Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nomad Feet--Last day at Disney's Hilton Head Resort

As usual, the last full day of my vacation found me in a hammock plotting nothing less than revolution on both the personal and global scale. My seditious thoughts revolved around the basic question as to why in the hell would anyone willingly leave such a beautiful place. Vacations, if they are good, relax the body and open up the mind to a whole spectrum of ideas that would otherwise be oppressed during the normal routine of daily life. As for those ideas I developed while relaxing in that hammock, I'd like to think I can make a few of the personal ones work for a change.

My wife, daughter, and I stayed in a studio suite on this visit to Disney's Hilton Head Resort. Except for a small refrigerator and a microwave there was no real way to cook in the room so we either ate out or ordered in, this required me to finish off the pizza we had for dinner a few night before. I must admit, that cold slice of pepperoni  pizza I had for breakfast while sitting next the marsh was one of the best meals of the trip. 

Okay, this is going to sound weird but I can't remember a time I have ever saw anyone staying in these condos across the water. The building itself is in great shape along with the crystal clear pool but on that beautiful and already stifling hot Friday morning it looked deserted, just as it has every other time in the past.   

After my pizza breakfast I came across several guys just hanging out watching something intently. After joining the group I discovered they were watching a yoga class taking place on paddle boards. The group was made up almost entirely of ladies in bikinis doing some complex positions on the boards. Now I admit I hung out with the guys for several minutes watching the class. Yes, it was crass and totally immature and possibly sexist for grown men to stand around gawking at those ladies like nerdy high school boys. While I cannot speak for my male compatriots, since I was already in a seditious mood I decided to embrace the immature side of myself and take a couple of pictures.   

Late that afternoon a massive and angry thunderstorm moved in that lasted for hours. Far from spoiling anything the storm brought back memories of similar events back in my hometown in which my grandfather would pull out a lawn chair and sit underneath his carport and enjoy the weather. For reasons I can't figure out such storms are rare in the little suburban town I live, in fact I have watched television weather reports in which a line of thunderstorms heading towards the greater Columbia area split in half and go different ways. 

A short video of the storm along with my daughter complaining about not being able to go crabbing.


joeh said...

The lights are on in that condo, where are the people?

Looks like a great spot, but why couldn't you take your daughter crabbing, it was just a little old storm?

Beach Bum said...

Joeh: LOL!!!!! Yeah, but while the video clip doesn't show it the lightning was magnificent.

As far as those condos are concerned, you're right, the lights stay on all through the day and into the night. Looking over and not seeing anyone at the pool once or twice during this visit is nothing but I honestly can't remember ever seeing anyone there. I will concede that the kayaks do appear to change positions, so I guess someone does occasionally use them.

Pixel Peeper said...

Do not feel guilty...if it had been guys doing yoga on those paddle boards, I would have looked, too. And taken pics. :-p

The Tampa Bay area is known for dangerous lightning. Just educate Darth Wiggles about fried organs and paralysis from the neck down; she'll quit complaining about not being able to go crabbing. Or maybe she won't quit complaining...I know teenagers.

Beach Bum said...

Pixel: I've tried to explain to the young female Sith Lord that lightning cares nothing for the those wanting to play in the rain. It goes in one ear and out the other. At least since we have returned to the happy suburban wonderland of preplanned communities and strip malls with copycat national chain stores such storms are rare.

Really, it seems thunderstorms avoids this place for some reason.

goatman said...

The yoga afficinados must demonstrate their acumen; its part of the deal.

Akelamalu said...

I think maybe the ladies on surfboards practising Yoga knew you guys were all watching! I'm curious as to why you've never seen anyone in the condo across the water, maybe you should stay there next time!

Marja said...

Yoga on paddle boats Now that is new to me lol
Sounds like a big storm What ashame
Crabbing would have been so much fun

lime said...

i know a lady who teaches paddleboard yoga. i'm certainly not up to that level of practice! sounds like vacation was just as it should be though.