Sunday, September 25, 2016

I'm still here-sort of-and should be fully functional by October

Time, or the lack of it, totally sucks. The main reason I decided to take a break was because, quite frankly, whenever I tried to sit down at the kitchen table to write several members of my family would invariably rush in and begin some complex project. The usual suspect being my wife who with the assistance of her god-awful expensive blender, made enough noise to wake the dead. The curious counterpoint to making enough noise to trigger a zombie apocalypse is that her blender makes actual human thought impossible when it is used. 
Another issue was a total breakdown in what could be called my creative instinct. I simply couldn't think of a damn thing to write that was even halfway original or interesting. Not that any of my stuff has ever been that inspired to begin with, but even crappy middle age dudes like me would one day like to reach the status of hack writer.

This morning though I reached a bit of a breaking point. I was cutting the backyard feeling disgusted that I was wasting my life in a never ending battle with mother fraking grass. Don't get me wrong, I've never like cutting grass but it's damn near the end of September and I'll probably have to do this shit again one more time before the weather gets cold enough to make my lawn go dormant for the winter.

Somewhere in the back of my head I have this fantasy of buying a fifty-five gallon drum of the most toxic weed killer and spraying it all over my lawn. After that I would burn the now dead grass residue and dance around in the flames laughing like a madman. Some might worry what the neighbors would think if I actually got around to doing those things but they are already working under the assumption that I'm crazy and for better or worse I'm actually okay with them having that opinion of me. They're just a bunch of Trump-loving, semi-suicidal morons deluded enough to think that narcissistic bastard won't frak the country to advance his own interests. My wife on the other hand is another matter, she demands I act civilized and decent in front of the sorry a-holes I am forced to live around. So, that leaves me little else but to take up my writing again and essentially live in the bizarre world that exists between my ears.

I'll leave you with this for now:



Nasreen Iqbal said...

In Arizona, they pull out all of the grass and weeds and just throw rocks in the front yard. It seems strange, but not as strange as all of the rest of the country spending uncounted hours worrying about grass they never walk on.

Blogging takes a ridiculous amount of effort for very little payoff, making it a ridiculous addiction to have.

Still, I like reading yours, so I'm glad to see you haven't gone completely dark.

Ranch Chimp said...

No shit ... your neighbours are "Trumpster's"? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) I wouldnt think most of my neighbours would support Trump (the majority in my neighbourhood are Latino's), havent heard too much popularity of him around the neighbourhood ... but I have talked to several that do support him locally ... at least like what he has to say on some avenues, like greatness, Murika, jobs, jobs and mo jobs or whatever ... I tell them ... dont be fooled by his salesmanship, the guy is a straight up hustler out of NYC ... to be honest Bum, I'm not at all exciting about the Presidential choices this year ... and polls I read say many feel like I do, I would need a jackhammer up my ass to get excited about this election. There is plenty of shit to write about Bum, just a matter of doing it ... I dont see writing about maybe non- interesting material, say like info pertaining to our issues as a waste of time or whatever ... the way I see it, is even if there are thousands of others covering a topic of concern ... there can never be enough postings/ media about it ... and social media is one of the few things that we have in todayz corporate communism controlled society to get that info and thought out there. Later Guy ....

Deron Murphree said...

I, for one, enjoy your writings. If you feel a little burned out, I can relate. I have tried over the past several months to keep up with several blogging sites. Due to my busy schedule called life, I realize now I can only keep up with one. Whenever you are ready to get back into it again, you will. I have kept your site on my blogroll, feel free to add mine to yours.

MigratingSpirit said...

OK first ~ I am so glad to be able to read you again even though indeed I do understand the need to draw back and take some respite.

Second ~ it really sux to be surrounded by Narcissist Lovers who will soon enough be belly aching either because their dictator did not win or their Dictator did win. I live in a town full of em so I know these sucky feelings.

Welcome back ....... and some (((HUGS))).

Pixel Peeper said...

I like reading your stuff, too - don't undersell yourself. I like reading your stuff even if it's not the genre that I usually read. You made me go outside my comfort zone - not just anybody can accomplish that! Looking forward to your return.

I understand all about getting burned out or busy and taking breaks. Nothing wrong with that. Not sure I can give advice about your battle with the lawn. We finally decided to pay someone to do it. Best money ever spent - and we're cheapskates.

I came home tonight to a Trump sign on the neighbors' lawn. Now I'm not sure if I ever want to wave hello to them again.

The Bug said...

We have our Clinton/Kaine sign in the yard. I have to admit that we were cowardly - we didn't put it up until our favorite neighbors left on an extended trip to visit their kids in Arizona :)

Oh the grass! Gah! In spring I'm all, "this is great exercise!" (we have a push mower) But now? Just shoot me!