense and self-preservation should make you vote for the other person, even if she isn't bright and shiny enough for your tastes. But as they say, all that is water under a corrupt bridge since we are inching ever closer to the 2020 election cycle.

Unbelievably, things found a way to become even more surreal last week with the news that the OB was seriously considering the idea of buying the island of Greenland from Denmark. My first surprise in all this was that OB even knew of the island's existence. Despite claims to being a “Stable Genius” the individual in question clearly doesn't have any intellectual curiosity beyond porking his favorite daughter and playing silly sidekick to every sleazy, murderous dictator that will stand next him. For someone who stated he believes windmills cause cancer, I just don't see OB being big in world geography.

Another thought that occurred has to do with Greenland's population. We know of OB's disdain for Puerto Rico and its people, so I would bet money that he believes Greenland is a vast bastion of Northern European white folks. It wouldn't surprise me that he has seen a few episodes of the History Channel's drama about Vikings and that bringing them into the United States would dilute the growing number of people with a darker shade of skin tone. Remember, OB openly stated once that more people emigrating from Norway would be a good thing for the United States.

Yes, I honestly believe OB is that stupid and racist.

Alas, this fault in right-wing logic is commonplace. Somehow right-wingers did not have any idea that Western European countries are what they would consider “socialist.” Right-wingers will bitch and moan about increased premiums and decreased benefits from their employer provided health insurance, but go into a rabid panic at the barest mention of the United States implementing anything similar. The same holds true for them whining about no vacation time when employees are often forced to use it for sick days for themselves and family members.

In fact right-wingers absolutely love to point out the flaws and failures of socialism, such as the disaster that is Venezuela. But they curiously overlook the fact that some of the happiest, most prosperous, and well educated countries are the social democracies of Western Europe like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark which Greenland belongs. No, they're not utopias, but you would be a fool not realize how much better off living in those countries would mean for the average American. But we're talking about people who love their guns and being pissed on by corporations and other rich elites.

But the most likely reason OB became interested in Greenland is that he wants a grand gesture to mark his occupation of the White House. He recently gave NASA marching orders to return humans to the surface of the moon by 2024. A cool goal worthy of a real president but the time frame is next to impossible. Mainly because NASA's new super rocket hasn't even begun unmanned test flights. It's currently billions over budget with its first flight several years overdue.

Throw in the “minor” (that's sarcasm) problem that the only lunar landers we currently possess exist only as pretty artistic concepts. Could there be a crash program to get humans back to the moon by the 2024 deadline? Yeah sure, but NASA's budget would have to be raised to astronomical levels, but OB has actually cut the space agency's budget since he came into office. For the sake of brevity, I'll ignore the fact that if OB forced NASA to slap together its super rocket along with an untested lunar lander that the most likely result would be dead astronauts stuck on the moon or forever flying through space.

I believe someone has told OB his 2024 moon landing just ain't going to happen, so he went shopping for another grand gesture with Greenland looking like low-hanging fruit. What would really be cool, and sure to piss on OB's image of himself would be to have the Greenlanders vote on joining the United States. I would bet money I do not have that after Greenlanders overwhelmingly voted to stay with Denmark and keep their awesome social safety net they would then go to the nearest bar and have a huge belly laugh at the expense of OB and his delusions.

For those reasons I'd almost like to think the real issue with our reality is some bored master programmer having some sick fun on his version of a Playstation or Xbox. But realistically the problems with our reality lay in the fact that humans are just plain stupid and too lazy to prevent the wrong people from gaining power.


Pixel Peeper said...

When I first heard about Trump's idea of buying Greenland, I thought it was a joke. Because certainly nobody, not even Trump, would be that stupid.

But I don't think he has a sense of humor or would joke about something like that.

W. Hackwhacker said...

He's narcissistic and stupid enough to think he can pull off a "big real estate deal" so he can stand with Jefferson (Louisiana Purchase) and William Seward (Alaska). Always the big distraction from his failures and grifts.

Nice essay, BB!

Beach Bum said...

Pixel: His first term has been a nightmare, I don't want to imagine another four years would be like.

Hackwhacker: Yeah, he's definitely one of the huge flaws that always appear in democracies.

Ranch Chimp said...

When I heard that Trump wanted Greenland, I was NOT surprised at all ... red flag went up immediately, with me, I been watching Greenland for awhile. Understand, anything this guy does is to make a buck. Is Greenland dumb to buy or get a piece of? ... absolutely not. In fact, the U.S. previously flirted with the idea. What's happening in Greenland now, as a result of global warming, is the ice is melting, agriculture is expanding, which it couldn't before ... and many Greenlanders (of what few there are) have been open to new mining businesses to build the economy ... I touched on this years back on my blog, concerning industrialists, mining and petro companies can't wait for all the ice to melt at the pole areas ... being that there is an abundance of wealth. Technologies today, have shown many investment banks and big players, that Greenland is an abundance of resources waiting to be mined, worth a fortune (this is also the reason they want Afghanistan). It's also great for real estate, cheap, and because of warming, becoming very attractive in a habitable way to live and development. You can also bet, that someone like Putin would love to purchase Greenland too. Greenland means money, and Greenland is asking for industry to move in, however, they are much more environmentally conscious too ... hopefully they won't lose that consciousness as they get intoxicated with wealth growth. Open for business?, yes .... buy them out?, no ... that's where Trump was dumb, thinking they're dumb enough to sell out entirely ... but, those with money ... have a saying "everyone has a price".

As far as re- election or whatever ... the only thing he has going for him, is that 38%(?) or so base ... many of those won't leave him, because many see him as a sort of messiah, it's a religious thing ... they actually think that God has sent him, and we're in the last dayz, or he will rescue America from immorality, they recognize him as a sinner, but believe God chosen him, as a sinner, to reform/ change him or whatever (long story, and too biblically deep). Many even in the republican party don't want him any more. And who can blame them? ... he's running this country like a fly by night, here today gone tomorrow franchise of sort ... he's f*cking up big time on some moves, and big money will even get sick of that eventually, regardless of how many tax cuts he gives them. I sure as f*ck wouldn't vote for this guy, even if he was a democrat, I know when I'm getting f*cked. Many don't. Thanks for the read ... laterz

Jeff said...

Thankfully, I spent most of the past week in the woods, and not listening or reading the news... but this was on thing I heard and I just shook my head. I'm not sure what's going on, but Trump is a master are redirecting the dialogue from things he doesn't like and this probably helped him not to have to do anything about background checks for gun purchases.

The Bug said...

Oh man - I'm just beyond being able to be surprised by this "president" anymore. It's like I've been beaten down so much that I can't muster any emotion about it. Does that mean this is now a domestic abuse situation? Sigh.

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