Saturday, June 14, 2014

When the Iraqi Poop Hits the Sectarian Fan

Given the deteriorating situation in that post-colonial Frankenstein monster of a country called Iraq I would bet a pile of money I do not have that Dick Cheney is one happy bastard right now. Not only did he and the Weaker Bush get away with pushing the United States into a war based on lies, get hundreds of thousands of people killed, and spend close to a TRILLION bucks in the process, the whole sorry mess begins imploding on the current president. In a dark and sinister way it's an incredible joke of cosmic proportions, especially since his Dickness with the transplanted heart has done everything but use the the “N word” to let it be known he considers President Obama on par with household mold or some common fungus.

Possibly the only thing worse than a happy, old, rich monster perched in his easy chair eating the fresh of little babies is the abject joy from the millions of right-wingers dealing with the self-righteous indignation and thinly disguised delight that Obama might have “lost” Iraq during his administration. The only trouble with such assumptions is that this impending disaster was constructed by both the obscenely shortsighted Shiite dominated Iraqi government and by none other than Weaker Bush himself.

For those who may not know the Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, a Shiite, has done everything possible to alienate the Sunni minority, who along with the Kurds are the third faction that makes up that country. It's all part of a vicious cycle of payback that goes back centuries but can more directly be traced to when the now very dead Saddam, a Sunni and confirmed monster, spent decades running roughshod over the other two groups. Iraq is the ultimate example of how payback is not only a bitch but a surreal merry-go-round in which one group spends a period oppressing others only to spend a time being persecuted all the while seeking ways to return to power.

Now enter Weaker Bush struggling to crawl out from daddy's more successful shadow and you have a recipe for a epic disaster. The years have flown by but I remember all the moaning and groaning when Stronger Bush decided not to go after Saddam after leading the Desert Storm coalition of nations that kicked that particular bastard out of Kuwait. No illusions here folks, yes Saddam did make a blatant power grab by invading a smaller nation and he did have aspirations of playing in the international big leagues armed with some serious chemical weapons. Before anyone gets all confused as to how Saddam amassed such weapons they should look up a very inconvenient photograph showing he had once been BFF's with none other than Donald Rumsfeld. Essentially, it boils down to the old maxim, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. At least until this friend of strict convenience screws around with the business partners of some serious Washington DC insiders.

The logic behind Stronger Bush's decision not to remove Saddam had to deal with something called realpolitik. The powers that be felt keeping the Sunni following Saddam in power with a still reasonably intact military was just the ticket to prevent Shiite dominated Iran from messing with the region's other oil producing nations, and more importantly Israel. Yeah I'll say it again Saddam was a pretentious monster, but when Weaker Bush invaded Iraq, first to find non-existent weapons of mass destruction, then to spread the seeds of glorious democracy he removed the one thing holding that country together and that was the dictator.

After all that spilled American blood and treasure the Mailiki government has so alienated the Sunni minority that they are siding with a terrorist organization that scares the hell out of al Qaeda. Republicans here in the United States can't wave their fingers in disgust fast enough saying we shouldn't have removed our troops from Iraq. Well, on that one it looks like I have to agree in a strictly tongue-in-cheek way, the only problem is that damn few of the nauseous combination of chickenhawks, armchair generals, and dementia-tainted old fucks were offering up their own kids to relieve the pressure on troops that had already served three, four, and even five tours in that hellish sandbox. You want an empire in such an unstable area where we are often considered invading infidels trying to restart the Crusades? Well you damn well better be willing to sacrifice your kids on the alter of national glory and a hell of a lot of more money than just the trillion we already spent.

Iraq was created after World War One when Britain and France craved up the remains of the defeated Ottoman Empire. From what I have read there was little concern given to the lumping of the Kurds, Sunni, and Shiites together with the result being the stitched-together Frankenstein monster. As I have explained the only thing that held them together was abject fear.

As of this writing, Iran--with its Shiite majority—will be sending several hundred of its Revolutionary Guards to fight alongside what remains of the Shiite dominated Iraqi army along with long established local militias. The Kurds, who for years have waited of an excuse to declare independence, appear to be grabbing as much oil rich territory in northern Iraq as they can.

Why are those two issues important? While there is little chance Saudi Arabia will get directly involved it has a Sunni majority population and boys and girls the question for the day is what was the country of origin for most if not all the 9/11 attackers back in 2001? As for the Kurds, well there is a complex relationship between them, Turkey, and Iran, which have sizable Kurdish minorities living in their territories all dreaming of a greater Kurdistan. No country likes to even consider it might lose territory. Long story short, we could be looking at a regional war with the major powers nervously standing on the sidelines calculating the advantages and liabilities of becoming involved.

So boys and girls, if you like the excitement provided by this collective unraveling of recent and nearly century old screwed up decision making fasten your seat belts, because it looks like we're in for a bumpy ride. The one certainty in all this is that I would bet even more money I don't have Weaker Bush will be at home calmly painting his cute little pictures. 



Pixel Peeper said...

I have no idea what the solution is for this area of the world. I think this witches' kettle could be cooled down a bit if oil became...well, somewhat unimportant.

If we relied on other sources of energy ("freaking solar roadways" etc.?) and oil became less important and cheap, the situation could be diffused. Somewhat. Maybe. Hopefully.

It wasn't Reagan's Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall! that made communism in Eastern Europe crumble, it was the fact that oil was plentiful and cheap during that time. Russia just plain ran out of money.

Life As I Know It Now said...

The only trouble with such assumptions is that this impending disaster was constructed by both the obscenely shortsighted Shiite dominated Iraqi government and by none other than Weaker Bush himself.

Exactly. Fuck Cheney and his fake evil heart. Will that piece of shit ever fucking die and leave us good people alone?

Cirze said...

I'm with LAIKIN.

Good one, sweetie!