Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Reasons for the Way I Am

Many in my misbegotten family wonder why I am a liberal, at best they feel I am naive and lack some basic understanding of how the world works but more than likely the explanation for my strange behavior they share with each other involves a lack of IQ points on my part. Truthfully, my liberal tendencies are something I have had to deal with most of my life often hiding my true feelings to fit in what can be sarcastically called “Jesus Land.” Although, little in the way of the true teachings of Christ can readily be seen in a state that still takes a large amount of pride in slavery and armed sedition with the former only whispered about amongst the right kind of people. Sure, the majority around here happily clutch their expensive leather bound Bibles as they dutifully walk into church every Sunday morning but as painful experience has taught me, few base their Christianity on the enlighten views of the New Testament. They cling to a vengeful Old Testament God who plays favorites among Humanity and never forgives.   

Hell, I will even admit to flirting with conservative beliefs for a few years. However, I always came back to my core liberal values because I could not shake the feeling that conservatism for the most part was mentally trying to put a round peg in a square hole. To be fair, I do know some sincere conservatives and their point that government can be tyrannical and that a person has a right to their liberty and property is not something any intelligent person can blithely dismiss. I just wish these honest and intelligent conservatives would rise up and reject the Ayn Rand inspired insanity and proto-fascist stance of those who now control the party of Lincoln.     

To see a multimillionaire get on television and almost cry into the camera claiming some special privilege as compared to the rest of society first smacks of lunacy and then of a basic lack of understanding of what modern America is suppose to be about. Call me a dinosaur but in this country all men and women are suppose to be equal under the law with no one entertaining special aristocratic privileges. That these multimillionaires and self proclaimed “Job Creators” have so many sycophants in the middle and working classes makes me wish immigrating to Australia or New Zealand was easy.

I hold liberal values because I do believe we are our brother's keeper. That while self-control and personal responsibility are vital for a healthy and productive individual and society, life is far too tumultuous and chaotic to classify those less fortunate as just lazy and wanting to live off those who work. It would be nice if modern conservatism just stopped there, but in recent years it has an embraced a fatalistic view that as long as I have mine the rest of the world can go to Hell. Very little binds these people to the collective fate of us all, except of course when their lives or processions are threatened by some disaster.

As it can be guessed, I will be voting for President Obama on Election Day. Unlike many progressives, I never saw him as a Messiah; he is just a man full of weaknesses and flaws like everyone else. To believe that in four years he could have solved all the problems this country faced and personally addressed the countless pet issues of a spoiled population defies logic. In truth, it is a simplistic view that rivals the worst of the moronic conservatives.

I am voting for President Obama because for me it is a statement that I am not just part of a nation that at one time attempted to make life better for everyone no matter their place in society. But that for me it boils down to at least a little knowledge of history that says expanding the scope and reach of freedom is always the right path and the belief, however imperfect, that we are in this cold and hostile world with no one to depend on but each other.


R W Rawles said...

A very eloquent statement and you done good by putting it on the record.

For myself, I want to go on record as loving my government and hating theirs.

jadedj said...

Nice post that expresses exactly how I feel.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Well said. I may be seen by some as a "bleeding heart", (especially in my uber-red state of Georgia) but I say, in order to be a bleeding heart, one first has to HAVE a heart, and the Republican party seems to have lost theirs.

Life As I Know It Now said...

I voted for Obama too, not that it will count for much in red Indiana but I want Obama to win the popular vote too and not just the electoral college.

lime said...

very well said, my friend. i find myself capable or raising the hackles of both my conservative and my liberal friends so i don't know what that makes me but i do agree we are our brother's keepers and the i got mine and don't care if you got yours mentality is completely odious in all ways.

Mike Williams said...

At one time in my life, or perhaps it was the people I associated with, your attitude was the prevalent one. I still find it makes more sense than any other way of viewing things. So more power to you and the folks who like what you have to say.

Windsmoke. said...

From what i am hearing and seeing down here President Obama is the most likely winner lets hope so.

Pixel Peeper said...

I like what you wrote and how you wrote it.

My resolution for next year is to become an American citizen, that way I can vote in the next election.

Mr. Charleston said...

No doubt Obama was in over his head in the first term and more than once pissed me off for not having enough backbone. Having said that, there is no way I can vote for someone as slimy as Romney.
But have no fear. In the words of Winston Churchill, "Americans always do the right thing, after they have exhausted every other possibility."

Akelamalu said...

I'm glad your man got in again. He's very popular over here in the UK. :)

Collin Hinds said...

Well said, brother.

Beach Bum said...

RW: The biggest problem about our government and the nation as a whole is that our wars are the only things that really define us right now.

JadeJ: Thank you!

Susan: I agree, its hard to think of anyone else when you have no real awareness that other people face their own problems.

Life As We Know It: It was the same for me here in South Carolina.

Lime: So true!

Mike: Thanks!

Windsmoke: Yeah, Obama won and the republicans are falling all over themselves whining about it.

Pixel: Personally, like I wrote I'd split if New Zealand would take me. The majority of conservatives ain't wrapped very tight and from my observations could easily go all insurrectionist.

Mr. Charleston: I agree, and lets hope Obama's learning curve is all up from here.

Akelamalu: Not to steal from one of my heroes Winston but Obama's victory is the end of the beginning for real reform here. We have a very long way to go.

Collin: Thanks!

Sue H said...

I don't pretend to understand all the ins and outs of American politics, and over here in the UK we have had quite massive coverage of the race for the White House, but Romney came over as slightly rabid in his campaign!

Obama is certainly a good orator and at least speaks like a decent human being; it has been interesting to see his policies on healthcare reform beginning to be unveiled. Sadly it seems he has an uphill struggle to get anything constructive achieved when he has to battle congress (or is it the house of representatives...I am fairly easily confused by the two - forgive my ignorance!)

I firmly believe we all need to own the saying "I AM MY BROTHER'S KEEPER" - the true cost of cheap clothing, food and luxury items that make our lives so much more pleasant here in the West is usually paid for by abusing the right to offer a decent wage to third-world producers. Buying fair-trade goods may hurt my pocket, but why should someone else have to go without a decent wage in order to make my life more pleasant?

If we could kick the 'greed' out of 'need' perhaps this world would be a much nicer place to live in! It doesn't take much and if we all made a little effort just think what we could achieve!

Red Nomad OZ said...

Well ... looks like you don't have to put your plans to emigrate into practice just yet!!!