Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Massive Summer Suckage

This summer has entered the realm of massive and unprecedented suckage.  The unrelenting heat and near constant demands on my time trying to maintain the putrid remains of what mindless drones still call the "American Dream" is close to shredding what few active synaptic connections I have in my brain.  I've had only one trip to the beach and my current schedule makes it improbable that I will make it again before Labor Day. Boys and girls, I ain't called "Beach Bum" just because I'm a handsome fool on a surfboard, my mental health is very dependent on burying my feet in warm sand while smelling the salty ocean air and seeing the waves crash on shore.

Throw in the Nero-like idiots up in Washington fiddling while the country burns and I have to wonder about the old adage that says God looks after fools and the United States of America. Given what is going on and that the republicans are attempting to piss on us all and claim its rain maybe the big guy has decided we ain't worth the hassle anymore. Please forgive the following video, it is my attempt to restore some jovial balance to the damaged grey matter between my ears. Plus, I like the dancing crabs.       


Cloudia said...

We got da Summah Time blues!

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral


> < } } ( ° >

< ° ) } } > <

Lowandslow said...

"Summer suckage"...You DO have a way with words, Bum. Such eloquence!

I'm thinking if the Dems and Repubs dick around too much longer I may get my much-dreamed-of revolution. :)


Tag said...

2-3-4 Tell the people what she wore.

Leslie Morgan said...

A revolution would take a mighty swipe at the suckage, now that it's been mentioned! And, Bum, I'm wit' ya. Between the Washington Follies, shootings in Norway, this, that and the other thing, it just seems a low-down time. We're ALL struggling, it seems, to maintain the lifestyle we sought. I can barely think of a handful of friends who DON'T have legitimate reasons to feel anxious. I'm another who gets refilled at the seashore and it's been too damned long. Crabs don't draw me, but cool temperatures, a beach lifestyle and a visit to places well-remembered . . ugh. I need a happy jolt. And I promise to be more positive the next time I comment.

Windsmoke. said...

I reckon you need a very long holiday by the beach stretched out on the sand with an esky full of cold tinnies :-).

Beach Bum said...

Cloudia: More like the cabin fever Jimmy mentions in his song "Boat Drink".

LowandSlow: I agree both dems and repubs are playing the role of the French aristocracy right before the start of the French Revolution. I have to give the asshole edge to the republicans for several reason but mainly because Speaker Boner got on television talking smack about Obama wanting a year-long extension to the debt limit because of his reelection.

As soon as I heard that on television I was screaming, "Come the Hell on, Boner Dude!" Yeah maybe, maybe POTUS wants a year-long extension for that reason but while I will NEVER be the sharpest knife in any drawer Boner and the other repubs want a six month extension for political reasons so they can beat Obama aside the head with it for their own reelection.

Another reason is because if the repubs multi-millionaire and billionaire buddies are so delicate they can't cough up some extra loot for the country while poor folks suffer through massive cuts in programs that help them maybe they should leave for greener pastures.

As for dems, my disappointment and disgust for many of their actions holds no bounds. I'll just write that out of the nearly trillion-dollar stimulus, which I know helped a little, it never the less was largely a bust. We have millions unemployed without much hope to find any jobs and a national infrastructure approaching third-world levels of disrepair.

It shouldn't take a dumbass South Carolina redneck socialist to figure out what SHOULD have been done with that money. FDR is still spinning in his grave.

Tag: In my dreams, as little as possible on a beach.

Leslie: Yeah, its piss poor times right now. God help us, I'm next to sure we have not seen the worst yet.

Windsmoke: I would almost be flying to the beach this weekend if I wasn't on call at the hospital. On a completely different note, what does it take to get a resident visa for Austraila?

Sherry said...

Yep, massive summer suckage indeed!

Randal Graves said...

The big cheese is still looking after fools.

Now, pour yourself another cold one and practice scowling.

Akelamalu said...

You definitely need to go to the beach, Beach!

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

I can't do this video clip, Beach. Not enough sunstroke yet. Maybe later!

Windsmoke. said...

The only thing i know for you to qualify for an resident visa is to show you can contribute to The Australian economy by having a job and various other things which i have no ides what they are. So come on down to the land down under you won't be sorry :-).

Pixel Peeper said...

You definitely need a weekend at the beach. The salt air in your face and the warm sand between your toes will cure a lot of ills.

A number of years ago, I was quite stressed out about my job. I had gone a whole spring without taking pictures of magnolias or dogwoods. I finally decided to just take a weekend and went to Myrtle Beach.

When I came back, I quit that stressful job. Not that I recommend that, but do go to the beach. The grass won't grow that fast that you can't get away for a day or two.

lime said...

i feel your pain man. i just had my second runaway to the beach time totally ripped away from me. i'm highly annoyed. after the year i've had i want more beach time with nothing required of me than to read, swim, and drink, and occasionally attend to personal hygiene.

hope you get some beach time before labor day. hope i do too.

Beach Bum said...

Sherry: And its increasing.

Randal: Cold ones are about my only recourse right now. Scowling at the locals here is one of my favorite hobbies.

Akelamalu: Actually it would do me wonders to leave on the coast again but that will have to wait.

Doc: Easy for you to say you old fart, you can sailing.

Windsmoke: May haver to try and come down, the bullshit is running deep up here and getting worse. Sort of imagine living somewhere in Western Austriala near the coast.

Pixel: Planning a possible mutiny sometime in August.

Lime: Like the song "Boat Drinks" says, "I'm close to bodily harm", a coworker or asshole local will do.

Mr. Charleston said...

Could be Summer Sucketh. They seem to sucketh more with each passing year. I was once advised to stay out of the way of the big boys, to make my way between the globular masses of corporate and government and avoid being crushed. Problem is, there seems to be no place left to hide and I'm running out of steam.

Liberality said...

isn't it amazing that when Waa Street needed billions and billions and billions of dollars they got the Congress to give it to them just like that! but when it comes to the American public it's just politics and bullshit as usual?

Yes, I am totally disgusted!

Liberality said...

Uh, I meant Wall Street

Marja said...

Wish you a lot of beach time soon, beach. I actually enjoyed the video made me dance inside my chair but than hey I am a child at theart

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

The way that I see it, that little green fellow is significantly further up the food chain than either Reid OR McConnell....Some pretty damn good stuff there, man!

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Some sanity, at long last. TY Beach, you take me away... like usual. :-)