Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vio con Dios, Mr. Wizard

"Truly, there is a spark of divinity in all who live and think-and strive!"
from the Silver Surfer
And in Don Herbert' case those that teach should be added.


Vigilante said...

I'm crying out for more? Who-is? Whas-is?

Beach Bum said...

Yesterday I was reading the local paper with a small write up about Mr. Wizard. Taking up the biggest portion of the page was a write up on the new comic book movie about the Fanstasic Four and the Silver Surfer. One of my honorary uncles, Surferdude, read the Silver Surfer back in the 60's but this articel in the entertainent section had several quotes from the philophical superhero and that one fit. I know, too damn much Star Trek and comic books in my early years but you know if a saying holds some truth I don't care where in comes from.

MadMike said...

Now I get it! I am going to see that movie in about four hours!

Anonymous said...

interesting post...
Thanks for sharing......

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