Monday, October 6, 2008

Seeing some fish and getting a dog

Dragonwife being one to never let a little thing like a pet rescue group say she can't have a particular dog found another one of the same breed on the internet. That dog being on the OTHER side of Atlanta on the way to Birmingham, Alabama was of little concern and me being one to never let an excuse to get the Hell out of town go by we once again loaded up the starship and last Friday evening hit the road. Being true to my nature and boldly going where I've never been before I negotiated a side trip to the Georgia Aquarium and promptly had my little brain blown away as soon as we entered the place. I had heard fantastic reports from several people who had visited the place but never had the opportunity to get anywhere near it. That fault being partially mine since if I head anywhere out of town I usual freak if I ain't heading east toward the coast. My picture doesn't do any justice to the rainbow hue of fish swimming around. Although the clear lexan used for the display did blunt the colors a good bit but this picture does not show how it curves to a point overhead letting some of the larger fish cruise above the viewers. On a side note as much as some of my family that drops into my humble site now might think the bald head in the lower right is me, it ain't I just wish that unidentified gentleman had kept his head down for one more second.

As I said the lexan curves around to a point that is directly overhead allowing the larger fish unafraid of being on the menu to cruise around and be seen. This black tip shark was one of two or three in this display. Sharks have always fascinated me with their sleek lines and efficiency in the oceans. Though deadly at times if not respected on their turf they none the less represent a beauty and honest survival in hostile conditions. Hopefully for most this is old news but despite the hype that springs forth from the media whenever a tourist is biten but far more sharks are ruthlessly killed for little or no reason than humans are ever hurt by them. And for the most part where humans are hurt, mainly by Bull sharks, its the fault of humans who have polluted the waters with fertilizers and other chemicals that kill off or drive away other aquatic life sharks eat.

While roaming the aquarium I saw these two fellows watching the hairless primates grouped around the display watching them. Couldn't help but wonder what they were thinking.

"Dear God George, would you look at the freaks today."

"Yeah Pete, especially the young couple in the back. They should really get a room, I swear that guy needs to pull his hand out of that girl's top before the kids notice like the tall goofy guy leering at them now."

"George, its the kids I'm talking about. Look at the little brat down there picking her nose and smearing her buggers on the glass, mammals are so disgusting."

"Yeah they are, lets blow this position and go eat some smaller fish."

A nice typical group of piranha. All discussing tax breaks for corporations, drilling off shore, how global warming is some insidious liberal conspiracy to hurt America, and Sara Palin's in depth and intelligent debating skills.

I would like to think that given all the opportunities people have now for informative and educational television viewing like the Discover channel more people would have knowledge of the world around them. But it seems that shows representing the lowest common denominator of crass and banal content seem to usually win out. Given that I've been sadly disappointed many times overhearing some of those around me not knowing how people are affecting the world around them and the other creatures in it with us. I have found that places like Seaworld, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and zoos educate a population about nature that usually does its best to stay ignorant.

New Data from Whale Shark Research Research funded by the Georgia Aquarium tracked whale sharks diving to a mile deep and swimming more than 4,500 kilometers (2,835 miles) in just 150 days. That’s 30 km (18.9 miles) per day! Satellite tags were placed on several whale sharks off the coast of Mexico as a part of Project Domino, a collaboration of Mote Marine Laboratory, Georgia Aquarium and Mexican researchers. In the five years since the project began, the whale sharks that were tracked stayed in the Gulf of Mexico. Recently, a satellite tag returned data showing a whale shark that had traveled halfway to Africa.

The Georgia Aquarium has this viewing tunnel that more of less runs through the middle of the main tank with all the big fish. None of the pictures I took of the Whale Shark passing over head were good enough to post namely because I was in so much awe watching that magnificent creature pass overhead I simply couldn't operate the camera. I am of the opinion that anyone that comes away not wanting to protect the oceans and planet in general after seeing such a creature does not have a soul.

One Beach Bum (tall goofy guy) and Miss Wiggles outside the "World of Coke" which we didn't go see. Yes, my weight has increased to the point that I'm now eating like a rabbit again along with attempting to get back is some sort of frame of mine to begin exercising. At best though when the urge comes I'm just go lay down and let the feeling pass like Oscar Wilde is reported to have done. Why am I pointing at the good gentleman next to me? I can trace my weight increase to John Pemberton and his damn product that in all honesty I drink far too often. And yes, I'm trying my best to drink diet but despite the best efforts they still pretty much suck.

Oh yeah, after leaving the aquarium we crossed to the other side of Atlanta picked up the newest member of the family and hit warp speed back to the house. Meet Sparky, his likes are Jimmy Buffett, chasing squirrels, chips I leave unattended, doggy biscuits, smelling other dog's butts, and chewing Dragonwife's scrap booking materials she leaves on the floor. His dislikes are senile old farts running for president and whacked out governor running mates who can make a box of rocks seem smart. This is an Obama dog. On a separate note Miss Wiggles and I took Sparky to park and walked along the Columbia Canal the next day. Having both Wiggles and Sparky with me drew scores of very attractive ladies who wanted to talk with my daughter and pet the dog. All things considered it was a very good day.


Vigilante said...

No question about it, Beach: having a dawg in the back seat of your roadster improves one's pick-up averages. Improves OBA, TBA, as well as plain ol' BA!

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

wish i could visit Georgia Aquarium
some day.You described you trip so wel..i could so picture myself there.

So u want to lose weight..have oatmeal brother trust me it does wonders to your health :)

Sparky nice name ;D

take care buddy

lime said...

oooh sounds like it was a really fun field trip! to think of all the times we've been in that neck of the woods and never got to see the aquarium....rats. thanks for the tour though.

Randal Graves said...

Now I definitely want to make a trip down there. I mean, those fish look tasty, I just hope they don't have any of that liberal plastic in them.

I am of the opinion that anyone that comes away not wanting to protect the oceans and planet in general after seeing such a creature does not have a soul.

I couldn't agree more. It's a shame that the topic of the environment and nature isn't as sexy a topic as it should be within the discourse.

Good job on not getting caught leering. ;-)

MadMike said...

I have been to the Georgia Aquarium several times BB and it is truly a neat place. The last time I was there they had lost one of their basking sharks and I don't know if they replaced it. They have a problem keeping those giant critters alive.

Congratulations on Sparky! He looks a little mischievous to me. Just right for your household my friend:-)

MadMike said...

P.S. We both have Obama dogs! Vigil, on the other hand, has a Hillary dog:-)

Beach Bum said...

Vigil: I almost brought the camera on that walk last Sunday but was kind of tired of taking pictures. Wish I had now, one lady who was running her dog stayed with us to the point that I was figuring Wiggles was distracting her run over her questions. She was VERY attractive and when I told Wiggles that I was sure the nice lady wanted to get going the lady looked at me like I had hurt her feelings. Of course that was probably just my own imagination but a guy got to have his fantasies.

Vicky: Yeah on the oatmeal, eating it for breakfast and lettuce for lunch. And to think I hated being as skinny as I was as a teenager.

Lime: If you do go get there as close to 9:00am as you can. Outside the entrance are several of those crazy maze guides leading up to the ticket windows that told me later in the day the crowds can make Disney seem mild. They went on forever.

Randal: The segment of my post with the two groupers (which I apologize for since its so lame) should have been did done differently because the tour guide was telling us that they are one of the many species getting close to extinction because they are so tasty. I just shake my head on the topics that are discussed while many of them are ignored. I don't blame Obama because when you have some the Palin freak dementia bound McCain lowering the discourse you have to fight fire with fire.

MadMike: I'm pretty sure the baskin shark has not been replaced. They did say that the tank holding the Whale Sharks could hold up to six adults. Yes, they looking for the male and female Whale Shark to dance the nasty and make babies.
Sparky mischievous? Yes and in fact he chewed up a shoe today and tried to hide it. When he was found out he ran to me and stayed in my lap, it was Dragonwife's shoe.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Loved the fish commentary about the boogers. Pricelss! :)

And seriously...what dog could possible NOT love Jimmy BUffett??? ;)

Leigh said...

That sounds like a great day! Who couldnt love a dog that has great taste in music? And a fun day of harmless fishing. Cool!

Hey, left you some blog love at my place.

C.Rag said...

When our dog was a puppy, CM got so many chicks come up to him. I started carrying mace just to keep them away.

Utah Savage said...

The notion that by seeing the miracles of the earth's wild life might engender a respect for it in the hunters of this land is probably lost on a pretty sizable percentage of the populace if the size of McPalin's rallies is any indication of gun toting rootin tootin shoot em up skin em and make burgers out of em mentality out there. There are folks who fish with dynamite. Fun huh?

Love Sparky. What a guy. So happy for Sparky to find you guys for family. He looks like an Obama dog to me.

Utah Savage said...

Not so fast my dear, you have been tagged and by me. I got here first no matter what the rest of them say.

Beach Bum said...

Stacy: That part was true; one little girl, and it wasn't Miss Wiggles, was smearing buggers on the window. I really don't believe the groupers were concerned. And yes a young couple was doing some serious making out and yes I was definitely leering.

C Rag: Please get well soon and I can't wait to see pictures of Angry Ginger. 30 seconds? I better not tell my wife, she would flip.
As for the ladies, I plan on hitting that park again this Sunday and no I will not be taking Dragonwife.

Utah: the hunters of this land is probably lost on a pretty sizable percentage of the populace... Yeah you are right, especially the types that are convinced the world was created in 600 years.

Sparky and I are right now hanging loose after I took away a huge ball of yarn that he found underneath the couch. He is really cool.

Got the tag and will comply.

enigma4ever said...

oh the aquarium is so cool...and I love the new little doglet...soooooo all road trips photos and tales....thanks for sharing ;-)

Vigilante said...

MadMike, Cat Ballou is not a Clinton. But I'm about to rename her Saracuda. (But Trophy Wife has threatened me with a frying pan if I do.) Tomorrow she gets fitted with a bark collar. (CB, not TW!)

Distributorcap said...

i love aquariums.........

and you are already in love with sparky.......

what a day

MadMike said...

LOL Vigil!!!

Beach Bum said...

Enigma: I'm actually counting down the days till my next road trip back to the coast. Not only for a brief but much needed sanity recharge but because it will on the first weekend after the election in which I very much hope I can think about President-elect Obama. Plus Dragonwife ain't going so I will be able to just go where the winds and my feeble mind take me.

Vigil: You know after all my whining about Hillary and how she would pull down the ticket I now miss the lady. Joe Bidden is great and will make a fantastic VP but after the emergence of Sara I have come to realize Hillary would have been a better choice and would have ripped Palin new one.

D Cap: If you ever get down this way you have to see it. I've been to the National Aquarium up in Baltimore and the Georgia Aquarium is on par, if not a little better. Sparky is a absolute trip.

MadMike: To tell the truth when Vigil first mentioned a "bark collar" I had to reread since I first thought it was for Trophy Wife. Because Dragonwife has threaten to fit me with one at times.

Vigilante said...


The Zombieslayer said...

I am of the opinion that anyone that comes away not wanting to protect the oceans and planet in general after seeing such a creature does not have a soul.

Agreed. Big time.

Nice pics. I need to go see the local aquarium now.

Heh, and yeah, we're pretty disgusting as a species.

Anonymous said...

ho! sounds good....
thanks for sharing....

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