Saturday, May 19, 2012

Darth Wiggles at her acting recital

In an attempt to channel some of Darth Wiggles' excessive energy my wife found an acting class for her to attend back in January. During the first couple of classes Wiggles was very shy around her fellow students to the point she meekly asked my wife and I if she could drop out. Of course, we answered that question with a huge no even though for several more classes she went through the motions of protesting the activity.

Once she arrived at the class and got around her fellow students and new friends her attitude changed completely. So much that Wiggles would come running back towards the small waiting area and demand the parent that had come with her leave so she would not be embarrassed. That was fine with me, the waiting area only had four seats and I am terrible at small talk, so once she had settled in I would retreat to my car outsude in the parking lot. But not before standing in the hallway and watching her and the other children for a few minutes.

Watching her classes were amazing, kids as young as five years-old were acting with real emotion and energy. While I can at least watch a movie and know when the actors are good, I have never understood the mechanics of how they crafted feeling and sincerity into a play or movie. Even watching Wiggles class for a short time I saw how the instructor guided mere kids into becoming serious performers.

The class recital was this afternoon at a local church with Wiggles and the rest of the group performing short skits. The older kids, those twelve and up, took on some serious subject like parental divorce, school bullies, and suicide. The regular class session is over until September but Wiggles will be attending an acting summer camp. Here is a short video of her monologue, and yes, I am very proud, 

I would have included some of the other performances but I do not want to open a can of potential internet worms by showing other peoples children on video.


Leslie Parsley said...

Very impressive - and I really mean that. I adore Ms Wiggles and hope she keeps wiggling with great gusto.

Pixel Peeper said...

Miss Darth Wiggles is quite good - love the little foot stomp!

I've found that kids who have enough guts and skill to perform in front of a group tend to be the leaders in their adult lives.

cloudia charters said...


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Windsmoke. said...

No stage fright there, well done Miss Wiggles :-).

Vigilante said...

You have every good reason to be proud, Beach!

lime said...

aw, good job she did there. i was a drama club nerd all through jr hi and college. i really enjoyed it. kept me sane in school. and for those folks who think team sports are the only way to learn teamwork....nuh-uh..put on a production and you'll find out.

Tim Jones said...

Awesome. I miss those days with my own kids. Thanks for sharing.

Beach Bum said...

Leslie: She keeps me very busy and tired.

Pixel: Wiggles does have a very outgoing personality but around grownups she does not know she gets very shy.

Cloudia: Thanks!

Windsmoke: She was scared right before she did her skit.

Vigil: She's my girl!

Lime: I actually believe Wiggles will stay with this class for the foreseeable future. Along with her horseback riding.

Tim: With my son two years away from going to college I already feel the shadow of at least one leaving the nest.

Mr. Charleston said...

Good job. With authority and no shyness I could detect.

Akelamalu said...

She's talented!!