Saturday, March 5, 2016

Nomad Feet- Short Weekend Trip to the Coast

My wife and I had to drive down to Edisto Island a couple of weekends ago to visit her former boss due to a family tragedy. After our visit, we drove around looking at the place with me getting out and doing an all too short of a walk on the beach. Being the off-season, the island had that quiet and secluded feel I use to get walking around Myrtle Beach during the same time of the year.  

Serious retro post office located at Adams Run. Back in the 1970's both Pawleys Island and Murrells Inlet, South Carolina had similar small mail outposts that oozed character. Then there was the massive construction in those areas during the 1980's with the federal government being forced to build a larger but tasteless glass and brick structure to handle the influx of new people. Whenever I find myself driving by that new post office I figure the first hurricane to hit that area will utterly destroy the thing. 

After leaving Edisto, we hit Charleston for a few hours and ended up having lunch at a place called Rue De Jean on John Street. For reasons I can't remember we decided to eat inside, which in hindsight I feel was a mistake. One of the things you must consider when you visit Charleston is that from late spring to the middle of fall the heat and humidity will wear the average person out. During that visit the temperature was in the 60's and the humidity was almost non-existent. It would have been a perfect time to eat outside. 

Rue De Jean had great food but the inside was a little dull and stuffy for me.

I had the shredded beef sandwich. As I mentioned, it was quite good by the service was a little slow there and I had already filled up on bread.

Saw this food truck on King Street, I seriously geeked out on the name. For those who aren't into Star Trek the name is a play on a Vulcan greeting. I felt even worse after reading the menu, they had lobster tacos!!!!!!
Without a doubt, Charleston has the best and most interesting restaurants east of New Orleans. As we walked I saw this place and instantly wished we had tried it. 

A small garden somewhere on Meeting Street. My wife has been doing a lot of walking to lose weight and our trip that weekend messed up her usual schedule so she tried to make it up there. Given her NORMAL day job, she get to leave her office and walk during breaks. I on the other hand work nights and can only really have significant walks during my weekends. This has me at a disadvantage and she about gave me a heart attack trying to keep up with her. Barely had time to take any photos. 

After each visit to Charleston I come away with the feeling that at some point I will be too old old, ugly, and uncool to be allowed inside the city limits. At one point I found myself walking behind a cluster of people who looked like models from a fashion shoot. I've got to admit, I miss the time decades ago when Charleston was a sleepy little southern town. 
Some place back on King Street I saw this guy sitting down and playing the violin. Yeah, I rushed over and dropped a couple of bucks in his tip jar. Funny thing, as I crossed the street the guy saw me coming and got this scared look on his face almost as if he thought I was coming to mug him. Yeah, I can have that effect on some people. I'm 6'-5", with a build and look that has been compared to a disgruntled drill sergeant who was looking forward to taking out his frustrations on his trainee soldiers. I don't mind too much, because for some reason babies and dogs always think I'm cuddly and cool.


The Bug said...

Charleston was ok, but I like Savannah better :) Love the food truck!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

That sounds like my kinda trip, only I would have probably wanted to linger longer on the beach. Best place in the world to walk, especially when it isn't overrun with people.

We haven't visited Charleston yet, but I want to. When we do, I hope we find that food truck. I mean... lobster tacos??? That in itself sounds worth the drive. :)

Pixel Peeper said...

The restaurant where you ate looks great...and so does your food. I don't think you can get bad food in Charleston if you tried. Love the name of the food truck - I'm a sucker for clever names/puns.

One thing I regret is not visiting Charleston often enough while we lived in South Carolina. But you know how it is...not enough money, not enough time, too exhausted on the weekends, or busy with soccer practices. The last time I was in Charleston (almost two years ago), I found the downtown area just overrun with tourists. Still loved it, though.

And you did NOT meet up with Joan???

sage said...

Sounds like a good trip, but I'm with Bug (I like Savannah better). Until April 2014, I'd never been to Savannah (I'd passed it on 95 and via train, but never ventured over to the city). I'd been to Charleston many times, but I have to say I am rather fond of Savannah--hence taking the job here when I was offered it in 2014...

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah Bum, Charleston is really one of the most beautiful and laid back of east coast cites (I been up and down the coast from the Florida Keys to Quebec) and really fixed up nice these days from what it looks, the historic preservation looks awesome too. Had a few musician buddies in the underground music scene that frequented gigs there, my buddy Joe Christ(RIP) loved that towns music underground scene as far as touring, very laid back atmosphere. Great weather and beaches humidity or not for the most part of the year. Damn man, I didnt know you were 6'-5", I thought like 6'ft or so ... Hell ... I would probably wake up too if you were running towards me! I'm like 5'10"/5'11" ... that's cool guy, if you want to call me "Shorty" {:-)

Marja said...

Don't scare that poor man ;) lol
That island looks very attractive what I can see of it. I absolutely love islands. We already went to 2 pacific islands and the next one will be the cook islands
Charleston looks good. I didn't know that it is so hot out there although I only know celcius so I have to translate the exact temperature.
Good on your wife for walking regularly I used to do that but my tendons are playing up so I can't walk for long.
I have the same can only do it in the weekends

Cirze said...

My cousin, Alice Grimsley, is an artist on Edisto. Say "Hi" next time you're there. She has some absolutely stunning art, and she's a lovely person - her husband Rick too.

Glad you enjoyed yourselves. I envied your luck when I was reading your tale.

It must be terrific weather there now.

Thanks for the update.