Friday, January 7, 2011

A Side Trip To Harry Potter Land

Wanted to post something real quick because they charge out the ying yang for wifi where we are staying so I will not run off at the mouth like I usually do. Left a day early to hit the new Harry Potter Land at Universal Studios in Orlando. Dragonwife thinks Potter dude is hot so we spent the day hanging out at his new theme park. Wasn't half bad and actually the ride,"The Forbidden Adventure" housed here at what amounts to the American campus of Hogwarts was awesome! One word of serious as a heart attack warning, if you ever come get here as soon as the doors for the ride open. We did and it was still a twenty minute wait. A couple of hours later the line was A MILE LONG. No jokes or any type of exaggeration, after you add up all the twists and turns in the line they had setup for people feeding into the ride it can get a mile long. Wait times for four to five hours are said to be common.

As for the "The Forbidden Adventure" or whatever hell its called imagine a ride that throws you from side to side as it goes and team that up with an IMAX screen and as well as all sorts of mechanical phantoms, spirits, monsters, and irritating Hogwarts students and you have something that people almost get religious over. Yeah, some of the fans walked out of the place like they had just experienced a vision of the Virgin Mary. 

Stayed the last two days at the Loews Royal Pacific at Universal Studios and it is freaking sweet. Old time style but like I mentioned, had to pawn Miss Wiggles for several minutes of wifi. Leaving tomorrow for the Disney Cruise, hope everyone is doing okay. After finishing up with the parks and getting Dragonwife and Wiggles to bed I went and hung out at the resort tiki bar. Met a bunch of great people, including the bartender Jessica who had me dreaming of ways to take her on the cruise.  Later everyone, will have boring videos of the ship and activities sometime late tomorrow.


Cloudia said...

Wow nice!

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral



lime said...

have a great time! sounds like things are going well so far.

David Barber said...

Have a great time, Beach. Although it sounds like you're having one already!!

Windsmoke. said...

Sounds like you're having a fantastic time, enjoy it while you can, have an ale or two or three on me, cheers!.

MRMacrum said...

Yeah well..........I'd rather shovel snow anyway.

Lowandslow said...

"....the bartender Jessica who had me dreaming of ways to take her on the cruise. "

Ummm....I'm guessing Dragonwife doesn't read this? And if she does, and you live to write another post, or better yet, if she lets Jessica come with y'all, I want you to give me some pointers on how to handle women. Haha!


Lowandslow said...

"....bartender Jessica who had me dreaming of ways to take her on the cruise."

Ummm....I'm guessing your wife

Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Great to you know you are having a good time. Enjoy!