Friday, October 22, 2010

Barely Balanced, and I'm not just talking about myself

Shamefully ducking yard work responsibilities again last weekend the family loaded up and went to the Carolina Renaissance Festival up in Charlotte, North Carolina to enjoy a plenitude of nerdy activities. Saw lots of dudes, taking this stuff far too seriously, jousting on horse back putting to shame any testy arguments I have seen equally nerdy Trekkies conduct. The knights were carrying real swords so I give them the "edge" since the only weapons the Trekkies have ever carried are plastic phasers.

Gangs of Mafia-like monks with massive attitudes walked around selling indulgences to us poor peasants. Yes, they made the proverbial offers no one could refuse, the threat of eternal hell fire and a muscle bound monk can be very persuasive. I coughed up five bucks and had my soul blessed and got a nice t-shirt that the monks assure me that when St. Peter sees me wearing it in line at the Pearly Gates he will usher me right in. Call me a Doubting Thomas but I am skeptical but the muscle bound monk was quite the salesman.

Several pirates prowled the crowd apparently confused since they were so far away from the coast. But I had a good time with a busty pirate lady who said something about keel hauling me in a suggestive manner.

Now some might wonder why I didn't post more pictures especially with a multitude of ladies walking around wearing tight Renaissance costumes with their ample ta-ta's about explode outward. Well I did take a lot of pictures but frankly they sucked, except for the few pictures of said ladies I just mentioned. My one issue with them was that the fine ladies were carrying far more edged weapons this year and I quickly got the "point" of their displeasure at being treated as objects of sexual desire.

One small update, I'm hating the big dude on the left side of the picture featuring the fairy Twig and Miss Wiggles.

The best parts were the shows put on by various artists. Namely the group called "Barely Balanced" who put on a great show. If you have any Renaissance festivals in your area try and go see these great performers. Now the big drawback about escaping yard work last weekend is all the extra stuff I am looking at tomorrow.

video video


Bill's Big Bamboo said...

Good video. I can't imagine the skill/strength required to be the bottom guy holding the other two.

tnlib said...

We went to the one outside of Larkspur, CO. Fun - but oh-my-God expensive. Not like your county fair.

sunshine said...

I'd love to go to one of these fairs. I've never heard of them around these parts but, I'm sure if I looked hard enough, I'd find one.

Miss Wiggles looks so grown up in that picture. :)


Cloudia said...

enjoy your pastoral weekend :)

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral


MRMacrum said...

Used to be a reny fair that set up shop every summer about 15 miles from here. I went once or twice, but it was just too odd. Especially after a lifetime of the Acton Fair. If it doesn't smell like diesel, sheep shit, and cotton candy, it ain't really a fair. Horse pulls, oxen pulls and for those high end farmers, the tractor pull.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Choice! or as Spencer might say, "Cheroice"... and who is that ahole in the shot?
I love it when you make me feel great out of nowhere this early in the morning. See what cha do with a drunken sailor?
Good stuff... them barely doin' it folk, too!

Ranch Chimp said...

Well Beach Bum ... it look's like you had a couple Happy Campers with ya! And at least ya got a T-shirt out of the $5 buck's for memorabilia ... I actually have a sword hand carved in Spain along the blade, but nope ... I dont dress up. :)

There is an event I posted a tad about that I attended a few time's down in cities in Mexico called "Dia de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) ... it is some awesome pageantry and costuming, just dont eat the lil worm in the bottom of the tequila bottle, (but I do) :) ... sort of equivalent I reckon to our Halloween/ Samhain, held November 1st.

As far as thing's like yard work Guy .... I was looking over the yard/ patio at my place the other day ... then of course looked at the rake, stood with my hand's on hip's giving another look at it, and the rake again ... then just said ... "What the Hell ... what I dont do today will be here tomorrow!" :)

St.Peter wont even notice the T-Shirt ... Hell ... he's drunk half the time these day's! :)

Later Dude!

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Bum ... not sure if ya keep up with Baseball or not ... but Texas Rangers (Dallas) will be going to the World Series!! (first time) they took out the New York Yankees here last night @ Arlington ... dude ... this town was so bent out of shape and excited ... folk's were still in the street's partying 4:30am this morning! Folk's in my neighborhood were shooting gun's in the air (I stood inside on that one) ... my neighborhood is like 80% Mexicano ... so it's customary :)

lime said...

sounds like it was a fun way to evade yardwork. those acrobats were pretty impressive...holy cow!

Beach Bum said...

Bill: What gets me is that they live off tips taken at the end of the show and the sale of their DVD's.

Tnlib: Yeah it was expensive, we always spend more money than we take. Mainly its the food, I had a huge piece of fish and fries and it cost me close to ten dollars.

Sunshine: You would have a blast, the always have a bunch of great acts and they usually pull members of the audience which opens up a huge can of worms for someone like me. Those pictures and videos of me are highly classified.

Both our girls are growing up quickly and from my end I am feeling old.

Cloudia: Could use a warm breeze right now.

Mike: We go every year and like I mentioned to Laura I have embarrassed myself several times. What does freak me out are the people who attend in costumes that are often more elaborate than the people working at the fair.

Gwen: Thanks, and it was fun. Sort of want to go back again, it was a little hot that day.

Ranch: LOL!!! The worm and I are old friends-or enemies- depending on my point of view. We did yard work yesterday and after three hours my son and I mutinied, after that I grilled and had a few beers which in the long run was a mistake. Had an urge to haul ass away from the house but couldn't.

Can't stand the Yankees, very happy the Rangers beat them.

Lime: They are great and have other videos on You Tube.

Marja said...

Oh what a wonderful fetival. I love the top picture with the beautifully dressed woman and the cute girl Is she yours? You all must have had a fantastic day.

Beach Bum said...

Marja: Yeah, the little girl is my Miss Wiggles.

Michaela said...

Hi back at ya! Thanks for dropping by my blog My Ex is Dracula! I have another blog where I post more often, it's called Oxygen (under my profile). I like your playful style. And, nerdy is the new cool! xo Sydney, Australia

Chef Cthulhu said...

The renaissance fair that I used to go to when I was in high school had grown way out of control the last time I went. Too expensive, too crowded, and I just couldn't deal with being elbow to elbow with everything from Klingons to Harry Potter wannabees for a day. So I've given them up.

Beach Bum said...

Michaela: Welcome and please come again, and I will stop by and check out your other blog.

Chef: The one down here isn't that crowded yet, although I am getting irritated with the Klingons. I sort of can understand the Potter fans but a Klingon is completely out of place at a Ren fair.

I have a story about the time I went to a Star Trek convention that I have been meaning to write for a good while. Meet James Doohan and got his autograph.

Liberality said...

Consider it five bucks well spent :)

And now to get on with the yard work ;P

Randal Graves said...

You attended a Renaissance fair and didn't plaster this post with shots of busty beauties? For shame.

Beach Bum said...

Liberality: Did as much as I'm going to do last Saturday, this weekend I'm going to the satellite Rally For Sanity here in Columbia. The huge crowd of seven, including myself, will split a pizza and a case of beer.

Randal: I admit I am a selfish bastard keep my collection of MILF pictures private but I have three words why I did not take any that weekend: serious edged weapons.

I am not about to tempt a pirate chick carrying a cutlass no matter how hot she might be. Don't even get me started on one lady dressed in a Italian gown but cutting tomatoes with a Japanese-type sword like she is starring in a light night infomercial.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I always thought you were a Renaissance man, double b. And now we have it - unimpeachable evidence (well, that and the fact that you drink good beer)!

Beach Bum said...

Will: If you are going to call me crazy names I perfer Warrior god.

Billy said...

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Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Hey, if Truth can call himself Ayatollah Truthmeni, then I can certainly call you "Warrior God"......Good luck on your upcoming hiatus, oh valiant deity friend.

Randal Graves said...

Re: Hiatus. Finally decided to start writing that musical based on Carolinian political life?

Distributorcap said...

i have been so busy barely getting a chance to read anyting - and now you are on a break